How to Get Free Xbox Live Codes? [4 Working Steps]

Who does not like free stuff? Of course, everyone wants it. And when the stuff is related to free Xbox Live codes, it is like a treasure. Yes, read completely true. Today, we are here with a few methods to earn free Xbox codes.

If you might have a question that the methods are legit, then the answer is yes all the methods are 100% legit, and working on getting free Xbox Live gold codes.

Don’t worry; you do not have to download the Xbox Live code generator. Anyway, it doesn’t work. Stay away from it. Here we will show you various methods to earn Xbox Live codes so do not go anywhere. Read the article carefully. Before we go to the methods, I would like to answer a few questions that arise in your mind.

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Free Xbox Live Codes

How to Get Free Xbox Live Codes?

Here are different ways to get the Xbox Live codes for free so have a look at it. We do not head towards the rewards website initially. First, we move to the method that gives a month of Xbox Live codes when the user registers with a Microsoft Live account. And steps are given below.

Method 1: Create a Microsoft Live account to get a month of free Xbox Live trial

Step #1: First of all, go to the Microsoft account page and log in to the Subscription page.

Step #2: Choose the option gold- 1-month free trial and choose the option next.

Step #3: Here, you have to add credit card details for successful registration. Do it.

Step #4: Enter the billing information and click on next.

Step #5: Follow the process that shows on the screen and complete the sign-up process.


  1. While sign-up keep in mind a few points to get free Xbox Live gold for a month.
  2. One can get the Xbox Live Gold membership with a single Gamertag for trial.
  3. For one console you can use three accounts for trial.
  4. After creating three accounts, the user can’t receive a message that shows the opportunity to register for an Xbox Live Gold trial account.
  5. In the billing information, enter your correct location or country to get a proper offer.
  6. The last but most important thing to remember is to cancel the membership before the month expires. Otherwise, your trial converts into a paid subscription. Before the last day opt out from the gold trial account otherwise, Microsoft deducts the amount each month from your bank account.

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Method 2: Activate the free Xbox Live Gold Trial Account for a month

This method works for those users who have an Xbox Live account already, but they do not activate it before to get Xbox Live gold codes.

If you have already activated the account, I am sorry as this method won’t work for you.

If you do not activate the account, then by following the steps given below you can get a month of free access to the Xbox Gold account.

Step #1: When you open the account, you can see an option of “Gold – 1 Month Free Trial as a subscription gift, if you are qualified or eligible for a free trial.

Step #2: If you can see it, click on the option and then click on Next.

Step #3: Add the payment option if they asked to your account. If you already fill the payment details, then you can use the old card details.

Step #4: Now follow the wizard guide that is shown on the screen and complete the sign-up process.

Step #5: Remember that once your free trial expires, the monthly subscription will start automatically like Amazon Prime or Netflix and it will charge you. So before the free trial period ends, deactivate your free trial subscription.

Method 3: With Reddit Giveaways

If you find it right it’s no thread; then on Reddit, you can find more information than the Wikipedia. People have dozens of free Xbox codes, and you can find them by reading the Reddit community posts.

Expect Reddit, where you can find the more engaged users. Yes, Quora is also there but it is not as efficient as Reddit. As a separate thread for various game cheats, there is a subreddit created for all the fans who are looking for the free Xbox Live codes.

You will not find it instantly as most of them are a request from users and not giveaways, but you can find those links if you are a lucky Redditor.

Here, we have shared some subreddits for the Xbox Live free trial Reddit community. Here is the direct link to the Reddit page where you can find some Xbox-related subreddits. So try all of them one by one and get the codes that you are looking for.

The last to second link is not about Xbox, but you can get lots of giveaways from it.

Method 4: Some Giveaways are like Christmas

There are some websites like or PointsPrizes that offer free game codes in exchange for the email addresses of users that they use for signing up.

Under certain circumstances, you can redeem the free Xbox codes through websites. Yes, your email ID will sell to the online retailers who need your details.

This kind of website does not provide daily free Xbox Live codes for every person who is ready to share the email address so if you find it, you are the lucky one.

When you use sites like PointsPrize, you do not need to provide any credit card details or billing information. Just sign up, complete the task, and get your free codes.

Warning: Stay away from the Xbox code generator!

Thousands of websites claim to provide you with free Xbox Live Gift Cards & Xbox Live Codes. You have to use their tool and enter your details of the account. All these sites are trash. Even you will not get the free live code, and it is also possible that you may lose your account. All such sites are designed for the scam so aware of such sites.


It is all about four ways to get free Xbox Live codes. Hopefully, you liked it. Do not look for a website that fools you. Follow the above methods and get the 1-month subscription free. In case of any error, just use the comment section below and share it with us. Thank you!

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