5 Best JW Player Alternative – HTML5 Video Players [2021]

Best JW Player Alternative – We are already discussed the JW player downloader in our previous article and today we are going to share the best JW player alternative to download videos.

When you enter some songs lyrics on the search bar of a search engine, you will get some other video links like JW Player. Each it is not necessary that it will show a YouTube video link.

Today numerous video players are hosting videos for the customer’s service. Bust JW Player awesome than others. It is one of the best HTML5 video players that provide the best service and solutions for many people.

The JW player has vast experience in the music industry. According to a recent report they are catering to about 500 companies.

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Best JW Player Alternative
Best JW Player Alternative

Know More About JW Player:

Like a coin has two sides, a JW player also has. With a good service, they have less compatible solutions for each business model. If you are here, then you know that JWPlayer is not right for you. On the other hand, you know designing the same HTML5 video player from scratch needs lots of effort, time, and money.

If you do not want to invest in any of the above three, we have some JW Player Alternative for you in this article. Look at it and make the right decision.

Best JW Player Alternative

1. Vplayed – HTML5 Online Video Player

Website: https://www.vplayed.com/hls-html-player.php

Vplayed is the first name on the list. It is an enterprise-grade video player that not only supports HTML5 but with it HLS and Flash also.

Vplayed HTML5 Online Video Player - JW Player Alternative
Vplayed HTML5 Online Video Player – JW Player Alternative

Set of the feature includes Adaptive Bitrate Streaming, Audio-on-demand, Video-on-demand, Live Streaming, multiple monetization options, and a few more amazing characteristics. All these together make this software one of the best HTML5 video players.

Vplayed is scalable and 100% customizable. It can handle millions of viewers simultaneously. Its UI/UX is perfectly balanced, and the design is intuitive and responsive. Vplayed is fully integrated and compatible with AppleTV and Chromecast. This video player is the future of online broadcasting.

2. Cloudinary Video Player

Website: https://cloudinary.com/documentation/cloudinary_video_player

I know Cloudinary has listed many services and products on its website. One such notable service is its HTML5 video player. The reason behind covering this name in the list is its monetization and analytics-ready compatibility across different screen sizes and multiple devices.

Cloudinary HTML5 Video Player - JW Player Alternative
Cloudinary HTML5 Video Player – JW Player Alternative

This tool utilizes Cloudinary’s video delivery and manipulation solution that provides a bunch of features. It includes Adaptive Bitrate Streaming, customization potential, and AVOD monetization choice. These are a few names to features. It has many other generals as well as advanced features to improve user experience and support for multiple videos.

3. THEOplayer

Website: https://www.theoplayer.com/solutions/html5-video-player

As a universal video player, this tool is compatible with all devices, including iOS, Android, and web devices. It makes this tool one of the best players in the market.

THEOplayer HTML5 Video Player - JW Player Alternative
THEOplayer HTML5 Video Player – JW Player Alternative

This tool does not include security features, an advertising medium, or CMS. It provides similar functionality by integrating solutions like MOAT, Outbrain, DRM, Chartbeat, etc.

The customizability makes it ideal for the enterprises of small to large scale who want to design their HTML5 video player.

4. Flowplayer

Website: https://flowplayer.com/features/player

Flowplayer is a lightweight player that is more like a video-on-demand platform. It can stream live videos as well. The Monetizing strategy includes ad media. The stunning features include real-time analytics, a live stream schedule, and intuitive UI/UX.

Flowplayer Online Video Player - JW Player Alternative
Flowplayer Online Video Player – JW Player Alternative

How can I miss its fill rates and speed play? It has set Flowplayer apart which compensates for its less customizability and monetization options.

5. Kaltura Player

Website: http://player.kaltura.com/docs/

Kaltura is the firstly introduced open-source HTML5 video player of the world. It is compatible with iOS, Android, and websites.

Kaltura Player - JW Player Alternative
Kaltura Player – JW Player Alternative

The good thing about this player is it can fall back on to flash if your device does not support HTML5. This tool is packed with features like in-system analytics, Adaptive Bitrate Video Delivery, and many more.

Apart from the last number, this tool sits on top of the list in the market. Its content Management System Kaltura Management Console (KMC) provides security features like DRM, SSL, and SSO.


All these are the top 5 HTML5 video player alternatives for JW Player. Before choosing any software, you have to keep in mind that each tool has its cons, pros, and limitations. You need to choose considering your needs and avoid a few faults. What’s your opinion?

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