How To Take A Screenshot On HP Laptop? [5 Methods]

Have you ever searched for how to take a screenshot on HP Laptop? You might know or don’t know that it is possible to take SS on the laptop screen. Of course, we all know what a screenshot is because we all take it on our mobile devices, but do you know we can do the same on our hp laptops? Yes, we can take an image of the laptop screen with the screenshot feature.

It is a cool and useful feature. Whether you want to take a screenshot of the chat from a desktop or any other social media platform, it will help you. However, the primary question is how to screenshot on HP laptop. Once we knew it, we can take as many screenshots as we want. And here we are with the same.

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How To Take A Screenshot On HP Laptop

How To Take A Screenshot On HP Laptop?

Many times we stuck on our laptops due to some technical issues. And when we reach the technical guy for help, he asks you for the screenshot of the screen to find out what’s wrong with your HP laptop. So for such time, check these 5 methods to take a screenshot of the HP laptop.

Note that all the methods are different, and you can use it any of these according to your application. So without wasting time, let’s jump to it.

Method 1: Screenshot of One Window

Step #1: To take a screenshot on HP laptop, press PrtSc, and Alt button together, and it will copy your current screen and save it to the clipboard.

take a screenshot on HP laptop with print screen and alt button

Step #2: To paste it, you have to press Ctrl+V or paste in your document, and it is saved on your file. Now you can share it with anyone. You can paste it is to the editing app as well.

Step #3: Note that if Alt + PrtSc does not work, you can try Alt + Fn + PrtScn as some laptops work on this function.

take a screenshot on HP laptop with alt fn and printscreen button

Method 2: Screenshot of a specific area

The best part about windows is it has all the features the user wants. It’s a kind of complete system most of the time. Sometimes it happens that we need only a specific part of the screen instead of a full screen. To do so, you have to press a few combinations of keys.

Step #1: Press Windows key+ shift+ S together from the keyboard.

Step #2: As soon as you press it, you can see your screen gets blur. And you can see a few options at the top of your screen. Click on the + icon.

screen shot on HP laptop with shortcut key

Step #3: Now scroll the mouse and cover the area you want to capture. You can see a clear window instead of a blur in that specific area.

Step #4: Once it is done, remove the mouse, and it will save the screenshot on the clipboard.

Step #5: Now, paste it in the document, file, or app and do whatever you want with it.

Method 3: MS Snipping Tool

This method is another answer to your question on how to screenshot on HP laptop. HP laptops have multiple inbuilt apps and tools to take the screenshots. One of them is MS snipping tool.

A significant part of this tool is it allows you to take the screenshot of the screen in any shape you want, including the usual rectangle. Even you can erase or highlight a specific area of the screen. And how to do it? Check out these steps:

Step #1: Click on the search bar and type snipping tool in it.

Step #2: Choose the application shows on the list.

take screenshot on hp laptop with snipping tool

Note: when you open it, the rectangular shape is selected as default. You can choose a free snip or one window option as well.

screenshot with snipping tool

Step #3: Next, click on the mode of snip and start capturing your screen.

Easy, isn’t it?

Method 4: SnagIt application

Snagit is a third party application available for the windows and mac. It’s easy to use interface, and outstanding features make it best from the rest of the names. Use this app to take a screenshot on HP laptop.

Not only capture but it can edit, resize, and save it. It also offers a video recording feature to record your HP laptop screen. You have to follow some simple steps to use it. Have a look.

Step #1: Download SnagIt from this link and install it:

Step #2: Now press the red button on the start to screenshot the camera function.

take screenshot with Snagit application

Step #3: Click on the camera icon, and it will take the screenshot of your laptop screen. To record the screen, press the record icon.

Step #4: Next, hover over the mouse and choose the screen you want to capture. And you can see it in the application.

Step #5: Now, do whatever you want, like resize, rotate, copy, or save.

Step #6: After all the editing, paste the image into the document and done.

Note that this SnagIt is a paid application. However, it offers 15 days of a free trial. After the 15 days of the trial period, you can decide whether you want to invest in it not.

Method 5: LightShot

Lightshot is an ideal and highly used app to capture the screen. It is simple, easy, and free to use. It is a third-party tool that required installation, but it won’t take too much of your time. So don’t worry about it.

Step #1: Download and install Lightshot on your HP laptop from this link:

Step #2: You can see it’s an icon at the toolbar, click on it.

Step #3: Now, press the PrtSc button from your screen, and it will blur your whole screen.

take screenshot on laptop with light shot tool

Step #4: Now select the area by dragging the mouse and choose the action you want to do.

You can see editing tools like highlight, draw line, rectangle box, arrow option, and pen on the right side of the tool. And at the bottom right side, it has saving options.

drag mouse to take screenshot with light shot

Step #5: At last, copy, print, save it on your pc or its cloud.


It is all about how to screenshot on the HP laptop. All these five methods work perfectly for the HP laptop. If you don’t want to use any third-party application or need only basic functions, built-in apps work perfectly.

However, if you want to take multiple screenshots with the highlight options or share through the cloud, you can think about LightShot and Sangit. The selection of tools depends on the use. What do you say? Please share with us using the comment section below. Thank you!!

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