How to Increase Free Tiktok Followers & Fans in 2024?

As a TikTok user, everyone wants to increase TikTok Follower and fans on their TikTok profile. And even people are searching for how to get TikTok followers for free. But they do not want a satisfying answer to this question. So to solve your doubt and to give you an answer we are here.

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How to Get TikTok Follower Free
How to Get TikTok Follower Free

About TikTok:

The TikTok owned by BteDance and it is a media app. It is one of the leading apps for short video recording in the USA, Asia, and other parts of the world. Here users can shot the videos from 3 seconds to 30 seconds and create lip sync in the video.

Due to its high popularity, all user want to become famous through the medium of TikTok, and it is possible when they have a high number of TikTok followers. So here are the steps to get Free TikTok Followers.

How to Get TikTok Follower Free [Guide]

1. Post In The Peak Hours:

All the active member are aware of the peak hours. During these hours, the higher number of the users are using the platform and hence if you are good, your video will reach to more people. For TikTok, peak hours are given below:

  • Monday to Friday: 6 AM to 8 AM, 1 PM to 4 PM
  • Saturday and Sunday: Before 8 AM, After 8 PM

If you post your videos during this time, then you will get more reach and more followers. According to the study, publishing your videos during weekends will give you 30% higher reach than weekdays.

2. Use Other Social Networks:

Get your free Tik Tok followers no verification by posting your videos on as much as a possible social media network. Try as many platforms as you can. Just share the videos on many platforms as much as you can. On the single social media, you will not get your expected reach. On the same time, managing and posting videos on multiple platforms give you leads. It will reach to more audience, and when people are continuously watching you everywhere, they will ultimately start following you.

3. Use the TikTok Follower generator:

Some apps in the market claim that they provide free TikTok fans. You can use one of them. One of the known names is It requires your login and token. On each submits, they provide 100 fans.

4. Optimize your Profile:

You can get Tik Tok followers free by optimizing your profile perfectly. Add a proper profile picture and profile name. Write an attractive yet decent bio. Represent your profile in such a way that it creates a good impression on first look.

  • Use short and crispy username so that it can easily remember to users
  • Add your interest in your profile bio
  • Add proper hashtags
  • Stay active and post content
  • All these together helps you to get more TikTok Follower

5. Stunning Video Edits:

Though your video is of less than one minute, try to make it professional and impressive. Use video editors like Wondershare Filmora, Final Cut, Adobe Premiere, etc. to edit and publish the TikTok videos. It takes a few minutes for simple video editing, and you will get good reach and a good number of views on your TikTok video.

6. Viral Challenges:

Look for the video that is trending or going viral in recent times. For example, Kiki challenge. With the time many other videos come and go, and you have to flow with the wind. Try to accept changes of video and make the videos which are trending. Sharing such videos can help you to get more followers on TikTok quickly.

7. Collaborate With Others:

Do not hesitate to collaborate with others to make videos. As a single person, it is hard to get more reach, so it is always a good idea to create videos by combining with others. Open the app and find the best partner for you. It is a hard task to find the muse, especially when you have less number of followers. If you are lucky enough and have done great work before then many people get ready to work with you.

Even some so-called TikTok star may refuse your request but do not get disappointed. Talk to as many people as you can and try to convince them to work with you to get more Free TikTol Followers.


So all these are a few simple strategies and tricks for getting TikTok followers without TikTok Follower generator. Hopefully, you like the ideas we have shared here. Do you have any other plan? If yes, then share it with us. Thank you.

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