How to Find Xbox IP Address Finders?

If you are reading this article, it is safe to assume that you are looking for an Xbox IP tracker or you want to find the IP address of someone’s Xbox.

Just like other devices, your Xbox gaming console also needs an IP address to connect to the internet. But the IP address of your console keeps changing. Every time, you connect it to the internet, it is assigned a new IP address from the network router.

If you want to create a private online game, where you want to invite only certain people, you will need the IP addresses of those individuals, so that they can directly connect to your Xbox.

The good thing is finding the current IP address of someone’s Xbox console is easy. There are multiple methods you can try. In the guide below we have explained four of the most common methods.

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How to Find Xbox IP Address Finders

How to Find Xbox IP Address?

These are the four methods you can try to find someone’s Xbox IP address. To avoid any confusion, we have explained the steps of each method in detail.

Method 1: Try Xbox IP Puller

Try Xbox IP Puller

One of the best ways to find the IP address of an Xbox is to use an Xbox IP puller. You will find plenty of those tools online. But we recommend you to use Lanc Remastered as it is trusted by many.

With the help of Lanc Remastered, you can easily create a connection with other players using party chats or live gaming and find the IP address.

Here are the steps you need to follow:

Step #1. Before you start, you need to install the following files: C++ Redistributable Package 2010, .Net Framework 4.5.2, 7zip, Winrar, NPcap, and WIN10PCAP. These are the files required to build up the Lanc Remastered program.

Step #2. The next thing you need to do is disable IPV6. This option can be found on ‘Change adapter options. Just uncheck the box beside IPV6 in the menu.

Step #3. Now download Lanc Remastered and extract all the required files.

Step #4. After launching the program, make the required changes to the network adapter. You must enable features like ARP filter and spoofing.

Step #5. Access Xbox and locate the IP address.

Step #6. Copy and paste the IP address to the ‘to’ option.

Step #7. Now enter the Xbox port number in the required space. The Xbox port number is 3074.

Step #8. Visit the homepage of your Xbox console and invite the players to a live party or game.

Step #9. After the players join the game, hit Enter to see the IP address of your fellow gamers.

Method 2: Use Command Prompt

The IP address of someone’s Xbox can be tracked using the command prompt as well. The only thing is you must have a chat connection with them.

Use Command Prompt to Track IP Address from Xbox

This is a simple Xbox IP finder method. With just a few quick steps you can easily find the IP address of an Xbox.

These are the steps you need to follow:

Step #1. The first thing you need to do is run the Xbox and identify the person attacking or bullying you.

Step #2. You will need to follow the person to identify their IP. This can be done by adding Gamertag to your friend list.

Step #3. The next thing you need to do is chat with the person. This will help you to set up a connection. Use the ‘chat’ or via the ‘parties’ option to start interacting.

Step #4. Now run the command prompt on your computer. You will find this option in the run app.

Step #5. Enter the “netstat-an” command in the given box and click to execute it.

Step #6. After you make a connection with the other person, you can see their IP address as a tag on your computer.

Step #7. You can then use the IP address to track down the user.

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Method 3: Tracking link on Xbox

Even though you can try the Xbox resolver tool or Lanc Remastered to find the IP Address of an Xbox, there exists another easy way.

The tracking link method requires you to use the Grabify website. All you need to do is follow the steps closely and you should be good to go.

Grabify website

Step #1. Before getting started, you must establish a chat connection with the person making DDOS attacks on you. This can be done by including them in your Xbox friend list.

Step #2. Use the chat or party option to start a conversation with the person. You can talk about anything you want.

Step #3. Now capture a game you like from Xbox. Press the middle button of your Xbox controller and then click the option ‘record that’ to start recording.

Step #4. After you are done, tap ‘A’ and copy the link to the captured video.

Step #5. Now go to the Grabify tab in Xbox. This is where you need to paste the copied URL. You will find the Grabify tab in the Microsoft edge in your console.

Step #6. After checking the copied link, change its domain. Opt for initials like,, etc.

grabify ip logger

Step #7. Use the direct message option to send the link to your target. Alternatively, you can send them an invitation to open the clip link on your social media handles like Facebook or Twitter.

Step #8. Once your target clicks open the link, you must refresh the Grabify tab and see the IP address.

grabify ip information

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Method 4: Use Xbox Resolver to search Gamertag

Use Xbox Resolver to search Gamertag

Using Xbox Resolver to search Gamertag is one of the most effective ways to find the IP address of an Xbox. The steps are a bit lengthier than other methods, but it’s easy.

For those unversed, Gamertag is a unique ID assigned to any Xbox user. Using a person’s Gamertag, you can easily track their Xbox IP. But this method is only useful when the person is live at a party or game.

To use Xbox Resolver to track Xbox IP, you must follow these steps:

Step #1. Go to your Xbox account and look for the person whose IP you want to track. In case, the person is not added to your friend list, add them. Search the person’s Gamertag, go to their profile, and press the Add Friend option.

Step #2. After adding the person, you need to make a connection with them. You can either invite the person to a live game or chat with them on an Xbox forum.

Step #3. Start a conversation with the person and look for a clickable link to send them. If needed, you can export links from your social media handles like Twitter or Facebook. Or you can simply use a gaming link.

Step #4. Open an Xbox resolver link and go to the Gamertag spacebar.

Step #5. Now enter the person’s Gamertag and click on the option Resolve.

Step #6. Go to the Xbox IP finder option and enter the clickable link in the given space. The ARP sniffer feature in Xbox Resolver can initiate port scanners and trackers.

Step #7. Once the person clicks the link, the ARP sniffer tool will process the packets connected to their network.

Step #8. Change the IP address option from ‘From’ and change it to the ‘To’ box. This will allow the system to load the logged IPs.

Step #9. Go to the filter tab and enter 3074. Press the option ‘A’ and wait for the ‘start pulling’ icon to load.

Step #10. Now you can see the IP of people connected with you on party forums or gaming platforms.


Finding the IP address of someone’s Xbox is easy if you know the right approach. You can try any of the mentioned methods to track Xbox IPs. For these Xbox IP address finder methods to be effective, you just need to create a connection with the person. Once that is done, everything can sail smoothly from there. Hopefully, you found this article helpful.

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