16 Best Cheap SSL Certificate Provider in 2022 – Buy SSL Certificate

Best cheap SSL certificate to secure your website with the lowest cost. We are sharing the cheapest SSL certificate provider list for you.

Almost all of us do our majority of stuff online, and hence, we need a cheap SSL certificate for security and surety of safeness. We shop and pay online; we pay our bills online, we use banking facilities online, we chat and share photos online. So many tasks are done online!

Online, work is time-saving and more interactive. When you go for the eCommerce platform, there is a particular credential behind it, which is known as an SSL certificate. And here I am showing you all the related information and top cheap SSL certificate providers.

Best SSL Certificate Provider
Best cheap SSL certificate provider

What is an SSL Certificate?

The SSL- Secure Sockets Layer, as well as the TLS- Transport Layer Security (TLS), are the most widely used security protocol. It provides a secure channel on the internet or the internal network’s two operating machines. When all the tasks are done on the internet, the web browser needs a secure connection, and the SSL protocol does the same.

Technically it is a transparent protocol that interacts with end-user and established a secure connection. Even users are also altered to the site that shows a padlock and a green bar that shows security. In short, it simplified the experience for the developers as well as end-users.

Where To Buy Cheap SSL Certificate?

There are some known SSL certificate providers in the digital market. You can buy an SSL certificate from them. But before you go for buying, keep the following things ready with you.

  • A unique website IP address
  • Validation documents of business
  • CSR- certificate signing request
  • Updated and correct WHOIS record

Even you need to know the type of SSL certificate before picking the cheapest SSL certificate. There are three types of SSL certificates.

Domain Validated (DV), which verifies that the applicant is the registrant of the domain.

Organizational Validated (OV) verify ownership of domain with company name and address.

Extended Validated (EV) gives extensive validation to the business and turns the address bar green.

All the types of certificates have the same level of data encryption. The difference is the verification of the identity of the business. From the SSL store, you can compare the price of different types of SSL certificates and pick the best.

Best Cheap SSL Certificate Provider in 2022

A few years back, due to security breaches, Google Chrome removed the trust from WoSign and StarCom. Both provide SSL certificates to users. After failing in maintaining the high standard of security, they are no more serving this service many best SSL certificate providers are there that ensure the security of the site. Here is the name of 10 SSL certificate providers.

  1. Namecheap SSL
  2. The SSL Store
  3. RapidSSL
  4. Comodo SSL
  5. GeoTrust SSL
  6. DigiCert SSL
  7. Symantec SSL
  8. Thawte SSL

#1. ClickSSL – Cheap SSL Certificate Provider


ClickSSL - Cheap SSL Certificate Provider

ClickSSL being one of the esteemed SSL providers has been satisfied thousands of clients with providing diversified SSL certificates. The best thing about ClickSSL is dissimilar products, after-sales service 24/7 over live chat, cost-effective price, site seal, reputed certificate authorities, which are the first choice of any SSL seeker. SSL certificates from ClickSSL are having modern algorithms that bind online data with strong encryption to keep cyber intruders away from it.

The minimum price of the SSL certificate starts from $12.56/yr. that covers fast domain approval and a simple validation process. You will have different types of SSL certificates starting from domain validation to EV SSL certificate.

#2. SSL2BUY – Global Cheapest SSL Certificate Provider


ssl2buy cheap ssl certificate provider

SSL2BUY is a well-known SSL provider and a platinum partner of reputed SSL brands. Comodo, DigiCert, GeoTrust, GlobalSign, Symantec are few established certificate authorities that fulfill the website’s requirements.

All SSL certificates are updated with a modern algorithm and followed by the CA/Browser forum. The introductory price starts at $8.00/yr. for a single domain, and the site holder can choose different SSL certificates with their prices as per necessity.

Few prominent features include a money-back guarantee, 24/7 support, fast issuance, free reissues, support for www and non-www domains, SHA-2 algorithm that satisfy you with the purchased product.

Secure ongoing data between the client and the server today and benefit from the lowest price at ssl2buy.com. Your website will have a robust online presence with increased customer visits and a higher search ranking.

#3. Namecheap SSL – Buy SSL Certificate at Cheap Price

namecheap ssl certificate

Namecheap is a famous name in the field of domain and hosting service, but it also offers SSL certificates to the websites. The customers who used it to share satisfied reviews, and you can try it. The basic price starts at $39 and provides business validation.

With 256-bit encryption, you can surely trust this network for your website. Yes, it takes 1-2 working days for the issuance, but after that, SSL expert support is there for you 24*7, 365 days. You can contact them via live chat. They offer domain validation, extended validation, multi-domain certificate, and wildcard SSL. The best part is, if you are not satisfied with the service, you can ask for a refund within 15 days.

Get Namecheap SSL at a Cheap Price

#4. The SSL Store – Cheapest SSL Certificate

the ssl store
With one of the reputed SSL providers, the SSL Store is one of the largest platinum partners of leading CAs, including GeoTrust, Symantec, RapidSSL, Thawte, Comodo, and Certum. All these names are enough for the credibility of the SSL store. the product catalog and price both are impressive and competitive. For the customers, it offers a win-win service. Whether you have a small business or enterprise, you can go for this.

You can read more than 6500 satisfied customer reviews for more surety. They offer a domain validity certificate at a starting price of $14.95/year. Other services include organization validation, EV multi-domain SSL, wildcard SSL, extended validation, multi-domain SSL, multi-domain wildcard SSL, and code signing certificates.

With 256-bit encryption and a $10,000 warranty, I don’t think you have to worry about security. They also provide a site seal. The unparalleled support is also there for you 24*7, 365 days via phone call, email, or live chat.

Buy from The SSL Store

#5. RapidSSL – Purchase Cheap SSL Certificate

The RapidSSL provides an SSL certificate with 99% browser recognition. It does not charge any additional cost for multiple servers. Low price and 30 days money-back guarantee is the policy of RapidSSL.

RapidSSL Certificate
RapidSSL Certificate

SSL management console can manage all your certificate from a single account. You can reissue this certificate for free. 256-bit encryption and trusted site seal surely secure your website. It is the cheapest SSL certificate provider on this list with charges of $17.95/year.

Buy RapidSSL Certificate

#6. Comodo SSL Certificate

Website: https://www.comodo.com/

Comodo provides a cost-effective certificate to all small and medium-sized online businesses. It is one of the largest SSL certificate providers that can protect customer transactions.

Comodo SSL Certificate
Comodo SSL Certificate

With advanced tools, technology, and features like ‘point-to-verify’ Comodo SSL certificates make sure that customer gets real-time verification for the business credentials. It only needs to move the cursor to the SSL seal.

With a 2048 bit signature and 256- bit encryption, it provides a prominent level of security. The basic plan starts with a $99.95/year and 30-day money-back guarantee.

Buy Comodo SSL Certificate

#7. Godaddy SSL Certificate

godaddy ssl certificate

Another name that is more known for the domain and hosting, but you might get amazed after knowing that GoDaddy is a prominent name in SSL certificate provider. They do not cost different prices for the DV, OV, and EV. Instead of charging a different price, they charge based on the number of sites. Single site costs $79.99/year, and all level domain solution costs $369.99/year.

For the first year, you get 20% off as well. Talking about security, then it provides SHA2 and 2048-bit encryption, and McAfee Secure provides a trust seal. The fresh installation is cheap, but the downside is renewals. It is more expansive. My suggestion is to install a new SSL each year to save your little money.

Buy Now


ssl.com ssl certificate

Ssl.com is very affordable in terms of price, and the customer service offered by it is also excellent. With its price and service both, it wins the heart of the customers. Due to both the old customers don’t leave it service and new clients are welcome.

A single domain level certificate charges start at $49, but if you make a deal for a year then it can be as low as $36.75/year. For small businesses or start-ups, ssl.com is an excellent option to choose from.

Pro tip: If you want to get your SSL certificate at the best price, go for the long-term plans.

#9. GeoTrust SSL Certificate

Website: https://www.geotrust.com/

The next name on the list of cheap SSL certificates is GeoTrust. It is the second-largest digital certificate provider worldwide. It provides SSL certificates in more than 150 countries. GeoTrust enables up to 256-bit SSL encryption and provides a site seal based on identity verification.

GeoTrust SSL Certificate
GeoTrust SSL Certificate

The basic plan starts from $149/year. If you want maximum protection, then pick the plan of $299/year. If you are ready to spend $599/year, then you can also get GeoTrust Wildcard SSL certificates.

Buy GeoTrust SSL Certificate

#10. DigiCert SSL Certificate

Website: https://www.digicert.com

Most of the web browsers, email systems, and mobile devices trust the SSL certificate provided by DigiCert. DigiCert provides encryption solutions for IoT and websites. It reissues an unlimited server of your certificate for a lifetime.

DigiCert SSL Certificate
DigiCert SSL Certificate

With 2048-bit RSA keys, 256-bit encryption, and SHA-256, DigiCert SSL certificates, the provider makes sure the best security. DigiCert also provides ECC- Elliptic Curve Cryptography (ECC) support. It is public-key encryption that creates smaller, faster, and efficient cryptographic keys.

The standard and Wildcard SSL package cost $198/year and $625/year respectively.

Buy DigiCert SSL Certificate

#11. GlobalSign SSL

Website: https://www.globalsign.com/en-in/

GlobalSign, another name that manages millions of digital identities, conducts secure online communication, and automates encryption and authentication. It uses SHA-256, 20148-bit RSA keys, and ECC support for encryption.

GlobalSign SSL Certificate
GlobalSign SSL Certificate

It does not only provide an SSL certificate but boost your SEO rank on google. Many known names like Microsoft, Netflix, BBC, Ford, and Toyota rely on it for identity management services. Most of the applications, devices, browsers-trusted them and protecting their online environment with its Secure Site Seal.

The pricing of GlobalSign SSL Certificates ranges between $249/year to $849/year (Wildcard SSL Certificates). You need only one certificate to secure both www. (domain name).com and (domain name).com type of domain.

#12. Symantec SSL Certificate

Website: https://www.symantec.com/

In the first look, you might find the name odd. It is a combination of syntax, semantics, and technology. It reserved its place in the top Fortune 500 Company. Symantec provides cybersecurity services and software all around the world.

Symantec SSL Certificate
Symantec SSL Certificate

With the 256-bit encryption, Symantec secures your website. The automatic safeguard is also there that secures your site against malicious infections. The SSL Certificates come with the most trusted organization trust seal that is Norton Secured Seal.

The basic price of the SSL certificate is $349/year. If you look for additional securities, then it charges a maximum of $1899/year. According to data, 90% of fortune 500 companies secure their website with Symantec SSL Certificates.

Buy Symantec SSL Certificate

#13. Thawte SSL Certificate

Website: https://www.thawte.com/

Thawte covers about 40% of the market globally for the best SSL certificate. It protects your identities and transection of customers in about 240 countries. According to recent data, Thawte has issued a total of 945,000 SSL and code signing certificates all around the globe.

Thawte SSL Certificate
Thawte SSL Certificate

Thawte’s trusted site seal, customers feel confident and make transection online without worry. You can manage your certificate and maintain your website with its robust SSL certificate management tool.

It is approved and compatible with almost all systems and browsers. 256-bit encryption gives proper security to your online site and store.

It does not change your extra to installing the SSL certification on multiple servers. What you have to do is to re-issue the certificate for free if you are upgrading or changing the server.

The basic price of a Thawte SSL certificate starts from $149/year. The Wildcard SSL Certificates are available for $599/year only.

Buy Thawte SSL Certificate

#14. IdenTrust

Website: https://www.identrust.com/

IdenTrust or Digital Signature Trust (DST) provides premium digital identity authentication services worldwide. Some of the known sectors are the US government, finance departments, banks, e-commerce sites, etc.

IdenTrust SSL Certificate
IdenTrust SSL Certificate

All the SSL certificates come up with the IdenTrust Secured seal of protection. IdenTrust verified about 5 million users globally with its Certification Authority. It secures your business identity and domain with a 2048-bit SSL certificate and SHA-2 algorithm.

IdenTrust is one of the cheap SSL certificate providers. The standard SSL certificates are available at $99/year and the multi-domain certificates at $299/year only. It supports both 256-bit and 128-bit encryption strengths.

#15. Entrust


Entrust provides the standard SSL certificates that can protect your pdf document signing, email, code-signing, and device. All these are at $199/year with the Entrust Site Seal.

Entrust SSL Certificate
Entrust SSL Certificate

Entrust, partner of SiteLock ensure to eliminate all the vulnerabilities and malware. With its website security feature, you get an extra level of security for your business as well as your clients.

The SSL certificate and SWS service scan your website in-depth, find all harmful coding, malicious attack, and malware. Moreover, the certificates provide you certificate management tool, and you can access it from any browser.

#16. Network Solutions

Website: https://www.networksolutions.com/SSL-certificates/index.jsp

Network Solutions SSL Certificates support encryption up to 256-bit and support most of all browsers.

The certificate and performance monitoring service safeguard your new website and business profile from hackers and attacks. With daily website scanning and alert for security breaches and performance issues, your website is completely safe.

Network Solutions SSL Certificate
Network Solutions SSL Certificate

In case if you change your hosting provider, it replaces your SSL certificate for free. The basic price is $139/year, and the Wildcard SSL certificate, it charges $649/year.

FAQ for Cheap SSL Certificate

#1. What is the cost of an SSL certificate?

The cost of the SSL certificate varies as per the certificate provider, as well as the type of certification. The cheapest SSL certificate starts at $7.29/year, and the highest price is $3899,99/year. You do not need to invest this much of an enormous amount if you are not having a large financial company or bank.

#2. Where can I buy an SSL certificate?

There are many SSL certificate providers available in the market. First, you have to choose one, and then you need to go to its official website. Pick the package and buy it online from the site itself.

#3. Is SSL certificate free?

The answer is yes and no both. If you get your SSL certificate from non-profit certificate authorities, then it is free; otherwise, it is chargeable.

#4. Why do I need an SSL Certificate?

Likewise, we can’t use the internet without a web browser; the browser does not trust the website without an SSL certificate. SSL is not mandatory, but if you want to see your website correctly and trusted by the browser, then it needs an SSL certificate with HTTPS encryption.

#5. Does SSL help in SEO?

Yes, SSL helps in SEO. Let me explain. When you go for SEO, you want that more and more users reach to your website. When users trust your sites, they only reappear on your site. With all the tricks and content, you can come to the top of the search, but what if the browser says the site is not secure. Would you open it? Of course, no, and in such circumstances, SSL comes to help by showing the site is safe.

All these are trusted and the best cheap SSL certificate providers. If you are confused to choose one from even these 16, then pick the names of your choice and compared them. It will give you a more clear vision.

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