How your eCommerce Store Can Benefit from Using DSM Tool Dropshipping Software

It’s well known that good software can save you much time from doing repetitive tasks and often help to increase revenue. The same thing happens in eCommerce and dropshipping businesses. Despite the possibility to hire virtual assistants or freelancers, the majority of drop shippers use different tools to streamline the process, achieve higher results, avoid mistakes, minimize losses and improve their online shops. Simply, good software will allow you to be more efficient and productive. A dropshipping software DSM Tool is one of these tools.

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DSM Tool Dropshipping Software

What is DSM Tool?

DSM Tool is an innovative all-in-one dropshipping management software, which allows e-sellers to dropship products from 50+ suppliers to eBay and Shopify. It brings the automation of the daily dropshipping tasks, such as finding what to sell, adding products to an eCommerce store, optimizing these listings, syncing their stock together with price, and processing the orders.

The software was created in 2016 by experienced eBay sellers to help other online sellers to grow their business on eBay. Later it was integrated with Shopify. Now more than 175k users tried this software with their stores on Shopify and seven eBay marketplaces (.com, .es, .it., .fr., .de., .ca., .au).

What is DSM Tool

What benefits does DSM Tool provide to drop shippers?

Loaded with many features, this dropshipping automation software provides you with plenty of advantages for your eBay or Shopify stores. Let’s check some of its features and how you can benefit from them.

List single or multiple products right to your store within seconds.

DSM Tool is an eBay and Shopify lister. That means that this software will move the product photos, titles, item descriptions, and specifications from the third-party suppliers right to your e-shop. Everything within a few seconds, offering you smart listing, photo, and template optimizations. In this way, you skip hours of work on creating listings.

Forget about manual price monitoring.

Once you created listings with DSM Tool, it will monitor their stock and price changes on the source and apply them to your store automatically. It’s extremely useful when you sell hundreds or thousands of items. This feature helped many dropshippers to reduce product cancellations due to being out of stock. Besides, it is cheaper than hiring virtual assistants to do that for you. All you need to do is to set your preferences in the settings.

It connects you with millions of products across 55+ suppliers

This software is integrated with 55+ drop shipping suppliers from different parts of the world. And their list is continuously updated. You can offer a big choice of products in your eCommerce store sourced from different sites.

Optimize your listings to boost the number of sales

You can find different kinds of listing optimization in this lister. The process is straightforward. You get insights and hints already during the listing process. Users can optimize item titles based on the suggested popular keywords, see the titles and prices of their competitors, get a photo collage or automatically add a logo on all the product photos. It even offers different listings templates to help drive the attention of shoppers. The software can also automatically rewrite product descriptions.

Protect your online store

Every eCommerce marketplace has its own policies and rules for its online sellers. For example, eBay has a lot of restrictions about products sellers can sell there. The advanced algorithms of DSM Tool notify you every time you violate the Vero program or list an item with incorrect settings. In this way, sellers avoid getting selling account restrictions.

Increase the seller rating with automated buyer’s feedback

A good customer experience guarantees higher conversion rates for your online store. The DSM Tool knows that. That’s why sellers can automate the process of contacting buyers with information about order processing, shipping, and tracking information. Everything can be sent automatically! The software will send a “thank you” message and a reminder to leave feedback…If you set that. Get more feedbacks, and as a result higher seller rating!

Process orders automatically

Processing your orders takes time… A lot of time. That’s why DSM Tool offers the auto-order feature for sold items. So you can leave this task to this software, which will process your order, update the tracking information safely for your eCommerce store.

Learn more with DSM Tool

Another advantage that can benefit beginners in drop shipping is that they can dropship and learn it in one place. DSM Tools has a lot of FREE educational information on how to start and grow this online business, guides, courses, help desk articles. Besides, they have a Youtube channel with weekly product recommendations and a regularly updated blog. All of this provides tons of useful information on topics related to drop shipping and eCommerce.

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Final Lines

As you can see, DSM Tool is really all-in-one drop shipping software that gathers a lot of useful features in one place. eBay and Shopify sellers are capable of starting, running, and growing online stores with them. Such routine tasks as creating listings and processing orders are not that time-consuming anymore! Even if you are an experienced eBay or Shopify seller or you just start your path in this business, you need this software.

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