How Managers Can Drive Workplace Engagement?

Wordle, the latest viral hit and popular daily word game, has enthralled millions of individuals looking for methods to feel connected and engaged during times of solitude. The rapid adoption of the word game and its rapid transformation into a daily preoccupation exemplifies society’s need to engage in a shared activity and share their scores and data.

Managers should draw inspiration from society trends, attitudes, and routines that may be readily adapted for the workplace as they look for methods to re-engage in-person, remote, and hybrid teams. March Madness on the horizon also provides an opportunity as people will be swooning over March Madness odds and March Madness brackets.

How Managers Can Drive Workplace Engagement

Make a Simulated Water Cooler Spot

Gatherings around the proverbial water cooler, which facilitate daily chats about current events, hobbies and interests, social interactions that build bonds and teams, and opportunities for welcome breaks in the workday to clear the mind, are a critical void in the existing work environment, according to most employers and employees.

Managers should set aside time each day for 15 to 30-minute coffee discussions that include semi-structured exercises and allow workers to have important face time through video conferencing, depending on group sizes and responsibilities. Managers can conduct a survey of their employees to determine the optimal times of day to do coffee chats.

They should make it clear that, while attending the presentations is strongly recommended, there may be days when pressing work or deadlines take precedence. Soliciting volunteers to manage and lead activities on a rotating monthly basis fosters employee engagement, develops leadership abilities, and allows for the development of relationships.

Create a Format to Follow

To deliver an excellent coffee talk experience, managers and volunteers should establish a framework adapted to the requirements of the team, which can be flexible, organized, or a combination of both. Some teams, for example, may want unstructured catch-up time every other day, with planned activities on the remaining days, whilst others may prefer regular daily activities and/or themes.

One of the benefits of coffee chat programs is that they allow planners to try new things and get feedback, because the ultimate aim is to have dedicated time for face-to-face interactions that promote an engaged workforce. The format should be appealing rather than something that workers fear, feel obligated to prepare for, or consider a waste of time.

Coffee chats should generate excitement and act as a moment when employees look forward to decompressing and returning to their daily responsibilities rejuvenated. They are extremely important for remote employees because it may be the only time they engage with people during the workday. This keeps people connected to the team, culture, and organization.

Create a List of Activities to Keep Engaged

Wordle is an excellent addition to the agenda during coffee chats. Teams can register an account to play the game virtually every day, collaborating to solve the day’s new five-letter word and/or playing many practice rounds to keep the activity going. Wordle promotes teamwork and invites even the most reticent individuals to participate in the activity.

Employees who play the game at home, on the other hand, can compare and share their scores/stats from the previous night for friendly rivalry. Teams may also challenge other groups inside the organization to a monthly Wordle competition, which helps to connect more individuals and develop networks, which is a wonderful method for new employees to meet new people.

Discussing the results of athletic events, upcoming matchups, and future winners is another subject for coffee conversations that may boost employee engagement. People get excited about national athletic events, for example, and March Madness brackets and games are just around the horizon. It can broaden the horizons of non-sporting personnel and perhaps develop new interests and hobbies.

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