iMovie for Windows – Download iMovie for Windows 10? [Working Method]

If you are looking for iMovie for Windows to edit video on Microsoft Windows, then you are at the right place. Yes, it is possible to get iMovie for PC, and after doing lots of research, we have found a way to download and install the iMovie on Windows 10. Not only this but we also show you how to use it with its notable features.

The Apple user already knows how useful iMovie is for them when it comes to creating a video. This is the best video maker for Mac users. You can download iMovie for Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, or Windows Vista. Still, people are searching to download iMovie for PC and they are not able to find the way and that’s the reason we are here to help you. We have created a tutorial to download iMovie for Windows.

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iMovie for Windows
iMovie for Windows

About iMovie for Windows

iMovie is Apple’s video editing software which is available for free. Apple itself develops this software and provide it to their users without charging any cost.

As per the users and some trusted reports, iMovie is the most accessible video editing software with an outstanding set of functionalities.

Apple iMovie has excellent effects and features that help us to achieve the outcome we want. Editing a video in Apple iMovie software is easy, and due to its user experience, it is an interesting app.

How to Download iMovie for Windows 10?

Download iMovie for Windows
Download iMovie for Windows

If you are looking for iMovie download for Windows, then this question first comes in your mind. And it obvious question because Apple never develops the Windows version of iMovie.

But to do so, you have to follow some steps that we have given here. Even you can download all types of Apple software on your Windows OS.

How to download iMovie for Windows 10?

Technical Specification required to get iMovie for Windows:

  • Minimum 8 GB of RAM
  • 1 TB Hard Disk Drive
  • 500 GB Free Space
  • i5 6th Gen or above Processor
  • 2GB or more Graphics Card

All the requirement given here is the minimum one, so if your system fulfills it then only try to install the software otherwise do not try it as it can affect your system or damage the system.

  • To get it, you have first to download the iMovie Software Collection for Windows.
  • Once you get the zip file, go to the installation step. Keep in mind that for proper installation, you have to download the file properly.
  • Why am I saying this because the file is large and if there is an interruption during a download, then it can damage your file.
  • Next, unzip the Source Code file. You can see three files in which the setup.exe file is the main file. Readme.txt is a file that has all the information for the installation process. And the last file is a restart.bat file.
  • Once you complete the installation process, click on the restart.bat file. It will restart your system and clear all installation process files.

Download iMovie for Windows PC

  • First of download the iMovie Software for Windows Installation Files on your windows pc.
  • Next, unzip the zip file that you have download on your pc. Check your system requirements and match it with our system requirements
  • Open the readme.txt file.
  • Now open the readme.txt file on your pc and read all the instruction to install the software.
  • Step by step follow the instruction carefully and complete the installation process.
  • Once the installation process completes, double click on the restart.bat file. It will restart your system and complete temp data to save the storage and keep the system fast.
  • Now the software is installed so go to the start menu and search for iMovie for windows free and enjoy the one that you want to watch.

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Note: You can also follow the same way for Windows 7, 8 and 8.1.

An alternative way to Install Apple iMovie for windows?

iMovie for PC
iMovie for PC

Looking for alternative ways is a good option as it gives you a good result. With this method, you can not only install the iMovie for Windows 10 but with it, you can install the whole Mac OS on windows pc. So let’s start with the first one.

Virtual Box

Step #1: First of all, download the Virtual Box and then install it.

Step #2: To install the file, go to the download folder and double click on the setup file and follow the on-screen instructions.

Step #3: The installation process takes maximum 5 minutes. Now you can enjoy the Apple iMovie on windows.

Features of iMovie for Windows:

iMovie provides great features, and it is highly optimized. The tool is completely free. Even People Detection Effective Speed Manipulation is also there in iMovie. It provides a delightful User Experience and Elegant User-Interface.

#1. Fast And Slow Motion:

  • Spend the time on the iMovie tutorial for Windows 10. You can find that it allows you to increase or decrease the speed of the video as you prefer. In case if you don’t have time, then you can improve speed and express more in less time.
  • Even you can use the Slow-motion Effect using the iMovie templates. Through the inbuilt speed editor, you can adjust and manipulate the speed of your video clips.

#2. Day To Night:

One can make a covert the day clip into the night so that it can look like a shot in the dark. It is useful for movie shooting.

#3. Title Duplication:

One can duplicate the title from one clip to another instead of creating, and editing the title every time.

#4. Movie Trailer Creation:

Movie Trailer Creation shows all the effective and interesting scenes from the movie and gives a professional look with customized sound for the particular portions of those clips or at proper intervals of the clips.

#5. The Dobly Zoom:

The Dolby zoom option provides the backward movement with a synchronized speed between the subject and zoom.

#6. Steadycam Effect:

When you don’t have the professional shooting equipment, but need steady shots then this effect is best.

#7. Lens Flare:

This iMovie effect recreates the sunlight and looks like the light captured directly from the sun.

#8. Split Screen For Videos:

Split-screen allows you to use two screens at the same time. The edit looks professional useful to Directors.

#9. External Microphones:

Poor sound quality can ruin the movie. It can edit the movie very well with effects and animation. If the sound quality is poor, then external microphones come in the roll. It can enhance the video and improves sound, audio, and video.

#10. Blue Or Green Screens:

With this effect, the user can cut any single color from the background. It can make the background transparent and change it with any other color or scene. The effect is known as Chroma Effect, and it is useful when you have to capture multiple locations and scenes.

#11. Flipped Video:

With this effect, one can flip the video from different sides.

FAQ of iMovie for Windows

#1. How to Export iMovie?

Choose a movie and click the share button. Next, click on the file and from the dialogue box, choose the appropriate option and click on next. Now, in the new dialog box, or leave the default name in the Save As field. Navigate to the location and click on save. On the right side of the toolbar, you can see a progress indicator. It disappeared when the sharing process complete and the movie open in QuickTime Player. You can see a notification of “Share Successful” on screen.

#2. How to Save iMovie?

  • Open iMovie >> your project (create new) >> share >> Export movie.
  • You can see a menu at the top of the screen. Here type the name of the project and choose to save the option and select the destination.
  • Choose the size of the movie, aspect ratio, and hold the pointer on ‘’I’’ icon. So in 2-3 seconds, you can see a video compression, the data rate, the frame rate, and the size of the movie.
  • Click on export and done.

#3. How to Add Music to iMovie?

  • Select Audio above the browser.
  • Choose audio from the browser, and choose iTunes, Sound Effects or GarageBand. All the selected items appear as a list in the browser.
  • Filter it from the pop-up menu in the upper-left corner of the browser and pick a category.
  • Choose the audio clip and add to your movie.

#4. What is iMovie Green Screen?

It can remove the background and make it transparent so you can add any other color or background.

#5. How to Upload iMovie to YouTube?

First, find the video that you want to share and click on the share button and select YouTube. Choose a YouTube account and confirm sign in. Select the category, description, name, and tags. Next, choose the publish size and click Next and then publish button. Within 2-120 minutes you can see the video on YouTube. Don’t miss to read Free YouTube Intro Makers Online.

#6. How to Cut the Video in iMovie?

Choose a video clip that you want to cut. Now set a play head to the desired place to cut the movie part and generate a video file to save the video. Click on the share icon from the upper right corner. You can rename the video and store it to the desired location by clicking on the save tab.

Conclusion of iMovie for Windows

It is all about how to use iMovie on Windows. We hope you like the information we have shared here. In case of any doubt, you can take the help of our experts using the comment section below. Thank you!

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