17 Best Apps Like Omegle in 203

Are you searching for the best apps like Omegle? In this post, we are sharing a list of Omegle alternatives.

If we rewind a few years, chances are that people will tell us to avoid talking to strangers on the internet.

Not only is it unsafe, but it also is not advisable for the younger generation to indulge. However, things have become a lot more accessible and progressive now.

Chatting with strangers via Omegle is a fun internet activity that most teens and adults are actively partaking in.

But, it isn’t surprising that with the popularity of the platform comes to the risk of lurking cybercrimes and creepers that nobody wants to experience.

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apps like Omegle

In light of that, most people are now hunting for apps like Omegle that are safer and globally accessible. We have managed to narrow down some of our top favorites in this list.

Best Apps Like Omegle


Website: https://www.holla.world/#/


When it comes to finding good alternatives for Omegle, nothing beats HOLLA. Not only is it one of the best alternatives, but it is also accessible across 100+ countries in the world.

It is available for both Android and iOS devices, making the app a lot more accessible and easy to use.

The best thing about this fun app is the voice mode features. This enables users to call strangers that are well aligned with your language.

Also, like Omegle, you can filter your searches using a tag and then connect with people that are available on the platform.

The users are verified and real, so you aren’t talking to a bot if that’s something you are worried about.

#2. Chatous

Website: https://chatous.com/#


If you are feeling bored and confused at the moment and want to get into a conversation with someone online, Chatous is a good place to start.

It allows you to connect with random strangers on the internet but according to similar interests. So, you can filter your search and connect with someone with similar interests to yours.

Not only is the app 100% free, but it is also downloadable on Android and iOS devices. They use hashtags to connect with strangers who are looking to chat with others.

Besides direct conversations, the app also allows users to share texts, edited videos, and audio with the people they are talking to.

#3. Wakie

Website: https://wakie.com/


Now, although we are mentioning this in the list of apps like Omegle, we have to clear the fact that this isn’t a lot similar.

However, the concept is pretty much the same. You can create an account on the app and connect with people via phone calls. That’s a major difference.

Also, the filter option on the app is quite promising, especially because you get to connect with people that are looking for a conversation on a topic similar to yours.

You can ask questions, hold a conversation and have the time of your life without any compromise at all.

#4. Yalla

Website: https://www.yalla.live/


When it comes to Yalla, it is another one of the popular sites like Omegle that’s worth the mention.

Under this, users get to enter voice chat rooms and hold a conversation with random strangers.

The app is one of the biggest chat room apps that you will come across on the internet. There are thousands of people that are active each minute for you to talk to.

Besides the chat rooms, Yalla is also a social media platform, where you network with people with similar interests like yours.

Also, if you want to enter a pre-existing chat room, all you have to do is fill out the interests and you are good to go on that front too.

#5. Azar

Website: https://azarlive.com/


When it comes to similar platforms like Omegle, Azar deserves a special mention in the list.

This platform is available on the web browser, Android and iOS, making it quite a versatile platform already.

Also, it is 100% free, so you won’t have to worry about paying to converse with strangers on the internet.

As for the mode of conversation, you have live chat and video call options, which are no doubt quite diverse and allow you to look up people looking for something similar to you.

There are multiple filters like you can look up strangers based on the country and gender. One of the highlights of this application is the customization tools available.

#6. Stranger

Android App: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.saxrandom.chatwithvideo.live.talk&hl=en&gl=US

Stranger video chat app

As weird and off-beat as the name of the app sounds, Stranger is pretty much another one of those popular applications that you can look into, especially if you like the concept of Omegle.

The app is currently available across 200+ countries and is also accessible in different languages for you to indulge and interact with strangers.

Besides strangers, you can also invite your friends from your contact list; if that’s something you want to engage in later.

More than a chatting app, it is popular among people interested in finding their love match. So, it can be regarded as a dual-function app.

#7. Frill Live

Website: https://www.frill.live/

Frill Live

Another popular yet free alternative to Omegle that you can consider looking into is Frill Live.

It is available on Android and iOS, allowing you to hit up a conversation with a random stranger on the internet and make new friends.

Although the filtering options aren’t that great, we’d recommend you look into the customization features.

There are a lot of custom effects on the app that allows users to transform the already existing images from their camera.

Also, there is a separate option to register on the platform using your phone number or Facebook but we’d recommend not doing that.

#8. Tandoo

Android App: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.maiz.tangdoo&hl=en_IN&gl=US


If you are looking for an easy way to start chatting with people online but you are tired of using mainstream applications, we’d recommend looking into Tandoo.

The good thing about this platform is that it allows you to chat with strangers while remaining anonymous. So, none of your personal information is at stake.

The security features on this app are incredible and like nothing you’d come across on other similar apps.

Also, the chat rooms are quite interactive and include people with similar interests so you can share a construction conversation without feeling overwhelmed or bored out of your mind.

#9. Topface

Website: https://topface.com/


If you are looking for an Omegle alternative but for dating and flirting, we’d recommend looking into Topface.

It is a free dating and flirting application that connects you with people from across the world.

Since the user base on the platform is quite diverse, it isn’t surprising that you get to converse with people that share similar interests as you do.

More than for making friends, Topface includes people who are looking for partners to connect with.

Also, if you are worried about safety, be assured that all the users are verified on this platform, so you won’t have to worry about any security hassles.

#10. AHA

Website: https://www.aha.live/


A lot similar to Omegle, AHA is a free video chatting app that’s available for free on both Android and iOS. It has a working web version that users can indulge in as well.

It is a multipurpose app where people cannot just hold a conversation but also find their potential love interest if that’s something you are interested in.

The only downside to this app is that it demands high-speed internet connectivity.

If you live somewhere with a poor network, chances are that connecting via a video chat will be next to impossible.

#11. Fav Talk

Android App: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.sntown.snchat&hl=en_IN&gl=US

Fav Talk

Next up on the list is Fav Talk. Not only is it a lot like Omegle, but the app also has very similar features in terms of connecting with random strangers on the internet.

The filter and search option is very proactive and allows you to find someone of your interest and connect with them as needed. Also, users can cross-check the profile of the users before starting the discussion.

Also, to ensure everyone’s safety on the platform, all users must create an account and complete their profile.

There are options to edit and customize the profile as needed as well, which is a benefit.

#12. MeowChat

Website: https://www.meowchat.me/


Don’t go by the name of the app, MeowChat is not just a random chatroom or dating platform.

Instead, it is a comprehensive application that allows you to search for strangers online and hold a conversation with them via text or video chat.

Besides direct chatting features, the app has a unique functionality wherein the users can directly indulge in the various two-player games. It isn’t available for iOS platforms.

#13. Pikii

Website: https://pikii.com/menu


Pikii is another popular Omegle alternative that you can look into if you want to prioritize video call chatting with random strangers on the internet.

It has a straightforward layout and web application that makes meeting strangers on the internet fun and straightforward.

Besides the simple user interface, another factor that stands out is the ease of connectivity.

You can hop on the platform, go around and find someone to talk to with similar interests and make friends online. One good thing is that it hosts celebrity live streams too.

#14. Mico

Android App: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.mico&hl=en_IN&gl=US

Although Mico is one of the similar websites like Omegle, it is a lot underrated online. There are not many people you’d see using this platform.

However, that’s a good thing because the short pool of people ensures that you are talking to good and genuine people and making friends with them.

Besides text-based chatrooms, the platform has video calling options too that mimic the similarity of Omegle’s functions.

Also, users can use the platform to receive and send virtual gifts to the people they are conversing with.

The personalization tools are quite limited on the platform, so you have to make do with that.

#15. Chatio

Website: https://www.chatio.app/


Another popular live video chat app that’s worth the time and effort is Chatio. It is a free application that is currently under Live chat.

Users can leverage this app to talk to strangers online and make new friends. Also, it is one of the fastest-growing applications after Omegle, so you know for a fact that you aren’t going to regret downloading it.

Some individual filters and settings can help you narrow down your options of people that you want to chat with.

This makes the platform a lot more fun to sign up to. Also, it is currently web-based, so you can’t download it to your smartphones as of now.

#16. Hippo

Website: http://www.hippochat.me/


As random as the name of the app is, Hippo is no doubt one of the best Omegle alternative sites that you can look into.

It is a live video chat platform that connects you to new people online and allows you to find and discover people globally and have a talk with them.

Like a few other apps on the list, even Hippo has the option for the users to remain anonymous for their safety.

Also, you have a choice to enter the gender preferences of the people you want to talk to. In case you aren’t feeling comfortable talking to someone, there is a flag or block option too.

#17. Olive

Website: https://oliveapp.net/


Last on the list is Olive, which is another popular live video chatting app that matches new people to have a conversation and become online friends.

The platform is accessible across 190 countries and allows people to connect via video chat and have a lot of fun interacting with new people.

There are individual filter options, especially based on the gender and age of the people that you want to contact.

Also, there is an option for you to use fake GPS apps to conceal your actual location while talking to strangers online.


Omegle is no doubt one of the absolute best applications that you will come across.

There are abundant chat sites like Omegle but we knew we had to shortlist the top free ones, worth the time and safe for the users too.

We hope this list of the top 17 options gives you an idea of the websites that you can look into if you aren’t that engaged on apps like Omegle anymore.

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