How to Reset Steam Password? – Recover Your Forgotten Steam Password

Do you want to learn how to Reset Steam Password your forgotten password or want to change your steam password? This article will help you.

Steam is the online website for getting the best games for paid. If you are a true game lover then probably you have an active account on Steam.

Sometimes many people lost their passwords in PC clean-up or any other circumstances. At the time they have to reset the Password of their all account. Then if you facing issues with the password, you forced to Steam to reset the password to access the Steam account.

Here we will share the guide on how to recover your forgotten Steam Password successfully.

First of all, let me aware you about What is Steam and Why you should Need Steam Account?

reset steam password

Why you Should Need Steam Account?

Before jump into password recovery and Login details, let e clear about why you should need Steam Account? There are several benefits of this Steam Account from where you can easily download PC games as well as software.

Though it will be paid, you will get direct access to the PC games and Software. If you already have an existing Steam Account and if you are unable to access it due to a forgotten password, then here we will share the method to recover your lost password.

How to Reset Steam Password Which You Forgot?

Measurably 4 types of support will be given to the Steam User by their Support team. Mostly these 4 types of Problem are being faced by the user as listed below:

  • I forgot My Steam Password or Account Name
  • My Steam Account was Stolen and I need help to recover it
  • I am Not receiving the Steam Guard Code
  • I Deleted or Lost my Steam Guard Mobile Authenticator

Out of these major issues if you are facing a problem, then you should Kindly contact their Steam Support Page.

So, let me start with the Password recovery of your Steam Account.

Reset steam password

If you are facing trouble while logging in with your Steam password then you need to Reset Steam Password by the below steps.

Step #1: First, you need to visit The Steam Login Page

steam login page

Step #2: As soon as you land on the Login Page, you will see the Option “Forgot Your Password?” at the bottom left corner. Click on it.

Step #3: After clicking, you will see more than 4 Options As shown in the below image.

steam support page

Step #4: Click on the “I forgot my Steam Account name or password” button. In the next window, you will need to enter your Account name, email address, or phone number which was mention by you while registering at Steam.

i forget my steam account and password

Step #5: As soon as you enter asked details like Account Name, Email address, and phone number, you will need to verify it by entering the Steam guard code sent to your email address or phone number.

Step #6: After entering the Steam guard code, you will have access to enter a new password. Enter the new password and save it for your future use.

Step #7: That’s it. You have successfully recovered your Steam Password.

Still, it is not that easy sometimes. Like sometimes your Steam account has been hacked by a hacker and your Steam Account was stolen by someone. In that case, you need to follow the below steps to protect and steam password reset.

Step #1: To Recover the stolen Steam Account, you need to Open Steam Login Page as earlier.

Now Follow the Below 2 Steps first,

#1. Scan Your Computer: While you jump to Recover your Steam Account, first of all, you should check your computer with strong antivirus and scan your computer for Malware, Spyware, Keyloggers or any other script that should be stop or removed.

#2. Email ID’s Password Change: After cleaning the computer, you should change the Email ID’s password because Steam Password is managed by your Email Ids. Don’t miss checking the fake email generator.

Step #2: By following the above steps, you can Recover your Steam Password and protect it from the hacker. But If you want to stay safe in the future, you need to take some precautions as listed below:

  • Don’t Share your Steam Account Password: You should not share your password with anyone. It is for your security purpose to not share Steam Account passwords.
  • Always Use Official Website: Use the official website to sign in to your Steam account. Multiple fraud sites are there which are fake Sites to steal your account. Kindly Find Below Screenshot for the official Website.
  • Further Assistance: If you need to know more information to secure your Steam Account then you should reach to the Steam Support

How to Change Steam Password?

Sometimes many people got an error while getting the steam guard Code while Steam Password Change. To overcome this issue, you should follow the below steps:

Step #1: Firstly, visit the Steam Account Support Page, where you will see 4 options. You have to click on the 3rd option as shown in the below image.

steam guard code

Step #2: As soon as you click on this option, you need to verify your email address registered on Steam.

Step #3: If you still not getting the mail coming from [email protected] or [email protected], you should check the spam folder.

Step #4: Add these both email addresses in your Email contacts then it will come directly to your inbox.


However, in the whole article, most of the issues related to steam login will be resolved. If you still getting a problem reset the steam password, you should visit the Steam support page for more details. Most preferably, do not share your password with anyone, and do not log in to any other suspected sites similar to steam. Only do login in the Steam official website.

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