Effective Ways to Address Packet Loss Issues for FPS Games

In the middle of your FPS Game, it would be bothersome to have audio and vocal sound packets get lost or degraded. As it can affect your gaming experience, packet loss should be addressed for it to stop recurring. Packet loss refers to the amount of data or packets that fail to arrive at their intended destination. It also serves as a metric for the performance of data systems.

To have an uninterrupted service, there are ways how to effectively fix packet loss issues. In our previous blog post, we walked you through the seven helpful methods that can fix your Nvidia control panel mission. In this blog, we’ll show you how to address packet loss issues for FPS games.

Ways to Address Packet Loss Issues for FPS Games

Have a strong WiFi connection

One of the reasons why the quality of packets degrades is because your WiFi connection is not as strong as it should be. Wireless networks can be affected by unpredictable or uncontrollable elements like interference from other wireless networks, distance, and even thick walls that prevent the signal from traveling smoothly.

To solve this, you have to check the status of your WiFi. If your signal seems low, you can reset the router or device to fix it. You can also try to move your router around to catch a stronger signal. If this does not work, downloading a WiFi analyzer can help you examine your signal strength, so you can identify and solve other network problems.

WiFi analyzers like NetSpot and the SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor are both comprehensive options. InSSIDer is also a good choice that is targeted for the Windows system.

Use the right hardware

Outdated hardware can cause packet loss. Damaged network cards, deteriorated ports, bad routers, and infrastructure problems like shoddy wiring in your building can slow down network traffic, as these can create technical faults or bugs. This means you have to make sure that your hardware is in good condition.

Case in point, a good gaming PC has components capable of running current FPS games without a hitch. Many include reliable gigabytes of RAM and a formidable graphics card, making them perfect for processing games smoothly. Having the latest hardware can speed your gaming up.

CyberPowerPC Gamer Xtreme Gaming or the CyberPowerPC Gamer Supreme Gaming are good options if you want a series of great PCs with monstrous processing power.

Address network vulnerabilities

Information travels through multiple links and devices. When a network reaches its maximum capacity, the connection may fall far enough behind that it will discard incoming packets to catch up. Aside from naturally occurring bottlenecks, however, network vulnerabilities can also be a factor that contributes to packet loss. Some cyber criminals can cause congestion and packet loss by using threats that take most of your available bandwidth, such as distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) — which stops legitimate users from accessing the service by flooding your server resources.

If you suspect that there are cyber-attacks on your network, you can investigate IP logs or check the traffic on your network. The best solution for you is to have a trusty cyber security system that can deter any future attacks on your network bandwidth.

The Norton 360 Deluxe is one of the go-to’s for people who are VPN enthusiasts. McAfee Total Protection is also a great choice if you have multiple devices that you want to protect.

Update your software

Outdated software can take up too much network bandwidth, as this software can easily become corrupted and introduce bugs that cause packet loss. Now, you always have to update your software as soon as you get the alert, because software developers often find and fix bugs through the latest updates. You can do this manually or you can have it updated automatically. If there are still bugs, it could be that these problems will be resolved in the next update.

And if your software does not have this or no longer updates, you need to find an alternative software solution that does fix bugs, so you won’t experience packet loss.

TeamSpeak is a great software for voice chats that can help you communicate with ease. On the other hand, Iolo System Mechanic will help optimize your PC’s performance to give you a better gaming experience.

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