How to Fix kmode_exception_not_handled Windows 10?

Have you ever seen a blue screen error on your pc? It is also called kmode exception not handled error. It has very difficult to solve. If you are looking for its solution on the internet, now you don’t have to search anywhere else. You have come to the right place. The Blue screen error is a various severe problem, and it may crash OS immediately.

This kmode_exceptio_not_handled error has various variations, and it is generally due to some issues in the BSoD section. If you face the same problem, continue to read this article to find out How to Fix kmode_exception_not_handled windows 10.

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how to fix kmode_exception_not_handled windows 10

What is kmode_exception_not_handled windows 10?

You often see a blue screen on the laptop, and there are some different error statements. You can’t do anything like you can’t open an internet browser or do any work on the computer unless you solve this error. This error is occurred due to various software or applications overwrites each other’s memory.

It may lead to a severe problem like crash your OS or damage your files from a laptop. You can’t access Windows 10 when you are facing this error. So, the best way to fix this error is to access Safe mode. There are various statements of this error like;

  • Kmode exception not handled ntfs.sys/netio.sys/ ndis.sys/ syntp.sys/ wdf01000.sys/ etd.sys/ tcpip.sys/ tppwr32v.sys/ usbport.sys/ igdkmd64.sys/ intelppm.sys/ iastora.sys – You can use this important information from the error to find the problematic spot.
  • Kmode exception not handled RAM
  • Kmode_exception_not_handled USB – This error means that your system has a wrong driver or faulty USB device connection.
  • Kmode exception is not handled during installation. This error occurs due to a faulty or corrupted driver that is not compatible with your system.
  • Kmode exception not handled loop

These are the various forms of this error. But one common thing you will see is the blue screen. So, read further to know how to fix kmode exception not handled Windows 10.

How to Fix kmode_exception_not_handled windows 10?

Method 1: By updating your network drivers

This error is generally related to the network adapter. So, if you want to fix this error, you have to update your device’s network adapter drivers. For doing this, you need to enter Safe mode and visit your network adapter manufacturer’s official website. From this official website, you can update the network adapter drivers.

In case you can’t access your network adapter manufacturer’s official website from your computer, you can do it from other computers and download the latest and updated drivers for the network adapter. After that, you can install these updated drivers in the Safe mode on the faulty laptop.

Sometimes, even after manually updating these drivers doesn’t work or don’t know how to update these network adapter drivers or don’t know about it, you can use DriverFix software. It’s relatively easy to use, and it does the job accurately. It is time-saving, and this software also selects the latest updated drivers for your system.

driver update center

You should note that you have to install DriverFix in the safe mode and run it in the same mode. This software will scan your device and identify the latest compatible drivers for your systems.

DriverFix will provide you the full list of necessary actions. If this software recommends you update other drivers, you should do that so that your system will work properly.

Method 2: Install the mission drivers

This error may be occurred due to missing, corrupt, or non-compatible drivers as you should install appropriate drivers for your system. If the driver is missing, you should identify those drivers and install the latest version of those drivers.

As you know that, this kmode exception not handled error blocks a user from accessing windows, so you safely have to all of this. If you have already tried and doesn’t work for you, try these steps to open the Safe Mode on your computer;

Step 1: When your laptop boots, you have to keep pressing F8 or Shirt + F8. You have to try and find out by yourself with key works for you.

Step 2: If these keys work for you, you will see various development options and select Safe Mode with Networking.

Step 3: Wait for a few seconds to enter the safe mode.

After entering the safe mode, you have to follow these steps to install the missing drivers;

Step 4: You need to press Windows + X together to open the device manager, or you can go to the start menu and find the Device manager in it.

Device manager windows 10

Step 5: If you find any unknown devices, you need to click on them and select the Update driver option.

update unknown driver

Step 6: Now, from the drop-down menu, select Search automatically for updated driver software.

Step 7: If this method doesn’t work for you, you need to browse my computer for the driver software option.

update drivers nvidia geforce 9500 gt

Step 8: Then wait until these missing drivers are installed in your system and then exit from the Safe Mode. Check where your problem is solved or not.

Method 3: Uninstall your antivirus software

In some cases, kmode_exception_not_handled windows 10 error causes the antivirus software installed in your system. Many users reported that McAfee antivirus causes this problem. So, it is advisable to uninstall such kind of software from your computer.

For uninstalling any software, it is recommended to use an uninstaller tool like IObit Uninstaller. These uninstaller tools will remove all types of files and caches related to other software. They eliminate all registry files very quickly. So, such tools should be your first choice to remove any unwanted items from your computer.

However, you can’t leave your computer unprotected. If you remove antivirus software from your computer, it will be vulnerable to malware, virus, and cyber-attacks. So, it is advisable to install another antivirus software immediately. You can also use Windows Defender as your primary antivirus software.

In windows 10, Defender has become powerful and robust, so it is enough to protect your computer from viruses ad malware. So, you can turn on Windows Defender from Virus & Threat Protection settings.

Method 4: Rename the Problematic File

It is also possible that this blue screen error is caused due to any BSOD error on Windows 10. For this, you need to look at the problematic file. For instance, bdselfpr.sys is the name of the problematic file. It is helpful for some users to change the name of problematic files, which will solve this blue screen error.

You can change the file name like bdselfp.s__; this may solve this error. You should note that changing the problematic file’s name is not always the best option. It may cause more instability in the system.

If you decided to change the file’s name, you search about the file’s extension and understand the issue that might alter the file’s name. You can’t just directly change the file’s name as you do in the PDF or other types of multimedia files.

Method 5: Change the faulty RAM

In some cases, the faulty RAM is responsible for kmode_exception_not_handled error. If you find that you have a defective RAM module, it is advisable to replace it before it damages your whole system, including your data. If your computer Is still on warranty, you should go to the repair shop and ask them for support.


Hopefully, this post helps you find out the solution for kmode exception not handled error. It is a severe issue. So, you should manage this error with delicacy. Comment below if you have any questions.

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