How To Find Network Security Key? [Working Guide]

The network security key is key, password, or passport to get the authenticate access of your network. These are the networks connected with the internet and any device connected to it. For establishing a secure system with your wireless router, you got a key that verifies you as an authenticate person. When the key on the wireless router and connected device match, you can access the internet connection on your device.

If you want to know how to find the network security key, in this post, you will find the steps for all the devices. Have a look.

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how to find network security key

What Is Network Security Key?

The network security key is a digital password that provides you authentication and accessibility to your wireless network or the network where you want to connect. The network security key is necessary for a secure connection between the device and server network or wireless device. It also protects our network from all restricted access.

We used in day to day service in different forms like OTP for online transactions, the password for internet service, pin or password for login into your account or device, and many more. You can find as a WEP– wired equivalent privacy and WPA and WPA2 as types of the network security key.

How To Find Network Security Key Of Your Wi-Fi?

Reasons behind finding a Network security key are many. Maybe you bought a new router, or you are trying to connect your mobile phone, pc, or laptop with your Wi-Fi network. It is also possible that you want to reset your password as you forget it. In short, the reason may be anything; you need a guide that helps you with this task.

You can find a network key form the network settings if your device is already connected to the network. When a network comes into the range of equipment, the device automatically linked to it as the wireless network store the key in it.

  • To find out the security key, go to the Wi-Fi setting on your device, and tap on your Wi-Fi name. Here you can find all the information, including the key and password.

How to Find Network Security Key On A New Router:

on your newly bought router, there is a label that is stick on the back or bottom of the router device. However, the type of tag or sticker is decided by the manufacturer. Sometime it might be so clear that you can easily understand, and sometimes it is too much confusing. But here are some of the understandable abbreviations for you.

  • SSID: name of your device
  • Password: Network password
  • Network Key: Network security key

network key

Finding a Network security key is quite easy. It will display on the label. Using it, you can connect to your wireless network.

How to Find Network Security Key On Windows 10

Windows is one of the easiest OS to use and operate. Even finding out the network security key is also easy on windows 10. The steps for wireless network security keys are here.

Step #1: Click on the search bar and type Network connection in it.

Step #2: Now click on the Network and Sharing Center option.

Step #3: Here you can see your wireless network. If you have shut off the Wi-Fi option, turn it on.

Step #4: Now click on your network and scroll down until you can see the properties tab.

Step #5: Go to the security tab and choose show character option.

Step #6: Now you can see your network security key.

How to Find The Wi-Fi Password On A Mac OS X?

The steps to finding the network security key on a Mac device is quite easy. If you want steps, here they are:

Step #1: On your screen, click on the search icon from the top right corner.

Step #2: Now search for the Keychain Access option.

Step #3: Once you have open the keychain access, find your network and double click on it.

Step #4: Now check the show password checkbox.

Step #5: Now, enter your Mac password. You need to enter your Mac password to see it.

Step #6: Once you enter correctly, you can see your network security key on your screen.


It is all about different ways to find out your network security key on your windows, mac, Wi-Fi, and android device along with the steps. Hopefully, you will get the steps. In case of any doubts, you can ask us anytime. We would love to solve your queries. Thank you

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