Review on EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Software Free

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard is sophisticated software that helps to recover data from storage devices. If you are using any other data recovery software, first read this article and then decide which is the best data recovery software for you.

There are more than a hundred data software available online, but EaseUS is trendy, and many IT experts are also mentioning this software. So, continue to read this entire article to know how EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free performs.

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Software Free Review

What Is EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Software?

As the name suggests itself, EaseUS data recovery wizard software helps recover data from various media storage devices. You can also use this software to access corrupted raw or non-mounting files. It is a robust software that works on Mac and Windows operating systems.

There are three versions available of this software, and we are going to review the free version. Users can quickly recover data from external and internal hard drives, music players, USB devices, iOS devices, SD cards, and many other storage devices by using this software. Expert users can utilize this software to recover data from RAID and Server storage.

Numerous advanced and unique features and functions are incorporated into this software. EaseUS never has disappointed users as it offers excellent performance, user-friendliness, and a reliable support network. And the free version helps to recover 2GB data for free, which is very useful in many cases. Due to these factors now, EaseUS is one of the best free data recovery software in the IT industry.

Notable Features Of EaseUS Data Recovery Software:

This data recovery software is loaded with many excellent and unique features. These are the main salient features of EaseUS software;

  • It supports Mac and Windows operating systems.
  • Users can scan the whole hard drive in detail.
  • Users can quickly recover lost data with minimum steps.
  • Recovery of deleted partition and corruption partition files becomes more comfortable with this software.
  • If you want to recover different files after an OS crash, you can create a bootable USB device with EaseUS.
  • You can recover data from removable media, external drive, optical storage, and many other means.
  • Users can browse through deleted docs and files using Windows Explorer.
  • Users can create a backup of scanned results for future references. So, in the future, you don’t have to rescan the entire drive.
  • Users can customize and store the deleted files recovered from EaseUS software. These files can be sorted by date, name, or type of files.
  • It offers a quick scan feature that checks your whole hard disk in a few seconds.
  • The search tool helps you search for different scan results, and also you can find the files by searching the extensions or file’s name.
  • Users can recover files from the Windows system and other drives formatted using the Mac HFS + File system.


More than thousands of Users consider this software the best data recovery tool that works on multiple devices. EaseUS helps you recover data from devices that couldn’t start due to boot partitions issues. This software offers a great deal on pricing irrespective of the operating system.

It also provides recovery solutions for iOS devices like iPhone and iPad, and Android smartphones. These pricing plans are created as per the requirement of customers. So, from the IT professional to the common user, everyone can use EaseUS data recovery software.

As mentioned users can recover up to 2 GB of data by using a free version of this software. You can also determine the possibility of lost data in this free version. If you are thinking about purchasing this data recovery tool, it is advisable to use this free or trial version to scan first and then decide on your experience.

EaseUS has great confidence in this software, so it offers 30 days refund policy after purchase. However, this refund policy will not apply if you experience any problems in non-technical situations.


EaseUS has topped the performance tests. It offers excellent speed and user experience, and it completed a quick scan of the 500 GB partition in just 2 seconds. It is incredible! For the same 500 GB partition, it takes 1 hour and 45 minutes for a deep scan.

And the quick Scan can complete in seconds, but the quick Scan analysis is not detailed. It provides primitive results. In the quick Scan, the availability and recovery of the recently deleted content are being scanned. In this software, a unique approach is used for the development of quick scan algorithms.

Deep Scan takes more time than the Quick Scan, but it provides a well-detailed result, and still, the time required for deep Scan in EaseUS is less than the other similar software available. Irrespective of the operating system, the speed of EaseUS is better than the average.

Pros And Cons:


  • Excellent User interface and preview quality
  • To recover data from crashed computers, it supports bootable media.
  • Helps to recover various types of files, and one of the best undelete experience it brings is photo recovery with a good preview function.
  • High-speed quick scanning
  • High quality of recovered files


  • Limited options available for the free version
  • Can’t scan a particular folder

How To Recover Deleted Files with EaseUS Data Recovery Software?

Step 1: Download EaseUS Software

  • Firstly, you need to download the software from its official website. You need to download the setup and then install it on your device then allow some permissions.
  • Make sure you don’t install this software in the same partition you want to recover files.

Step 2: Connect Device or Drive

If you want to recover data from a mobile or another drive, you can now connect it to your device. If you’re going to recover data from your computer’s partition, you can skip this step.

Step 3: Select Device or Drive

Now from the EaseUS window, you need to select the device or drive from which you need to recover data.

select the device or drive to recover data on easeus data recovery wizard

Step 4: Choose a Partition

Now you need to select partition like from the local disk or devices you want to recover files. Then click on the Scan option. Now EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard starts to look for the previously deleted files on your PC.

select partition for which data you want to recover

Perform a quick Scan

  • EaseUS will show the Quick Scan results. It is a necessary scanning process that is used by this software to find the most recently deleted files along with their name, size, type, and date modified. If you can’t see the required file in this list, you need to start a deep Scan.

Meanwhile a deep scan will start

  • Deep Scan can run in the background, and it takes 1 to 2 hours. The Scanning time can be varying as per the storage size and device’s speed. In this Scan, the software will thoroughly scan the partition and find out the files.

Step 6: Recovering Lost Files

  • You need to select the files, drive, or folders to recover and click on the recover button. Then you need to choose the storage path for the recovered files. Make sure that the storage path has enough space.
  • You can also preview the file. For this, you need to right-click on the file and select the Preview option.preview before recovering lost files


EaseUS Data Recovery Software is the ultimate solution for recovering any corrupted, raw, or non-mounting files. It is straightforward to use this software, and it is an efficient tool. Comment below if you have any questions.

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