How to Fix SSL Connection Error on Android? [Working Method]

Are you facing SSL connection errors and want to know how to fix SSL connection errors on Android? Then this article will help you. Keep reading.

We all use our Android device to search multiple things, but suddenly, when you get this error on your screen: “Your connection is not private.” And boom!! You can’t access any website on your Android device.

I assume that if you are here, you are stuck in this problem. This error is known as SSL Connection Errors on Android. It is a common error for android users. And you can fix it quite quickly. And here this post, we have the same work for you. But before we jump to the troubleshooting steps for SSL Connection Errors, first, have a look at what it is

SSL Connection Error On Android

What is SSL Certificate?

SSL means Secure Socket Layer. It is a security protocol that makes your browsing safe, protected, and secure. In technical words, it encrypts the connection between the server and the browser.

Without SSL or TSL, anyone can access your details that you have provided on that specific website. It means when you get an SSL error on your android device, the internet is trying to protect your information.

But what to do if you face the same error on secure websites as well? You have to try to solve it by following some simple methods we have listed in this post.

Why SSL Connection Errors on Android Happen

Most of the time, when any website doesn’t have an SSL/TSL certificate, it shows the SSL connection error. It means first you have to find whether it is the website’s issue or your device’s.

You can diagnose it by accessing secure sites like Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, or other. Or you can copy the link or check for HTTPS instead of HTTP.

If you can access other sites or find https instead of Http, the problem is on your Android phone. So try to solve it. How? Please read the next part to know it.

How to Fixe for SSL Connection Errors on Android?

Method 1: Check date and time

Many times SSL Connection Errors are caused due to the mismatch between the time and date on your phone and web server. If dates are different, the server might find it suspicious and don’t let you access the website. But you can fix this error by enabling automatic time and date set up.

Step #1: First of all, open settings from your device.

Step #2: Now navigate to time & date >> automatic time & date and enable it.

automatic date and time setting on android

Method 2: Clear browsing data

The next way to solve SSL error is by clearing the browsing data and history. You might have a question about how browser history can cause an SSL connection. See, sometimes, it saves the cookies and cache that cause SSL error. And cleaning history can clear all these and solve the SSL errors. To do so, follow these simple steps in Chrome.

Step #1: Open Chrome, and you can see three vertical dots on the upper right corner.

chrome browser setting

Step #2: Click on it and navigate to settings >> privacy >> clear browsing data.

chrome clear browsing data

Step #3: Check all boxes as given in the below image and, at last, click on the clear data.

clear browsing data

Method 3: Disable Antivirus

Sometimes antivirus app can cause this error on your mobile. There are chances that it will interfere with your web browser. Sometime it may block the website, which is malicious or unsecured. So try to disable it, restart your device, and access the browser.

Method 4: Check Your Wi-Fi Connection

Insecure public Wi-Fi may be the reason behind the SSL Connection Errors on Android. When you are connected to public connection, it will show the same error. Try to disconnect and go for private Wi-Fi or use your phone’s internet connection.

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Method 5: Reset Your Android Phone

If any of the above solutions do not work for your device, the last way to fix SSL Connection Errors is to reset your android phone. Yes, it is safe, but the factory reset will delete everything present on your device.

That’s why make sure you take back up of your data before following this method. After reset, your phone will be like the new one!

Step #1: Open setting on your device.

Step #2: Next, follow this pat: system >> reset >> erase all data (Factory reset)

Step #3: Enter the pin or confirm the action, if asked.

android factory reset

Step #4: Now, wait until the process completes.


SSL Connection Errors on Android are common yet frustrating errors, especially when we have to search for something in no time. However, you can easily fix it. Hopefully, the above-mentioned SSL Connection Errors fixes help you. Which one works for you? Share in the comment section below. Thank you!

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