How To Wipe Your PC?

Do you have an old personal computer that you want to sell or donate? Some might think that destroying a PC is the best way to eliminate their personal information in an old computer. However, this is not a good thing to do since someone else might still find it helpful. Additionally, throwing it away will only increase the garbage in landfills and cause more pollution worldwide.

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How To Wipe Your PC

Why Is It Important To Wipe Your PC?

You need to remember when giving out your computer that even if you delete and empty the recycle bin, it still contains many valuable documents. These include sensitive information like work folders, family photos, and band statements. A malicious data recovery expert may quickly recover sensitive information from your computer if you don’t erase it properly. The best option you have is to wipe the PC.

Wiping will overwrite and erase all the information in the computer. Moreover, the best thing to do before wiping your PC is to back up the vital information in your device. You may back it up using a hard drive and store it in the cloud for good measure.

After backing up the data, you can start wiping it. This process ends after a few hours, so you must ensure the gadget has power during the whole process and, if possible, connect it to its charger until the process ends. Erasing a computer differs according to your device’s operating system. So, erasing information for Windows 11 differs from the steps you follow if you have Windows 7, 8, and 10 or MacOS.

Here is how to wipe your PC for different OS

Steps For Cleaning Up Windows 11

If your PC has a Windows 11 OS, follow this procedure to wipe it out;

Step #1: Click on Start, then Settings, system, and finally, Recovery

Step #2: Double-click on the Recovery option

Step #3: Choose Reset this PC and hit the dropdown arrow

Step #4: Choose the Remove Everything option

Step #5: Data erasure will be automatically activated. Let it stay at that setting till the whole system wiping has been done.

Steps For Cleaning Up 8.1 And 10

These are the steps to follow when you have one of these two operating systems on your PC:

Step #1: Go to settings

Step #2: Choose Update & Security, and next select Recovery

Step #3: Select the Remove Everything option, afterward Remove files, followed by Clean the Drive

Step #4: Lastly, hit the Next, Reset, then Continue buttons.

You may get a prompt asking whether you want to delete the files ‘Thoroughly’ or ‘Quickly.’ Choose ‘Thoroughly’ to prevent the data from being recovered.

Steps For Cleaning Up Macos

When it comes to cleaning out Mac Computers, there are certain things you need to know. Your device’s processor and updates determine the steps you need to follow when wiping it. Mac operating systems can be the Intel Processors, the older version, Silicon chips, the newest version, or the newest update, Monterey, released in 2021.

The latest MacOS is compatible with Monterey, but the older one isn’t. To know which processor your Mac has, find its specs by going to the Apple menu in the screen’s corner on the upper left side. Select “About This Mac.” You can find the steps on Apple’s support webpage.

Wrapping Up

Cyber security has become rampant nowadays and can adversely affect a victim. If you want to dispose of your PC by selling or giving it away, don’t overlook the need to wipe it. Fortunately, you don’t need to pay someone to do it for you. You need to follow a few steps, and you will be able to prevent malicious people from accessing your personal information and doing with it as they wish.

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