10 Best Idle Games For iOS and Android [2022]

Best idle games are widely played games nowadays. For both android and iOS users, there are multiple idle Games available in their respective app stores. Best idle games are being the spot of attraction in gamers because of its graphical interface and ease of play. Here in this auricle, we are going to share information about some of the Best Idle games for iOS and Android.

If we talk about idle games increasing interest over the game lovers is just an ease of playing control. These games are made for totally time passing games and make no efforts to play. Even in minimum specification Android or iOS device is compatible with these games. It doesn’t need expertise on gameplay controls to play these types of games. Mostly these all games are clicker and incremental type.

Best Idle Games

So, let’s have a brief about Best Idle Games for iOS and Android.

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BEST Idle Games

#1. Idle Miner Tycoon – Mine Manager Simulator

Idle Miner Tycoon - Mine Manager Simulator

Idle Miner tycoon- Mine Manager Simulator is the best idle game for Android and iOS both types of devices. This idle game is dedicated to managing the mines and dug out the different types of rare crystals. It is the best game that allows you to make mine and expand mines and carry out your best practice of manager strategies.

By this game, one thing you will gain is time management and management strategies for sure. Also, it is sure that you will have fun playing this game. Here in this game, you will have to optimize your resources and increase productivity by your managerial skills.

#2. Hay Day

Hay Day best idle game

Hay Day is one of the greatest idle android games that capture so many gamers’ attention towards it. Nearly 5-6 years ago this game was launched and it has gained so many users just because of its gaming levels and best practice to time management to get higher productivity.

Well, the main theme of this idle game is you will have a farm, and step by step you will have to expand your farm and complete the tasks again and again from the order board to upgrade to the next level. Its graphics and user interface are very user friendly and easy to access. There is no complicated play control of this game, you only have to do drag and drop and click on the object to play this game.

#3. Clash of Clans

Clash of Clans best idle game

Clash of Clans is one of the best clicker game and best idle game for android and iOS. After Hay Day being popular in the play store, this game has also become famous among the players. The basic theme of this game is that you have got a small village at the beginning and then you have to train your army and do an attack on another village and make a loot by winning the war and use that money to expand your village and again training of your army. It will require your strategical power to forecasting the opponent’s army power and train your army and depute in such a way so you can win the war and make a loot as much as possible.

#4. Egg INC

Egg INC best idle game

Egg INC is a widely played game over the Play store and app store in the Android and iOS platforms. It is like to open up your personal Egg Farm and produce eggs from the chickens. The basic theme of this wonderful game is you will get a farm and you have to spend your money on buying the chickens to produce the eggs. The produced eggs you will have to sell to earn more gold and complete task and expand your farm. This is the best example of the idle, clicker, and tapping type game. Here you will be required managerial skills to increase the maximum productivity of the eggs by using optimum resources.

#5. Bit City

Bit City best idle game

Bit city LLC is the best simulator incremental idle clicker game for android and iOS. This is also a similar game like other idle games. In this game, the base theme of the game is to build your city by investing and upgrade your city as per your choice. Here you will get a small town and you will need to upgrade it by building the city and purchase the other kinds of stuff like cars, bikes, beaches, monuments and other landmarks. Customize all that stuffs to design with optimum space utilization and make a pretty look at your city. From your city collect the money and use them to invest more to expand the city.

#6. Idle rpg clicker games : Evolution Heroes of Utopia

Idle rpg clicker games Evolution Heroes of Utopia

As its name implies Evolution-Heroes of Utopia means that here you will be required to evolve the team of heroes to conquer the monsters and bosses by tapping and clicking. The best part of this game, you will have Guns instead of a sword and other old things. You will invest your money in upgrading your team to fight against the demons and monsters in such a way to win the battle. The graphics of this game are pretty good in comparison to other clicker incremental games.

This game can be played both modes online and offline. You can invite your friends too to defeat the boss jointly. It is the best multiplayer clicker and idle game famous among so many people. Also, you can create clans and hold the tournaments and invite your friends to play jointly. Earn rewards by completing the tasks and upgrading the level by level.

#7. Where’s my Water?

Where’s my Water best idle game

“Where’s my Water?” is another best example of the idle game in which you have to solve the puzzle. If you like to solve puzzles then this game will be the best option for you. In this game, you will have to save Allie (Which is Alligator) by solving the puzzle. In this case, puzzle means Allie is trapped in the ground and you have solved the puzzle in such a way that water reaches out to the Allie. As the level increases, the puzzle level will be harder than the last one.

#8. BBTAN by 111%

BBTAN best idle game

BBTAN by 111%is another example of the best idle and clicker incremental game. This game is somewhat tricky that you have to use some calculation to break the brick. In this game, there is no such level increment one by one. It is like a continuous incremental level game that in the same play your level will be getting harder. From the upper side, the bricks will become down with numbers in the brick. That number shows that you will have to hit that number of balls to that brick. As the level going ahead the number of balls and number on the bricks will increase and after each shot that all bricks will come down. Blast all of that bricks by shooting balls before it touches the ground.

#9. Bitcoin Billionaire

Bitcoin Billionaire best idle game

Bitcoin Billionaire is the game in which you will mine the bitcoin by just tapping on the screen. That is why it’s the best example of the idle clicker game for IOs and Android. It is just like an incremental game because you will need to spend the mined bitcoin to upgrade your office. In the beginning, you will get a warehouse-type office with a wooden table. You will have to mine bitcoin by tapping the screen and invest that bitcoin in such a way to upgrade the kinds of stuff in your office.

#10. Hooked Inc: Fisher Tycoon

Hooked Inc Fisher Tycoon

Hooked Inc. is the best idle game for android and iOS which is based on a fishing concept. Here in this game, you will have to capture the fishes by tapping on them. Well if you would like fishing then this game will be more enjoyable for you. In this game, you just have to drag your boat near to the fishes and tap on the fish to capture. By capturing the fishes, you can expand your crew and earn game money. It is the best clicker game but not like a typical idle clicker game because sometimes you need to swipe the screen to drag your boat.

Final Wrapping:

Here in this article, we have mentioned a few of the best idle games for Android and iOS. In the recent scenario, most of the people love to play this type of idle clicker incremental and tapping games instead of old racing type games. This type of game requires the managerial and strategical thinking power to reach the next level and expand your journey of the game. By practicing this type of game will enhance your strategical thinking ability up to the next level.

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