How to Fix PCI Encryption/Decryption Controller Issue?

The motherboard is the most important part of a computer. The PCI encryption-decryption controller is responsible for keeping your data secure pre-installed in the motherboard.

Its primary function is to encrypt/decrypt data at the time of transfer so that no third party can locate it.

In simple words, a PCI controller is needed for the security of a PC.

If you are facing a PCI controller error, you should troubleshoot it immediately. Ignoring it will make your computer more prone to cyber-attacks.

It also puts the stored data at risk. This is why troubleshooting the problem is crucial.


PCI Encryption Decryption Controller

What causes PCI encryption/decryption controller error?

Before moving on to the solution part, let’s talk about the things that cause this error.
The PCI controller helps encrypt data during transfer and decrypting while receiving incoming data.

If there’s an error, it will not let your PC work properly. Not just that, but it will also prevent you from connecting to the internet.

It is also possible for your computer to crash randomly.

Various reasons trigger this particular error. This includes:

#1. Malware

If the controller is affected by malware, it will start malfunctioning. This can compromise the security of your computer.

#2. Outdated drivers

If your drivers are not up-to-date, it can lead to this error. In this case, you will need to update your drivers to resolve the issue.

#3. Outdated Windows version

As you may already know Windows improves its security by rolling out new updates. So if you are using an outdated Windows version, it can cause the PCI controller to malfunction.

Luckily, you can resolve this issue by simply updating your Windows to the latest version.

#4. Faulty hardware

If there’s a problem with the motherboard, it is likely to affect the PCI controller as well. For example, if your motherboard is too dirty, it can lead to this error.

Before trying any complex troubleshooting steps, you should try cleaning your motherboard.

#5. Incompatible chipset drivers

Another possible cause could be chipset driver incompatibility. But you can resolve the error by installing the right drivers.

Guide To Fix PCI Encryption/Decryption Controller Error

Now that you know what causes this error, it will be easier for you to resolve the issue. To help you out, we have provided some of the effective solutions below.

Method 1: Update Drivers Automatically

This is probably the easiest way to fix this error. Many users have found this method useful, so you should try it too.

All you have to do is update the drivers using the device manager.

Instead of updating the drivers manually, you can get it done automatically by following these steps.

  • Launch Device Manager.
  • Locate the option ‘PCI Encryption/Decryption Controller’ option and right-click on it.
  • Select ‘Update Driver.’

Update Drivers Automatically

This will make your PC search for driver updates online and get the right drivers.

But this method may not work every time. In that case, you will have to update the drivers manually.

Installing driver updates manually is easy if you know the right steps. At first, you need to find the right drivers online and then install them manually.

For convenience, we have explained the steps below.

  • Launch a web browser of your choice.
  • Locate the option ‘Intel(R) Management Engine Interface Driver.’
  • Go to the official source and then proceed to download the appropriate drivers.
  • Once the drivers are downloaded, launch the setup and then continue to follow the instructions shown on the screen.
  • After you are done with the installation process, go to ‘Device Manager’, and click on the option ‘Scan for Hardware Changes.’Scan for Hardware Changes
  • Once everything is done, you should reboot your PC.

Alternate Method

If you can’t update the drivers manually, no worries, there’s another thing you can try.
You can use the device manager to update the drivers for you. Just follow the steps given below and you are good to go.

  • At first, you need to copy the location of the folder where the Intel(R) Management Engine Interface Driver is located.
  • Open Device Manager and right-click on the option “PCI Encryption/Decryption Controller.”
  • After that choose ‘Update Driver.’
  • Go to the option ‘Browse My Computer For Driver Software’ and click on it.Browse My Computer For Driver Software
  • Select the option ‘Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer.’
  • Select ‘Have Disk’ and paste the location of the folder, and then click ‘Next’.
  • Select the option “Intel(R) Management Engine Interface Driver.”
  • After that click ‘Next.’
  • The installation will take some time to complete. Once it is done, you can reboot your computer.

Method 2: Check for hardware failure

The problem may be originating from the motherboard itself.

If the problem is still there after updating the drivers, you should check the motherboard once. Make sure it is working properly.

Faulty I/O ports and random crashes indicate that the motherboard is at fault.

Method 3: Update Windows

Using an outdated Windows version can lead to this particular error. If you have disabled automatic Windows updates, it means your Windows is outdated.

To resolve this error you should get the latest Windows updates. Many users have claimed that installing the latest Windows version has fixed the error for them.

Method 4: Re-install Windows

If the error is still there even after updating Windows, you should consider re-installing your whole operating system.

However, this method should be treated as a last resort. If none of the methods works, you should try reinstalling Windows.

Re-installing the Windows will also reset the faulty configurations and the drivers that were causing the error.

Method 5: Scan your system for malware

Lastly, you should scan your system for malware. The presence of malware in your system may be preventing the PCI controller from working properly.

Before trying out other methods, you should simply scan your PC to detect malware or viruses.

Final Words

The PCI controller issue is a common one. If you are currently facing this error, you should troubleshoot it at once.

Ignoring this particular error can lead to several problems with your computer. But most importantly, it will make your PC vulnerable to cyber threats.


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