Best Roku Web Browser of 2023

Are you wondering to browse the internet on Roku? If you would have thought back in 2008, then it was not possible, but at present it is possible. Roku is a device that enables you to access streaming media online. Although it does not have any in-built browser you can find two browsers on the Roku Channel store and they are not developed by the Roku developers.

If you are looking for the best Roku web browser to access the savour of browsing more broadly, i.e., TV, then keep reading the post and try the browsers listed below.

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Best Roku Web Browser

Best Roku Web Browser Available in Roku Channel Store

There are only two web browsers for Roku available in the official channel, i.e., Web browser X and POPRISM Web Browser. Apart from that, some additional browsers are also listed here so that you can surf the internet on Roku with ease.

#1. Web Browser X

The interface of this browser is simple and seems like it belongs to the 90’s period. Using this browser, you can access Google News, CNN, and ABC News effectively as they are saved in the favorite list.

But, if you want to browse a website, then it will be very complex for such a browser to load it. Moreover, if you love to watch videos on various platforms such as YouTube, then you will fail to watch because this browser does not support the same.

Web Browser X, one of the web browsers for Roku is not user-friendly because of the operation. For instance, if you want to navigate a webpage, then you will have to grab a remote, and further you need to press the right and left buttons.

#2. POPRISM Web Browser

This is another internet browser for Roku that enables you to read the text. However, it lacks GUI, CSS, and even JavaScript that are quite essential for accessing any website. But, in this browser, you will get RSS feed, text forums, and can access the Google search engine.

POPRISM Web Browser supports only limited websites in a compatible mode, which means while using this browser you will encounter various issues amid surfing any websites such as text format. It will be very hard to understand the text of the websites. But the positive side is the navigation feature, you can easily access the web pages through the Up, Down, Left, and Right key of a remote.

#3. Web Video Caster

It is the best Roku internet browser that gives you ample features such as browsing websites, watching videos, shows, events, and many more. The positive side is the seamless support which means without any interference, you can access any websites on the Roku platform. But the negative side is the subscription plan that means, to access Web Video Caster, you will have to spend $4.99/month.

#4, Media Browser for Roku

Using this browser, you can surf the internet without any interference and can also access the heavy websites that take a long time to load. The only negative side of this browser is the restriction of videos, which means you can’t access any websites that support videos.

#5. Xfinity

This is one of the best Roku web browsers that offers an advanced interface and smooth web interaction. Apart from these features, you can also play videos and can listen to music provided by the websites.

Casting Method

Now, you are well versed with the best internet browser for Roku and each of them has positive as well as negative sides. So, if you want a full-fledged interface of websites on Roku, then Casting is the best method. Either you can cast your phone or computer to a TV or can directly cast the device to Roku. Well, the process is very simple and the steps for the same are listed below.

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The casting of Windows PC to Roku

If you are not satisfied with the web browser for Roku, then go with the casting method. This is the screen mirroring process where you will connect your PC to a Roku device. Once the process is done, and then you need to keep your PC active, if it is shut down, then Roku will not work. In short, whenever you go for the surfing activity, then your primary device must be active and it should be until your browsing activity is done.

  • You need to check the version of Roku and it should be above 7.7. If you are not aware of the fast check process, then Go to Settings, move to the Advanced section, and then reach to About section.
  • If the version is above 7.7, then go with the next step. However, if it is below 7.7, then you need to update it and for the same, go to the Settings section, move to System and here you will get System Update, select the same, and further move to Check Now to update your Roku device.
  • Now, move to your PC supporting Windows OS, and click on the Action Center located at the bottom right of the screen.
  • On the screen, you will get many options, select the Connection one and click on the Connect button.
  • Soon, Windows will scan the nearby devices and once you get the Roku name, then click on it to connect it to the PC.
  • That’s it; your task is done and now you can do the browsing activity on your Roku device.
  • To disconnect the communication between the two devices, either you can press the Stop video button on the TV or else can disconnect it from your PC.

This is one of the best ways to access the browsing feature on a Roku device. But it has some limitations, as the casting method supports only Windows OS, not the macOS or iOS. It simply means, if you retain macOS, then this method will not work.

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