How To Get Adobe Premiere Pro For Free?

Are you still trying to figure out how to get Adobe premiere pro for free? Do you want to learn how to use Adobe Premiere Pro free in a simple way?

Now you don’t have to wait any longer since we offer the ideal answer for you. In this post, we’ll show you how to get Adobe Premiere Pro for free and answer all of your concerns regarding price, packages, Adobe Premiere Pro alternatives, and why you should avoid the pirated version. We’ll also tell you how to get your hands on a free trial of Adobe Premiere Pro.

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Adobe Premiere Pro for free

How To Get Adobe Premiere Pro For Free?

To get the free trial of Adobe Premiere Pro, you will need an Adobe ID. This ID will help you get access to all the Adobe software and download them. Enter your email address and complete all required information to create a new Adobe ID. Your download will begin after you’ve finished with it.

Upon downloading, go into Premiere Pro and input your Adobe ID. On the Adobe Premiere pro page, you will find a free trial button. Click that, and a new webpage will appear on your screen asking you to fill a form. That form will help you to create your Adobe ID. Your Adobe ID will also further assist you in controlling the updates and your membership.

Adobe Premiere Pro Free And Paid Options

Adobe has been creating a range of streamlined versions of its innovative products known as Elements for a long time. They include only the most often used functions and a simplified interface, so even novices or people who do not require all of the applications’ features may use them without difficulty.

Adobe has a wide range of video editing elements on its free as well as paid version. But the catch is that the adobe premiere free version is available for a limited time only.

The duration for using adobe premiere pro free is seven days. After the trial time has ended, you must purchase a membership from Adobe’s official web page to use all the tools and features.

#1. Adobe Premiere Pro Free Trial Version

As previously stated, the Adobe Premiere Pro free trial is accessible for seven days; during this time, you will have access to Adobe’s extensive video editing elements. The process to get enrolled for this free trial is quite simple.

First, visit the official website of Adobe Premiere Pro and choose the free trial button. Then you will have to enter a few of your details and credit card number. These details are mandatory, and without filling them, you won’t be able to move forward with the trial version.

#2. Subscription for Single Application

Adobe seems to have Pandora’s box when it comes to providing applications and software to make our life easier. But sometimes, we don’t need all of those applications, plus purchasing a subscription to all of Adobe’s tools can get a bit heavy on your pocket.

So, if you want to use one program, all you have to do is pick one and pay for it. Using the Premiere Pro’s strong capabilities is the cheapest option available. Aside from the program itself, you’ll also receive 100GB of cloud storage, Adobe Portfolio, Adobe Fonts, Premiere Rush, and Adobe Spark, among other things. In addition, as long as your Premiere Pro membership is valid, you’ll have access to all future updates.

You may choose from three different price options to suit your needs:

  • Pre-paid Plan: $239.88 Annually
  • Annual Plan: $20.99 per month
  • Monthly Plan: $39.49

#3. Adobe Creative Cloud Subscription

Now, we’ll present you to Adobe’s most cost-effective membership option, the Adobe creative cloud. The best part about it is that the Adobe creative cloud offers you over 20 applications including, InDesign, Lightroom, Lightroom, Illustrator, After Effects, Premiere Pro, and many more.

All of Adobe’s apps can communicate and exchange media with one another, allowing you to take advantage of the remarkable integration between them. Every element of the Adobe creative cloud is valid for seven days and available in three pricing plans. They are as follows:

  • Prepaid Plans: $599.88 Annually
  • Annual Plans: $52.99 per month
  • Monthly Plans: $79.49

#4. Student and Teacher Discount Plan

Adobe Premiere Pro gives a significant discount to teachers and students on its premium subscription. You can save 60% on all creative applications subscriptions if you’re a student or teacher. As a student or a teacher, you must provide proof of your status.

A school email address is also enough to pass the eligibility criteria of you being a student. A photo of your School ID Card or similar document proving that you’re a student or teacher will be required if you don’t have one on file.

Also, the student discount is only available for students over the age of 13. The prices for students and teachers under the discount plans are as follows:

  • Prepaid Plans: $239.88 yearly
  • Annual Plans: $19.99 per month

Why Avoid Using Adobe Premiere Pro’s Hacked Or Pirated Version?

You may find many free and patched versions or downloadable versions of Adobe Premiere pro on the web. But it is advisable to stay far away from them. These types of files can cause you grave damage. Furthermore, all these versions consist of sketchy adult ads and torrent trackers.

If you’re still considering downloading these unlicensed versions, here are some chief reasons why they’re dangerous.

#1. Virus and Malicious Codes

Obtaining any unauthorized program poses a significant risk. The first cause is that harmful code and viruses spread via these websites, and when you download pirated software, you risk infecting your computer with a trojan, data-stealing tools, and algorithm flaws.

#2. Lack of Customer Support

User assistance is not available for Adobe Premiere Pro that has been cracked or pirated. If you have an issue with your program and don’t have an Adobe ID or an ongoing subscription, you won’t be able to contact the customer support of Adobe Premiere Pro or file your problem.

#3. Absence of Official Updates

Another drawback of using a pirated version of adobe premiere pro is that you cannot install any new official updates. In addition, you can’t use any cool features as the software update is only available to users who have paid for the product and are using it lawfully.

#4. The pirated versions do not function correctly

Possibly the pirated version won’t function properly even if you somehow manage to download the newest version of the software. In addition, for a crack to operate, it must deactivate several of Premiere Pro CC’s most critical features.

#5. Piracy is Illegal

This one is quite simple to comprehend. In the United States and Europe, using pirated software or applications is illegal. Under the regulations of these two jurisdictions, users are prohibited from downloading hacked programs, and violating these restrictions might result in legal action.

What Are The Alternatives For Adobe Premiere Pro Free?

Adobe Premiere Pro may not be everyone’s cup of tea, and even if you’re still not persuaded that an Adobe Premiere Pro free for seven days would suffice, we would like to suggest a few prominent free alternatives. This way, you’ll be aware of your options and be able to select the most appropriate program for your requirements.

Here are the alternatives to Adobe Premiere Pro.

#1. Filmora

Filmora is one of the most versatile video editing software available. Filmora is about as versatile as it gets when it comes to video editing software. Wondershare’s most prominent, simple, high-quality video editing product is Filmora; however, Wondershare has provided FilmoraGo and Filmora Scrn for screen recording and video editing.

The interface of Filmora is straightforward, and it includes filters, overlays, animation components, transitions, and a limited selection of royalty-free music.

#2. OpenShot

Another free, open-source video editor on our list is OpenShot. This video editing software was initially built for Linux, but there are also versions available for Windows and Mac OS. The video editor’s simple interface includes a preview window, a timeline, and a list of imported files for meeting your video editing demands. It also supports many video formats and contains tools for producing 3D text, animation, effects, and transients.

#3. DaVinci Resolve

DaVinci Resolve is one of the best nonlinear editing software that can perform most of the post-production work. The transition between these workspaces is smooth, and Resolution supports real-time multi-user collaboration. It includes distinct workspaces for audio, editing, and visual effects.

Each workspace is jam-packed with features, after effects, and accurate controls, allowing you to master any aspect of your edit. The color tools remain the best on the market, and all of the other toolsets are excellent. The only disadvantage of DaVinci Resolve is that due to its in-depth application, it is not appropriate for beginners.

#4. Shotcut

Shotcut is the next name on the list of free video editors. It is an open-source platform. It will assist in the creation of a film utilizing a large number of recorded footage. This program also supports a broad range of video and audio filters.

In addition, you can do various functions like adjusting white balance, color balance, and overlaying text defined by HTML markup with Shotcut. Shotcut uses FFMpeg to handle a wide range of formats. As a result, it is a versatile and functional alternative to Adobe Premiere Pro.

#5. Nero

Nero is the final adobe premiere free alternative. Nero is on our list due to its low pricing and easy-to-use interface for beginners.

Despite its low price, it comes with plenty of techniques and features you’ll find in other video editing software. Nero may lack some advanced video editing tools, but at roughly $50, what more could it offer?

FAQs About Adobe Premiere Pro

#1. Is there a free Adobe Premiere Pro alternative?

You can use adobe premiere pro free with the free trial version. But there are various alternatives for it like Shotcut, Vimeo, DaVinci Resolve, and Openshot.

#2. Is Adobe Premiere Pro suitable for beginners?

Being a nonlinear editor, Adobe Premiere Pro is used to edit video segments in a sequence. This software is for most novices who wish to create simple films using a few clips and music. Adobe Premiere Pro is easy enough for a beginner to use yet powerful enough for a seasoned editor.

#3. Approximately how many people use Adobe Premiere Pro?

According to various estimations, Adobe Premiere has 9 million users.

#4. What happens if I download a pirated version of Adobe Premiere Pro?

Copyright infringement is a consequence of downloading pirated software. Typically, the fine is around $1,500. In addition, the legitimate distributor may also refuse to function with a device that has pirate software installed.

#5. How can I upgrade Premiere Pro from its free version to a paid subscription?

After the trial time expires, users get notified that a full version of the application is required to continue using it. You can also purchase the membership of Adobe premiere pro via Adobe’s official website.

#6. What is the duration of the trial period for Adobe Premiere Pro?

The trial period of Adobe premiere Pro is seven days. After that, you will need to buy a premium subscription if you wish to continue using all the exciting features.


It is all about how to get Adobe Premiere Pro for Free in this article. Adobe Premiere Pro is a one-stop destination for putting your video editing abilities to the test. Although the free edition is only available for seven days, it is more than enough time to explore all of Adobe Premiere Pro’s exciting features.

Also, here’s a fun fact for you: many famous Hollywood movies like Deadpool, Avatar, and Gone Girl have used Adobe Premiere Pro for their post-production editing work.

Finally, we would advise against being enticed by pirated versions of this program, as they can create severe problems on your devices and raise the chance of viruses and malware infecting them. However, by getting adobe premiere pro membership, you may prevent all these issues including, being detained by the authorities.

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