How to Download YouTube Videos Without Any Software?

Do you want to know how to download YouTube videos without any software? We have shared some useful software to download YouTube videos.

Are you tired of installing crappy downloaders and software that’ll let you download youtube videos? Well, you don’t have to do any of that now. We have the perfect and we’ll tell you, “How to download YouTube videos without any software?”

YouTube has been the main source of all the major video content online. And, while other platforms such as the Daily Motion, and others are giving out quality video content, YouTube stays on the top of the list. But it does not directly allow us to download the videos, especially when you are using it on the browser. So, what do you do?

We have got you, not one but, several ways to download Youtube videos without any software. These ways are easy and quick ways of downloading HD videos from YouTube without downloading any sort of YouTube video downloader software whatsoever. All the ways that are mentioned here are genuine and we have tried them to make sure. So, worry no more about downloading Youtube videos. Use these methods and you will never have to deal with any Youtube Video Downloader ever!

Free Youtube Video Download Without Software
Free YouTube Video Download Without Software

How to download YouTube videos without any software?

1. Using Youtube Video Downloader Websites

One of the very simple, extremely reliable, and easiest ways to download YouTube videos without any software is to use a third-party website. Now, you may hesitate a bit here. Are the third-party websites safe? Well, there are more than a hundred such websites that let you download YouTube videos without any software, Some work and a lot of them don’t, some are safe but most of them are not. That is why we have listed here 4 websites that actually work and are free of any malware or virus. Check them here:


This is one of the best websites where you can download YouTube videos without any software. It is absolutely free to use and a hundred percent secure. It is ad-free and won’t interfere with your download with any pop-ups or stupid surveys. It is a secure way to download a YouTube video. You can select between various formats and it even lets you download a video in MP3 format! Follow the link below to use it right now.



Another great website to download a YouTube video. It is extremely easy to use. The interface is pretty basic and you need not worry about any malware getting into your system. This website is extremely safe to use and there will be no ads interrupting your download. Like others, it also allows you to download the video in various formats. The download will be quick and smooth on this website. It works on all YouTube videos and even on some other platforms such as Facebook, Daily Motion, etc. Click on the link below to download the videos using this website.



This website is great for downloading videos from YouTube without any software and you can even use it on other websites. It is basic and allows you to download your video in a number of formats including MP3. Using this website you can also download a specific part of the video. The website also features an online video converter that can be used to download your MP4 video in various different formats such as AVI, MOV, FLV, 3GP, AAC, etc. It is also free to use and is an ad-free website. So, follow the link below and enjoy an uninterrupted download!



Similar to the previous one, this website lets you download videos from YouTube with no hassle whatsoever. You can download it in a number of formats and so, this can be used as a video converter. The process is simple and the interface is really easy. The website is basic and can be used to download YouTube videos easily. You need not worry about Malware or viruses attacking your system, this website is perfectly free of any of those. Click on the link below to visit the website and try for yourself!


How to use a third-party website to download YouTube videos?

As we mentioned earlier, downloading YouTube videos from these websites is an easy task. There is no complicated process that you need to go through. Here is a guide on you to download Youtube videos without any software, using these websites!

Step #1. Go to and play the video you wish to download

Step #2. Click on the URL and copy it. ( You can also use the shortcuts Ctrl+L and Ctrl+C to copy the URL of the video)

Step #3. Now, using any of the links mentioned above, go to any of these websites.

Step #4. Paste the earlier copied website on the website.

Step #5. Press Enter and you’ll be shown a number of formats in which you can download the video in.

Step #6. Choose the one you want and press the download button.

Step #7. The download should start almost immediately and there you go! You have successfully downloaded a video from YouTube.

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2. An Easy Trick

If you don’t want to use a third-party website or are not able to use it for some reason. Here is a simple trick you can use to download YouTube videos without any software. It is really easy and works every time but again also used a third-party website ( no running away from that). Here is what you need to do:

Step #1. Go to and open the video you wish to download.

Step #2. Your link should look something like this (just an example)

Step #3. Type ss just after ‘www.’ and just before ‘’ in the URL

Step #4. It should look something like this:

Step #5. Press enter to follow the link. You’ll be redirected to the website.

Step #6. Select the format you want to download your video in and your video will be downloaded!

Seems complicated? It isn’t as much as you think. This method has always worked and is really easy to use. All you need to do right is where you add the code.

3. Using a browser extension

Another great method to download Youtube Videos without any software is using a browser extension or as we call it, “Add-on”. Although this also falls in the category of ‘downloading software’ adding an extension to your browser is far easier than downloading and installing software on your system. Here are three of the best extensions that you can add to download YouTube videos without software.

Flash Video Downloader

This extension takes minimum time and offers maximum efficiency. Whenever you want to download a video or even audio from the internet, click on the icon, and there you go! Your video will start to download almost instantly. If we are talking about how to download YouTube videos without any software, Flash Video Downloader is how you can do it. Not only YouTube, but you can also download videos from Facebook, Daily Motion, and many other such platforms. It is really easy to use and extremely fast in downloading videos.

Video Downloader Professional

Another great extension for your browser to download YouTube videos without any software. The process is easy and after adding this to your browser, it takes only a few clicks to download your video. Just install it and forget it. You can use it on other websites than YouTube and it works just great on them too. You can choose to download the video in a number of formats and even queue videos to be downloaded. A free option to download videos with no trouble right from your browser!

Video Downloader Helper

This is a simple yet powerful extension that you can add to your browser to download videos from YouTube or any other website. The extension works well on Chrome and Firefox and is absolutely free to use. In a matter of seconds, it can help you download your YouTube video in any format you want. You can use it on Facebook too and other websites such as Daily Motion and Webm videos. If you want a hassle-free, ad-free, and spam-free download from YouTube, try this!

How to Use a Browser Extension to download Youtube videos?

The process is as easy as the others. There is not much you have to do when using an extension on your browser to download a YouTube video. Here is what you need to do:

Step #1. Go to the Extension Web Store on your browser and search for any of the above-mentioned extensions.

Step #2. Once you find it, add it to your browser.

Step #3. Now, go to the YouTube video you wish to download.

Step #4. There will either be a pop-up box that will ask you whether you want to download this video or not; or a download icon near the video that can be used to download the YouTube video. This step varies with the extension you use.

Step #5. Select the download option and viola! Your YouTube video will be downloaded.

Simple, wasn’t it?

4. Screen Recorders

Some websites do not allow any sort of software to download content from their website and nothing works on them. If you want to download a video from any of such websites, don’t worry, we have something for you. There is still something you can do to download videos from those websites, but this would require software, not a Youtube Video Downloader Software though!

All you need is a good internet connection and a Screen Recorder. A screen recorder is a pretty easy software to find, download, and install. They are small software that records your screen. Here is some amazing screen recorder software you can download and install to download YouTube videos like this:

1. OBS Studio

An easy way to record your screen is free to use and works smoothly in the background. It is really lightweight and can be downloaded in seconds.


2. Loom

A basic video recording and sharing software. It is powered by Google Chrome and works well on that browser. It can be used to record your videos in a quick and smooth way.


3. Flashback Express

Another great screen recorder, Flashback Express offers to schedule the start of your recording. This feature will help you record the videos from YouTube perfectly.


How to use Screen Recorders to save YouTube videos?

Another simple process. Just make sure you have an active and fast internet connection. It wouldn’t be good if you recorded a buffering video. One advantage this method has over any other one is that you can also download a specific part of the video if you want to and it saves data too!

Here is what you need to do:

Step #1. Go to YouTube and open the video you wish to download (or record).

Step #2. If the screen recorder software you are using has a timer, then use it to start the recording at the right moment. If not, then go ahead and start the recording.

Step #3. Open the browser and start the video.

Step #4. Make sure you have turned off the annotations on the video and are playing the video on the full screen. Remember not to move your mouse in between the recording. This will help you get a better recording of your video.

Step #5. Once the video is finished, stop the recording and save. And, that’s how you download the video.

This might not be the most optimal option to download the YouTube video but is good enough if nothing else works.


We hope you found the solution for how to download YouTube videos without any software. And, we are glad that we could be of help. For more such solutions and tech stuff, stay tuned!

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