How to Record PS4 Gameplay in HD, Upload to PC and Edit for Free?

PS4 is nothing less than love for the gamers. While gaming, many players want to record their gameplay and hence search for how to record ps4 gameplay, and here in this guide, we will share the same.

Yes, you are right; in this post, you will find step by step guide to recording high-quality PS4 gameplay. After recording it, you can upload it on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, or other social platforms. You can edit it for further advancement. Before we share, let’s look at the prerequisites to record the gameplay.

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How to Record PS4 Gameplay

Requirements To Record Gameplay On PS4

There is no such significant investment if you have a PS4 controller. The software we are using here is free.

  • PS4 and controller
  • Preferably high-end pc with video editing software
  • A USB stick
  • Hitfilm Express

Hitflim express can download for free. Go to the official website from here: and download the software by creating an account. The software is free; it will ask you for social media sharing before downloading, do it. It will not you’re your data.

Note that with your account, you have one license, but if you sign in to your Hitflim account from another pc, you can transfer it. In this way, there are no such limitations. Now let’s jump to the guide section.

How To Record Gameplay On Ps4?

Recording gameplay on PC is straightforward. The steps to doing it are as follows.

Step #1: Open the sharing menu by pressing the share button.

Step #2: Now go to Sharing and Broadcast Settings option and press X.

ps4 gameplay share button

Step #3: Now choose the video clip setting option and press X again. Go to the length of the video clip option and set it to 60 minutes and dimension to 1920×1080, if not.

video clip setting

Step #4: Go back and load the game that you would like to play and record.

Step #5: Start the game, and when you want to start recording, double-tap on the share button. To stop the recording, again double tap on the share button.

capture gallary ps4

Step #6: Next, plug the USB stick into one of the PS4’s front USB ports to move the recording.

Step #7: Go back to the home screen and choose the capture gallery option.

options menu

Step #8: The recording will store in different folders according to the game. Either choose a particular folder or select all as per your choice.

Step #9: Once you decide on the video for transfer and save, choose the options tab where you can see the highlighted recording.

Step #10: You can see it on the new window, scroll up, and choose the option of Copy to the USB storage device. Now you can see that the highlighted field is ticked.

Step #11: If you want other files to be moved, choose them. After that, go to the copy button, which is located at the bottom right side. And press X once the copy button is highlighted.

Step #12: At last, press on, and the selected files are stored on the USB stick. Once the copying completes, disconnect it and connect it to your laptop or pc and copy your recorded PS4 gameplay.

Steps To Edit PS4 Recordings On Your PC

In this section, you will find the steps to edit your recorded gameplay in Hitflim, including adding overlays, music, intros, and exporting. Once you are done with the moving of video from PS4 to a USB stick, follow the below steps to move it from the USB stick to pc and then for edit.

PS4 Recordings Software

Step #1 Open your pc and go to Windows Explorer.

Step #2: Now go to the USB storage device.

Step #3: Go to the PS4 folder and then go to the SHARE >> Video Clips >> The name of the game.

Step #4: Next, drag the video on your desktop with b simple click and drag option.

Step #5: Now, go the Hitflim and open it.

Step #6: Inside the Hitfilm, click on file >> New.

ps4 recording software

Step #7: You can see a pop-up window appears, click on Dropbox, and choose 1080p Full HD @ 60fps option.

Step #8: After loading into Hitfilm, minimize desktop and drag and drop the video in Hitflim software. You have to drag the video into the media box, which is located on the bottom left side.

drag and drop the video in Hitflim software


Step #9: You can see the timeline tab on the right of the media box. Drag the clip into the timeline tab.

Step #10: If you want to add music, right-click and choose Audio 1 >> Add a new track.


Add new track

Step #11: Next, drag the desired audio file into the media box and then into the timeline. It is similar to the PS4 video.

Note: Drag your audio file into the audio 2 track.

Step #12: For the overlays like text or watermark, you have to follow the above steps. Right-click video 1 and add a new track. After that, drag the text or watermark image in the new video 2 track.

Step #13: To cut some portion of the video, use the slice tool. Press the C button from your keyboard and select the desired portion to cut.

slice tool

Step #14: You can cut a specific portion from both sides. For that press V to get the tool and select the portion. After that, press the delete tab to delete the particular part.

Step #15: Now drag and drop any of the clips next to another one and bring them together.


  • You can click, drag, and drop any element to any position like music, footage, or overlays, and it will change when it plays.
  • To increase the time for play, drag the edge of the picture.

Step #16: Once you are done, click on the Export tab, followed by the contents tab. The export will start, and it takes some time.

export content

Step #17: Now click on go to the export tab and then start exporting tab from the bottom of the page. Once the exporting will finish, Hitflim will appear orang. Open up Hitfilm once more and click on the link to be taken to the exported file.

Start Exporting

Note: The file will be a project file if you just save it. You have to export it to convert it into MP4 files which can be uploaded or shared online


With this, we end up our article on how to record ps4 gameplay. Now you can record, move, and upload your gameplay after editing. In case you have any queries related to how to record gameplay on ps4, you can ask our experts. We are ready to help you. Happy recording!

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