4 Best iOS Emulator for Android in 2023 (Run iOS Apps on Android)

You can find a lot of iOS emulator for Android in the market today. In many cases, disappointment is a common factor here because the majority of the iPhone emulator for Android doesn’t work. Apple created strong rules for masses and third-party developers to avoid replicating their work. if you want to use iOS apps on PC then you can check our list of iOS emulator for PC.

Penetrating iPhone apps emulator for Android requires high-level hacking tools, which third-party developers do not have it. Apple incorporated exists in several parts of the continents. The company created strong policies to ensure that no one can re-invent their products. Several companies & individuals have suffered copyright infringement and were sued by the Apple incorporated.

Instead of listing “not working” iOS emulator for Android, we are going to show the readers or visitors a way to run iOS apps on an Android phone.

iOS Emulator for Android

What is an iOS Emulator for Android?

A newbie might have a hard time understanding the technology and we are going to bust a few myths as well. An emulator is also known as a simulator, which existed to play 1980’s console games such as Mario, Contra, and others. A few years later, Android emerged as a phones operating system and it is a power portable device OS and no one can deny it.

Apple products are getting expensive each year as the cost of research increased. I have met hundreds of people, who don’t want to buy an iPhone or iPad. There are specific apps designed to work on Innovative Operating System only.

iOS simulators were developed by third-party companies or developers around the world. The official and third-party tools enable non-Apple customers to install & use iOS apps. Today, we are going to look at a few iOS emulators for Android.

Benefits of Using iOS Emulator for Android

iOS emulator for Android is for those who are fan of iOS apps and games but can’t afford iOS device. iOS emulator give access to Android user that they can play iOS games and also can iOS app like iBooks.

We have shared list of best iPhone emulator for Android which you can download directly from the link but condition is that your device must be support this iOS emulator.

Best iOS Emulator for Android


CIDER is a student-driven project and it inspired the students of the camera science department at Columbia University to develop it. Originally, it is a science project, so it isn’t a regular commercial product at all.

CIDER iOS Emulator for Android

The young minds were able to create a unique path of iOS emulator for Android phones. CIDER is a straightforward application, which offers decent user-interface and excellent support for older applications.

As I have mentioned that it is project driven by students, which comes with a few problems. The team worked behind the scenes to make it functional, so it isn’t tested for different types of environment. In short, the application suffers from compatibility and stability.

The learning developers designed it for modern devices of their period, so it might function smoothly on newer devices. New generation devices might not run it because there is no patch available for it.

Do not blame the developers for compatibility and stability because it isn’t their job in the first place. The idea of CIDER scrapped by official developers and no support is available right now. CIDER supports Android 5.0 or above and it does not function smoothly on emulators as well.

Download CIDER

2. iEmu iOS Emulator APK

iEmu is a testing project developed by third-party creators from around the world. iOS emulators are rare in web market nowadays because nobody wants to go one-on-one with Apple on copyright infringement. iEmu is available for Android OS and specifically for Lollipop 5.0 or above operating systems. The emulator does not offer unique features, but it can run Apple portable device applications smoothly.

iEmu iOS Emulator for Android

Of course, the manufacturers bundle the devices powerful, so new users cannot utilize low-end smartphone in this case. The developers could not optimize iEmu for some reason, so a powerful machine must involve in this case.

Apple packs unique drivers for iOS environment applications, so a fewer apps that depends upon drivers might struggle a lot. We have not tested it ourselves, so no one can guarantee safety of the devices and the user’s experience.

The developers of iEmu iOS emulator for Android created patches over the period, so the modern devices do not struggle running them. iEmu emulator known for stability and performance on modern devices.

Download iEmu iOS Emulator

3. Appetize IO

I inform the readers/visitors that Appetize is not an application of sort. The entire Appetize project is a web-application based on Javascript, PHP and HTML5. The official website designed to upload apps, and start testing them for glitches, crashes, bugs and loopholes.

Appetize IO iOS Emulator for Android

Originally, the concept developed for the third-party application developers & programmers. Apple policies do not accept unstable apps in the store, so creators have to test them, which are called BETA testing. Appetize is a BETA testing tool that based on HTML5 and Javascript. Of course, there is a premium plan for the new customers, so they can start testing it online. Fortunately, online iOS simulator does the job for a price, and it isn’t a free service.

You can install an app & test them right away, but the project disappears after closing the window. The customer has to re-upload the application to start working on the modified version. Overall, it is a commercial product than an end-user product.

The mobile web browser supported by Appetize.

Checkout Appetize IO

iOSEmus – iOS emulator for Android

iOSEmus - iOS emulator for Android

iOSEmus is another excellent iOS emulator for Android device. This emulator is compatible with all the Android device. You can download any game and app of iOS on your smartphone by downloading this iOS emulator from the download link below.

iOSEmus emulator is a straightforward app with the benefits of customizing themes. It has an excellent user interface that make it easy to use. The emulator is free to download, and because of its features, user loved its high star rating.

Download iOSEmus

Bottom Line

Do not spend money on unknown & malicious services claiming to provide iOS emulator for Android solutions. I want to remind the readers that none of apps were tested by our team. Do not blame us for non-working apps and services and move on to buy an iPhone or iPad. Remember, these apps might not function properly, so make sure to use them in secure (devices free from personal information) devices only.

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