How To Shoot Movies With iPhone In 2022

The phrase “I think I want to shoot your film on iPhone” can seem crazy for people who want to order a motion picture from a studio. And they are probably right if we talk about big-budget blockbusters.

However, in 2022, you can’t absolutely ignore this idea since iPhones have absolutely the best cameras of all existing smartphones. They have made 4K videos since iPhone 8, and current pro versions, like iPhone 12 pro max, have many features of a professional camera.

So, there’s absolutely no doubt that you can shoot a film on your iPhone, but the question here is how exactly can you do that? Let’s find out!

How To Shoot Movies With iPhone

What iPhone is the best for filmmaking?

Even though all Apple products have great cameras and even our iPhone 11 creates absolutely stunning 4K videos, we still think that it is not enough for movie-making purposes.

If you choose an iPhone for filmmaking in 2022, focus on the Pro and Pro Max versions of these smartphones. We also do not recommend you to go for the 11 series and only consider purchasing iPhone 12 Pro/Pro max or iPhone 13 Pro/Pro max.

These gadgets are much more advanced than previous versions. iPhone 13 has excellent stabilization properties, and in future updates of iOS, you can get even more cool features than now.

Create a fascinating script and plan the shooting process

Seriously, the first thing you need to do before taking any further steps is to write a movie script. It’s just a “101: How to become a filmmaker” course!

We also recommend you plan your shots to have a full picture in your mind before actually starting recording. This way, when you are editing the movie, you already know how everything should look, and in the end, you will get a cohesive record.

Purchase additional equipment

To shoot movies with an iPhone, you can’t have only the smartphone alone: you need a couple of other necessary items.

First of all, find the best iPhone microphone you can afford because you will need a nice clean sound even if you plan on adding a voiceover to your movie later.

The second thing you need to get is a tripod. Even though iPhones have an excellent in-built stabilizer, you can’t be 100% sure about it all the time, so it is better to be safe and get a tripod than do constant reshooting.

Also, we advise you to purchase a couple of professional lenses that will put your filming to the next level. We are sure that your record will look absolutely impeccable with them.

The last, but definitely not the least thing, is lighting. iPhones are not so great with catching light since they weren’t created for blockbuster shooting, but you can help them by adding as much light as you can to a shot. You can save some money on it and purchase used lights on Amazon or eBay. As for the rest of the stuff, here we recommend you to buy the best that you can afford.

Find a filming app

Find a filming app

Apple Store has a plethora of truly amazing video recording apps for iOS that will help you make a professional video in a matter of a couple of clicks.

These apps have thousands of features, settings, filters, and effects that will help you to create a proper mood in your movie and get the shot to look just like you want.

Also, these apps can help you to set focus, an extremely important thing that can ruin your record if you ignore it. As you may have noticed, we love using filming apps because they make this process go so much smoother and easier for everyone!

Be serious about post-production

Even though we are absolutely sure that you can make amazing videos and movies on your iPhone, editing on it can be not so pleasant. We don’t think that Apple’s iPhone video editing app is enough for professional editing, and since iMovie is crashing all the time, we offer you to look at other options on the market and do all editing on your computer.

You can opt for a free video editor if you don’t need advanced video editing options or you are only starting mastering the editing. If you have a little bit more experience, or you want to widen your perspective, choose professional editors (usually paid). Paid editors often have a seven or 30-day trial, so if you aren’t really sure whether you need such expensive software, you can try it first and buy it only when you are completely sure!

However, not only editing is important for your movie, but also other aspects like voiceover, after effects, and music. Be careful not to use anything copyrighted in your masterpiece. We even suggest you opt for composing music yourself. This way, you will be absolutely sure that all you add is yours, and your final product will be perfect.

Release the film!

Now it is your time to shine, and you are ready to upload to YouTube your masterpiece. You can also use YouTube alternatives for uploading, but let’s be real, YouTube is the biggest video platform in the world, and you can get much more exposure through it than through other websites.

Also, if you think that your movie is good and interesting enough, you can send it to various festivals and try to get recognition there. Why not? Independent arts festivals are always happy to find new talents, and it can be you this time!

Final words

Nowadays, iPhones have so many possibilities, especially in video shooting, that they can replace professional video equipment.

The iPhone has everything you need for movie shooting: Stabilization properties, high-quality records, and a very clear, close to reality image. This amazing gadget can give you even more than you think, so if you want to shoot movies with your favorite smartphone, we can’t tell you anything but go ahead! Good luck!

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