10 Best Task Manager Apps for Mac Users of 2023

Best Task Manager Apps for Mac for Proper time management and perfect planning are needed for punctual task management and here task manager apps for Mac can help you.

Many times it happened that you did not get the desired result due to a lack of planning structure or wrong planning. If you are following the same situations, then to solve it, you need an app for the best task manager for Mac.

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Best Task Manager for Mac
Best Task Manager for Mac

Best Task Manager Apps for Mac of 2023

Yes, task manager mac will become your helping hand to keep you in sync with all the things that matter to you. It considers your various requirement and chooses the task according to them. It helps you from creating, managing, tracking, and synchronizing to collaborate on all your tasks, and helps you to do your work proficiently here are some list templates. So let’s take a look at mac os task manager software.

1. Microsoft OneNote

Download: https://products.office.com/en-in/onenote/digital-note-taking-app?rtc=1

Price: Free

According to functionality, Microsoft OneNote comes on the top of the list undoubtedly. It will help you in creating and managing tasks, notes, to-dos list, and a few others with the feature-rich app.

Microsoft OneNote - Best Task Manager for Mac
Microsoft OneNote – Best Task Manager for Mac

This task manager for mac eases your work. Tag your tasks and access them easily to find which one needs your priority. Add pictures, PDFs, PowerPoints, links, and web articles to your notes for reference.

It will ideally organize all your notes. Not only this, but it will also sync your files with SharePoint, OneDrive, and OneDrive for business. With it, you can access all your documents anytime and anywhere. Don’t miss to check Microsoft Project Alternative.

2. Things 3

Download: https://culturedcode.com/things/

Price: $49.99

Things 3 from cultured code always appealed as the best to-do list app for mac. When you open this app, you will get all your answer like why this app is in this list or what attracts users to use it, etc. It allows you to create a project for your goals individually and can add the required steps to complete them.

Things 3 - Task Managers for Mac
Things 3 – Task Managers for Mac

You can create a group according to the responsibility and share it with respective members like work, urgent projects, family, etc. Now keep track of all your goals and try to finish them ASAP. Plan to-dos according to your time and calendar availability.

The software also has a feature that allows repeating all to-dos that you do more frequently. Other features include Touch Bar, Calendars, Today Widget, Siri & Reminders, Hand of AppleScript, and Share Extension. With all the features, you have complete control in your hands.

This app is also compatible with a few languages like English, French, Japanese, German, Russian, Italian, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, and Traditional Chinese.

3. Wunderlist

Download: https://www.wunderlist.com/

Price: Free

I have used the Wunderlist app, and it is the best reminder app for mac. It is a highly adorable and feature-rich task manager app. It allows you to organize your schedule, add tasks, and schedule your to-dos.

Now with this software, make sure that you will not fail to complete the task before the due date. Even it allows you to share your to-do list with your team and friends.

wunderlist - best reminder app for mac
wunderlist – best reminder app for mac

Here, you can create all types of lists and share them on your tablet, pc, laptop, and mobile device. Make your to-do list a little appealing and eye-catching by attaching photos, videos, or presentations.

Another reason behind its popularity is its multiple language support like English, German, Arabic, Albanian, Bulgarian, Czech, Catalan, Danish, French, Dutch, Georgian, and more.

It is available for free, but you can get additional features by upgrading it to the pro version at a small price of $4.99/month. You can use the app without any restrictions with the upgraded version.

4. Clear – Tasks, Reminders & To-Do Lists

Download: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/clear-tasks-reminders-to-do/id504544917

Price: $9.99

As per the name, suggest, clear is the simplest app for mac to-do lists in this list. It provides a painless experience. Now, organized all your tasks. With a separate list. Customize your list with the themes available on the software.

Clear - Best Task Manager for Mac
Clear – Best Task Manager for Mac

It ensures that you complete all your important tasks, set reminders, set deadlines and complete it before the end time, etc. It also integrates our data across the macOS and iOS device, so you have full advantage of iCloud integration.

5. Todoist

Download: https://todoist.com/?lang=en

Price: Free

If you have a question like is there a task manager for mac then the answer is yes, and you have already look five known names in the list. The next name is Todolist.

It is apparent software due to its easy-to-navigate interface which manages your task without any hassle. If you want to manage your projects, tasks, sub-tasks, sub-projects perfectly, etc. then this app is for you.

Todoist - Best Task Manager for Mac
Todoist – Best Task Manager for Mac

You can prioritize your task according to need and importance for a week or day ahead. Now keep your eyes on recurring dates and deadlines with this software and try to complete it before the last day.

It is compatible with multiple platforms like android, windows, iOS, macOS, and more. It also syncs your data on major platforms like Google Drive, Sunrise Calendar, Cloud Magic, Toggl, Zapier, and IFTTT.

6. OmniFocus 3

Download: https://www.omnigroup.com/omnifocus

Price: $39.99

OmniFocus 3 gives you all the flexibility and punctuality in your work. It has more to offer with less stress. You can complete all our tasks without last-minute stress.

In a single list, you can keep all your to-do tasks. Even you can pick multiple folders, groups, actions, and projects to put all of them in the right order and according to preference.

OmniFocus 3 - Best Task Manager for Mac
OmniFocus 3 – Best Task Manager for Mac

OmniFocus 3 supports many worldwide acceptable languages like English, French, Dutch, Russian, German, Japanese, Italian, Korean, Portuguese, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, etc.

You can hide or show some fields from a fluid view option. Even you can custom columns for the tabular and scannable list. You can also check the due items from a forecast perspective for each day with the events from the calendar.

7. Simplenote

Website: https://simplenote.com/

Price: Free

Simplenote’s easy-to-use feature is the major reason behind getting space in this list. If you are looking for a user-friendly app without spending too much money from your pocket, then this app helps you in so.

Simplenote - Best Task Manager for Mac
Simplenote – Best Task Manager for Mac

It assists you in completing your work with regularity and efficiency. Consider this tool for once; you will love it after using it once.

You can create to-dos, notes, and tasks effortlessly. Put the task in perfect order and track them to find the progress. It syncs your data with the cloud from all your devices.

8. Evernote

Download: https://evernote.com/

Price: Free

The next name in the to-do list app for Mac is Evernote. It not only helps you to keep all the to-dos or notes, but it keeps all your tasks in perfect order. You can create to-do lists, take notes, save the things that you have to find online, and catch up on all of them according to your free time.

Evernote - Best To Do List App for Mac
Evernote – Best To Do List App for Mac

Take the help of various tools to write memos, prepare a presentation, and create an agenda. Like word files, you can add comments and thoughts as annotations during team meetings. It also syncs the data across all devices and keeps them safe, secure, and easily accessible to all places.

It supports various formats like text, photos, sketches, audio, video, web clippings, PDFs, etc. You can take notes in any of the above formats. You can also create your personal checklist.

9. Any.do

Download: https://www.any.do/

Price: Free

Any.do is another app under the category of best to do list for mac. It provides a smooth user experience and performs its task very well.

It can create and manage tasks. With a clean user interface, you can track, view, and find your tasks and notes comfortably. You can share the lists with friends or colleagues, take a print, and export them on other platforms.

Any.do - Best Task Manager for Mac
Any.do – Best Task Manager for Mac

It is available for free but to get unlimited access you can upgrade the software to the premium version. You can upgrade the free account for $2.99/month or $26.99/year.

It allows you to access premium features like themes, files, and collaboration. Yes, it also syncs your data with cloud service and keeps them safe and accessible across a range of devices.

10. GoodTask 3

Download: http://goodtaskapp.com/mac/index.html

Price: $19.99

The last name in the list of best planner app for Mac is GoodTask 3. It featured task and project manager, especially for Mac. It syncs your calendar and reminder to keep you up to date with your task.

GoodTask 3 - Best Task Manager for Mac
GoodTask 3 – Best Task Manager for Mac

You can edit your task or delete the tasks and other information with bulk editing features. You can find the duplicated files, changes the due dates, and add tags for important information and easy access to the task.

Use a dark theme for more comfort at night. With today’s widget support, you can track all your task more conveniently.


So it is all about the best task manager for mac. There are many powerful tools available in the market. So you have to pick the one according to your requirements. Which one is your favorite task manager? Share it in the comment box below.

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