How To Make A Fillable PDF Form Without Acrobat?

Fillable PDF form creation without Acrobat is easy with our work guide.

Adobe Acrobat is the ultimate platform for every work related to pdf. What if you don’t have access to Adobe acrobat? You can’t rely on single software to do an important task. Then, how to make a fillable pdf form without Acrobat? How can I edit a pdf without Acrobat? The answers to these questions reside in this article. Continue to read this article to find out how to make a fillable pdf form without Acrobat.

Adobe Acrobat is a top-rated tool to edit, crop, or modify any pdf. It’s a godfather of the software which can edit pdfs. Many people may be unknown about other handy software that does the same work as Adobe acrobat. Even some of the software provides premium features the same as Acrobat at a lower cost. There are so many options available to create a fillable pdf without Acrobat. Before learning to create pdf forms online or offline, let’s know what Fillable pdf forms are.

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Fillable PDF Form Without Acrobat

What Is A Fillable PDF Form?

Fillable PDF Form
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Fillable pdf forms are a kind of pdf that allows readers to make changes in some sections. Fillable pdf includes some constant characters along with some boxes or places for users to write or select. The fillable pdf forms are extensively used for professional purposes. The most common use of pdf forms is to gather data from clients like in feedback and review. It is also used in administrative work. Now, learn how to create a pdf form.

How To Make A Fillable Pdf Form Without Acrobat:

If you are searching for how to create a fillable pdf form without using Acrobat, this section is important for you as we have listed 4 names using which you can perform this task. So please read it carefully.

#1. Microsoft Word:

There are so many advanced features that have been included in Microsoft word 2010. So, if you have the new version of Microsoft word, you don’t need any other tool to create a fillable pdf form. You can easily create fillable pdf forms without Acrobat by using Microsoft word. You may be interested in Microsoft Word keyboard shortcuts keys.

Microsoft word is the most trusted and popular software. It means users don’t have to worry about privacy and security. You need to follow the mentioned step to create fillable forms in pdf.

Step #1: Open a new word file from the file menu and write down the content remaining constant in the pdf.

Step #2: Now, follow this path. File menu >> Options >> Customise Ribbon. Now tick the Developer and press OK to save changes.

Step #3:

  • You will notice that there’s one option added in the bar name Developer. To add a context box for readers, click on the Developer, and select the Rich Text Content Control or Rich Plain Text Content Control.
  • You can also choose the drop-down content control to select the drop-down selection box. Select the different boxes as per requirement. Repeat this for every box and make relevant changes from the properties option.

Step #4: After editing, click on File >> Save as. Now change the type name of the File. Select the save as PDF option and select the saving path. Press OK option to save the fillable pdf. Now open this pdf, and you can check it.

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#2. ApowerPDF:


ApowerPDF is the easiest and least time-consuming software to create the fillable pdf form. This software is the best answer to the question of how do I create a fillable pdf. The user-friendly interface of ApowerPDF makes it more effective.

There are so many other vital features that are provided by this software. The features like reading and creating pdfs, editing and modifying pdfs, adding a watermark of company, and adding images or text in the pdfs by using this software. The simple working interface and compatibility on Windows and iOS platforms make this software the best to create Fillable pdf forms.

Step #1: For creating fillable pdf forms, first, you need to download the setup of ApowerPDF from the official site of ApowerPDF. Then, install the setup.

Step #2: Open ApowerPDF. Select on create option. There are various types of editing you can do in pdf by this software. After selecting Create option, click on Blank Document and choose the forms Tab option.

Step #3: Now, you can modify the content box by double-clicking on it. Write the relevant content in and out of the box.

Step #4: Lastly, save this pdf from the file menu. That’s it.

#3. PDF Element:

PDF Element

PDF Element is the most trusted tool to modify pdfs. There are many advance options provided by this software to make changes into pdf. This software is compatible with Windows, Android, and iOS platforms.

The user interface is similar to the adobe acrobat. The paid version of PDF Element is cheaper than Adobe acrobat and gives the same features and options as adobe acrobat. The steps to make a Fillable pdf form is the same as the adobe acrobat. It is the best replacement for Acrobat.

Step #1: First of all, open your pdf using PDFelement. Now, click on the Open File option to choose the form you want to fill.

Step #2: Note there are two ways to make your fie or form fillable. One is for such pdf that has boxes, lines, tables. Another one is for such pdf that has text only, no lines, no tables or boxes.

Step #3: If your form is former, it has different elements like lines, columns, tables, then go to the Form>> Form Recognition. And it will make your form fillable.

Step #4: If your pdf does not contain anything like above, you can create a fillable pdf by following this path. Go to Form >> Text Field/ Checkbox/ Radio button/ combo box buttons. It will add a respective field on your pdf page.

Step #5: Double-click on new fields. It will open properties. From here, adjust properties according to your requirements. And all done. All these steps are the answer to your question of how to make a fillable pdf form without acrobat.

#4. JotForm:


How to create a fillable form in pdf online? The answer is JotForm. You can easily convert pdf to fillable form online, or you can create pdf form online by using JotForm.

It is an online web-based tool that can perform all tasks of adobe acrobat majorly. And you don’t need to download any setup to use this tool. You have to open the official web site of JotForm and login to the website to use online tools provided by JotForm.

Step #1: Browse the official website of JotForm and do registration by providing an email address. Verify your account by the link sent to your email id.

Step #2: Now select the Create Form option. You don’t need to create forms from the foundation. There are different temples provided by the software. You can choose the most suitable one.

Step #3: Edit the temple and make relevance changes. Now select on the save option and click on download.

Users can share this form with anyone as this online tool is compatible with all platforms.


It is all about how do you create a fillable pdf. Fillable pdf forms are essential for businesses as pdf forms are the easiest way to collect feedback from clients. So, you shouldn’t be dependent on only one software to perform this crucial work. Microsoft word, ApowerPDF, JotForm, and PDF Element are the most suitable substitute for adobe acrobat. Hopefully, from this article, you know how to make a fillable pdf form without Acrobat. Comment below about the other online tools to edit pdfs.

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