5 Best Free Beat Making Software [2021]

List of best free beat making software that will help you to create music.

A few years ago, to compose music is quite a difficult task and only professionals could do this task. Also, to compose music ad Beat Making is required so much investment of software and costly kinds of stuff which is not possible for everyone.

But nowadays to make a beat to compose any music is quite easier with best free Beat making Software. Here in this article, we are going to share the best free beat making software for those people who love to make their personalized music beat.

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Best Free Beat Making Software

#1. MAGIX Music Maker

MAGIX Music Maker free beat making software

MAGIX is the best free Beat making software which allows their user to create their music. In this software, you will get the so many instruments option to create the perfect Beat of your Music. It is the best software to mix multiple songs to create an amazing combination of music. If you want to be a pro in this software you should use Samplitude Pro X to create the best environment to give the best effect to your Sound.

MAGIX Music Maker Features

  • Sound Pool Software
  • Import Pre-maiden Sounds
  • Embedded with MIDI- Editor, and Synthesizer
  • Many Sound effects
  • Virtual instruments with way more options

Website: https://www.magix.com/

#2. orDrumbox

orDrumbox free beat making software

orDrumbox is free beat making software for those particular people who don’t have expertise in the Music Composing field. This software has some of the best options like Auto-composition, polyrhythms, Custom arpeggiator, automatic sound/track matching, custom softsynths, Lowfi rendering. If you are a new learner then we highly recommend this software to be used as a newbie. The user interface is so user friendly so that everyone can get customize it as per their requirement. orDrumbox is the open-source software so anyone can use it for free.

orDrumbox Features:

  • orDrumbox is Pattern oriented Software
  • Automatic composition of the sounds that you have selected
  • Create your Drumkit by importing your favorite sounds
  • It has an Auto Sound Assignation system to categorized sounds automatically.
  • Soft Synth enabled in this software
  • It has a sequencer that can help to play the sounds in pattern eventually.

Website: https://www.ordrumbox.com/

#3. FL Studio

FL Studio free beat making software

FL Studio is one of the best free bate making software. If you are loving to create a Beat making of sound then it is the best option for you. FL Studio creates the environment of music production and digital audio workstation for the user. This software is over 20 years old and contains many systems like composing, arrange, record, edit, Mix, and professional quality sound in a single package. It works on 3 modes majorly called Step Mode, Note Mode, and Drum Mode.

FL Studio Features:

  • It has a flexible user interface so the user can resize and re-arrange the user interface.
  • This software is capable of a touch device. If you have a touch device then you can use this software by your figure touch.
  • Record the music with a live record system and edit music anytime.
  • It has a live DJ control system so that you can play music with Live DJ Control.
  • You can also use its visualizer control for streaming 4K video.

Website: https://www.image-line.com/flstudio/

#4. Hydrogen

Hydrogen free beat making software

Hydrogen is the best free beat making software which is Download-based software. There you will need to download and install the software on your device. It has a very simple and attractive user interface. An important part of this software is like it is open source software where you can be a part of this project. Anyone from the globe can be a part of this software development. If you are new to beat making line then you must go for this software. Though it is open source and free software, it can create a class level Sound and music if the maker has a good experience.

Hydrogen Features:

  • It has a QT-4 graphical user interface with very user-friendly, modular and very fast software.
  • Able to import sound files in the format of .wav, .au and.aiff
  • There is an unlimited instrument track available to take a kick start of any sound making.
  • You will get a sample editor along with a cut and loop function to edit your music.
  • It has the function of time stretch and pitch function also.
  • You will be able to see the sound play through the director’s window.
  • You can see the timeline of the music with a variable tempo.
  • This software can import or export audio files in different formats

Website: http://hydrogen-music.org/

#5. GarageBand

GarageBand free music download software

GarageBand is a very much most popular Beat making software nowadays among the people who are using Mac. It is normally available for only Mac users. But anyhow you can install it on Windows. You can create music as per your choice even if you don’t have any physical instrument by this GarageBand software. This software can shapeshifts controls enabled with powerful Synths. After creating sound with your beats, you can release that across the globe through this software. GarageBand is now also available for Windows. Don’t miss read this guide on How to Save GarageBand as MP3?.

Garageband Features:

  • Create your music with Digital dashboard
  • You able to get jam with drummers od many styles
  • Smart controls available with Powerful Synths
  • A large collection of in-built tutorials for sound-making instruments.
  • Editing and recording feature available with this software
  • You can share your music around the globe
  • Enabled with iCloud, so play your music anywhere and anytime.

Final Words:

I hope you have been clear mindset about the best free beat making software. There is so many other beat making software available in the market with web-based and downloadable software. If you love to edit the songs and loves to create your personalized sound and beat then you should choose the best software among the list we have mentioned.

These all the software which we have mentioned are some open-source or some are free and you will be required to download and install on your device.

Start creating the best tracks of your favorite sound and edit with your personalized digital dashboard without physical instruments.

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