10 Best Android Music Player 2022 [Free & Paid]

Today, here in this article, we have covered the best Android music player for the Android user and if you are here, then you must look for the best Android music app.

Like me, you people also find the default music player with less feature and looking for an Android app that is feature-rich and satisfactory music equalizer. So whether you are a casual listener or musicophile, this list is for you. So let’s start with the best music player for Android.

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Best Android Music Player

Best Android Music Player

#1. Pulsar Music Player

Price: Free

Pulsar Music Player for Android

Pulsar is unarguably one of the favorite Android music players due to some right reasons and features it provides. The elegant look, easy-to-use, completely ad-free app, and powerful features make it a favorite among users. It has the power to fulfill all your music needs.

The app has Gapless playback, ReplayGain, Crossfade support, and audio visualizer rendering ability. Now play and manage all music files from your device, edit the albums or songs metadata, and perform a quick search to find the song that you want to listen to.

It has a built-in tag editor to edit the details of the music. In case you love to listen to songs during nighttime, then it also comes up with a sleep timer that can shut off the app after the fixed time. Do not forget Last.fm scrobbling support. Apart from a few errors, it is a decent app and worth downloading.

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#2. Musicolet [Free, No ads]

Price: Free

Musicolet Android Music Player App

Now play a local audio file from your android device with this best music app for android. Musicolet is one of the best options to play music on your Android device. Easy to use, lightweight, feature-rich, and no need for cloud support or media for streaming music are a few key features of this app.

It aims to provide advanced offline functionality which still wants to listen to their favorite songs from their phone or SD card storage collection. It allows you to create more than one queue and manage them efficiently. Some functions are controlled with earphones as well.

Some advanced features include a tag editor to edit metadata info, lyrics support, edit lyrics and a sleep timer to stop the music after a specific time.

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#3. DoubleTwist

Price: Free

doubleTwist Music - best android music player

As the name suggests, this app serves two purposes, one is the best mp3 player for Android and the second is for the podcast. Yes, this music app can use as a podcast manager as well.

It is straightforward and has an easy interface that allows users to use it easily and switch between the music app and podcast manager.

For those who want an advanced feature, the pro version is also there for such users. Some of the features included quick album art search, Gapless playback, and AirSync.

AirSync sync the music files on a single platform from all the platforms present in the device through Wi-Fi. The pro version features DLNA and Chromecast support.

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#4. Phonograph

Price: Free

Phonograph Music Player for Android

Phonograph is a popular and best launcher for android devices for music. This Android-based music player is famous for its sleek design and smooth experience.

The color of media content and intelligent UI provides a wholesome experience. Thank a clean interface, new users can navigate through the media easily.

With performing all basic functions of the music player, it can also fetch additional details like artist, name of album, title, time, etc. automatically. And as a user, you can edit all the details with a tag editor.

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#5. Apple Music

Price: Free trial, $9.99/month

Apple Music player for Android

Hey, do not confuse this listing is still for the best free music player for android. Apple Music is now available on Play Store for Android users as well.

Overall this app is pretty good but does not perform the same as the iOS version. Some bugs are still there, but with each update, they are trying to remove them.

With this app, users can access more than 30 million songs from Apple’s media database. And Beats 1 and a popular around-the-clock music radio station are also there that are exclusively operated by Apple. Apart from this, you can also explore hundreds of other content.

Notwithstanding the elegance, which you have already experienced with other Apple products, this app has some issues. But do not worry as it comes with a 3-month trial period to test the app without any ads.

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#6. n7player

Price: $3.49

n7player Music Player for Android

The next name on our list is n7player. It is a popular music player due to its user-friendly design and innovative interface. With a single click, you can get direct access to music and songs from the library. Twitches the songs according to your taste as there is a ten-band equalizer and multiple presets.

The one thing that many music listeners like about the app is that it is completely renewed. Everything can customize, starting from the lock-screen to the widget. Some advanced features are music scrobbling, tag editor, sleep timer, gapless playback, and album art grabber.

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#7. PlayerPro Music Player

Price: Free, $4.99

PlayerPro Music Player for Android

I think you might hear the name of this best free android music player for the first time as it is not much popular. Even with a less number of downloads also it is one the best app I have come across.

The intuitive interface and many other great options make its idea for music lovers. If you want to customize the music player, then you can download DSP and custom skin pack as well.

The list of the advanced feature includes a ten-band equalizer, tag editor, smart playlist, effective folder management, and handy import/export capability, etc. You can easily find out your favorite songs within no time from the search bar.

The app has two versions; a free or limited version and a paid version. The free version stays ads-free for 10 days from activation, and the paid version is an ads-free version with some additional functions.

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#8. Rocket Music Player

Price: Free

Rocket Music Player is one of the Best Android Music Player 2019 that is feature-rich. It allows users to play, search, and manage songs on their smartphones hassle-free. It supports a wide range of media formats including Ogg, Wav, 3gp, mp3, mp4, m4a, ALAC, ape, TTA, FLAC, MPC, WV, and WMA.

A ten-band graphic equalizer, custom lock-screens, tag editor, and sleep timer are some of the other advanced features that this app provides to the users. There are more than 30 themes to customize your app according to your taste. Do not forget that it support services like Android Auto, scrobbling, and Chromecast.

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#9. Pi Music Player

Price: Free

Pi Music Player for Android

Though it is not a flawless app, it can carry many important features that you are looking for in the best music player app for android. It has a simple and intuitive interface that strictly follows the material design principle to make it eye-catching for the user all the time.

The major reason to cover this app in this list is its feature to share the tracks and music playlist to other devices securely. The built-in 5 band equalizer, 3D audio effects and multiple presets together provide excellent audio quality. Yes, with an MP3 ringtone cutter, you can customize your ringtone for your device.

This app is also working as a Youtube video downloader so that you can download the music which you like to listen to later.

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#10. BlackPlayer

Price: Free, $3.29

BlackPlayer music player for android

BlackPlayer is the last and best free music player app for Android on our list; it is a simple and powerful app that can ultimately become the go-to music player, even for those who look for more functions and features.

The app is simple with a minimalist and flat design, but it has plenty of options for font and themes. It supports most of the audio formats like MP3, OGG, FLAC, and WAV.

The features enlisted with BlackPlayer are gapless playback, basic equalizer, 3D virtualizer, and ID3 tag editor. You can edit the lyrics, artist name and metadata with a tag editor. And do not forget support for crossfading and a sleep timer.

If you decide on the pro version from the free version, then keep in mind that the free version lacks many advanced features and contains ads. So choose carefully.

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It is all about 10 Best Android Music Player. All these apps are available on the Play store, so you do not have to worry about authenticity and security. Hopefully, you like the list and details. What do you think? Share your thoughts in the comment section below. Thank you!

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