How To Screen Share On Discord? [Easy Way]

Do you know how to screen share on Discord? It is effortless to share screens via Discord. Still, many people who are using Discord, install other apps and software for screen sharing. You don’t need to install another app for screen sharing if you are both using Discord. We already shared a guide on how to send videos on Discord which also helps you.

Discord is an online video streaming app and is widely used by the gaming community. It is generally used to share gameplay and audio-video communication. If you are also using this fantastic app but don’t know how to screen share on the discord server, follow this entire article to discover how to screen share on Discord.

How To Screen Share On Discord

What Is Discord?

Discord is a viral live video and gameplay streaming application. Many gamers are using this app to connect with other games. It offers high-quality audio-video communication, and this app is free for any digital screen, including mobile and laptop. It supports Android, Windows, iOS, Mac, and Linux.

This online platform offers great functioning features that include;

  • A message board
  • A chat room
  • A VoIP chatting system

Only a few free live video stream platforms have such excellent features, and Discord is one. Discord has more than 250 million active users. You can take advantage of this great application, even if you are not games. This application offers remote access. So, you can access Discord from anywhere on the earth.

It is a reliable and robust platform for live video streaming. You can create a group with your category without any complexity. I’m sure if you start to use Discord, you can’t leave this app. If you want to know how to enable a screen share on the discord server, read further for more details.

What Is Screen Share In Discord?

After millions of requests from gaming enthusiastic, developers of Discord have now added the screen share feature. This feature is essential to enhance the gameplay sharing capacity. Now users can show their live gameplays to their friends by using the screen share feature.

Many users are still confused about how to screen share on Discord. It is a great feature, but it is not on the screen button. You need to know about Discord to use this feature. The besting thing about this feature is that it doesn’t have any time lags or delays in screen sharing because it offers real-time screen sharing.

Now, you don’t have to install or download any software or app to share screens; you can do all of these things with Discord. Now discord Users can share their live screen with their friends on this app.

The other user can see all screen activities and changes without any lags. This screen-sharing feature has many different functions, and it also offers a video chat option with your friends while you share the screen.

Requirements For Discord Screen Sharing

The screen sharing process is straightforward, but make sure you satisfy the basic requirements to use the screen sharing feature. Before going through the step by step guide of Screen share, you should look at these requirements for discord screen sharing features;

  • To use the Screen share, you must have a valid discord account that is active to make calls.
  • You must have a computer on which you can use this screen sharing feature. This feature is only supporting Computers or laptops. You can’t share the screen on the Mobile discord app.
  • The recipient user should be on your friend list to share your screen or make a call.
  • You must need a stable internet to connect to avoid any lag or issues during screen sharing.
  • You should use a microphone for a High-quality voice.

How To Screen Share On Discord?

Ensure you know that the Screen Sharing feature is now only available for desktop users, e.g., computers or laptops. You can’t share screen on the iOS or Android mobile app. You need to wait until discord developers add this feature also in the mobile app. Only the PC user can take advantage of this feature on Discord.

Video & Audio Settings:

If you want to use the screen sharing feature on Discord, you need to make sure you know the video & audio settings because they are essential to share screen.

  • You need to find the user Settings option from the bottom left of the screen. Click on the User Settings and go to the app settings. Now from the app settings, find Voice & Video tab. From this tab, you can control the video and audio quality and settings.
  • You need to select the appropriate input and output device in the voice settings. Typically, these settings are default, but you need to make sure they have chosen the proper tool. You can also do microphone testing before the final call. Click on the “Let’s Check” option to check your mic.
  • Now, in the Audio & video settings, you need to scroll down, and you will see the Video settings. In this, you can select the desired video device that includes your external webcam or internal video camera of a laptop.
  • Similar to Audio testing, Discord also provides an option to test video. For this, you need to click on the “Test Video” option and see if your video hardware is running perfectly fine or not.

If you know about these settings, now you can share your screen with your friends, roommates, cousins, or any discord user on your friend list.

How To Screen Share On Discord Server?

To share a screen on the Discord server, you have to start a video call. Before sharing the screen, you need to know the procedure to make a video call on Discord. You can only begin to video call discord servers who are on your friends’ list. Make sure you satisfy the requirements for screen screening before connect with the video call.

Follow these steps to screen share on the discord server;

Step 1: First, you need to launch the Discord app on your Windows Pc or Mac device because you can’t use this screen share feature on mobile devices.

Step 2: Now in the discord server, you have to click on the discord icon. You can find it on the top left panel. Click on this discord icon.

Step 3: It will open the Homepage and then click on the “Friends” icon to open your friends’ list on the Discord server.

discord friend

Step 4: Now, you can click on the friend with whom you want to share your screen. In the chat interface, you have to click on the video calling option.

discord video calling option

Step 5: Click on the Video Icon to start the Video conferencing with another discord user on your friend list.

start video call on discord

Step 6: During the video calling, you will see various icons on the bottom of the screen. You can find the Screen sharing icon at the bottom of the screen. This screen-sharing icon looks like a computer monitor with an arrow in the center.

Screen sharing icon discord

Step 7: After clicking on the Screen Sharing icon, you will have two choices for screen sharing. Either you can select “Your Enter Screen” or “Application Window” for screen sharing as per your requirement.

two screen sharing option on discord

Step 8: It is also possible to interchange the screen sharing on Discord during the video call. For this, you have to click on the same Screen Sharing icon.

interchange the video screen on discord

Step 9: When you want to stop screen share, click on the screen share icon, select the More screen share option, and then “Turn off Screen Sharing.” That’s it.

Turn off Screen Sharing on discord


I hope if you don’t know about how to screen share on Discord, after reading this article, you knew it. Now you can share your screen with your friends and enjoy real-time screen sharing without any lag or delay.

Discord is a robust platform for live video streaming and screen sharing. It is a reliable platform and offers an excellent user experience. Go ahead and use this free perfect app. Please share your experience with the discord app with us by writing in the comment box below.

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