JW Player Downloader – How To Download JW Player Videos? [5 Method]

Many people are looking for JW player downloader to download videos from JW player as the solutions they find are irrelevant. To solve both of your problems, we are here with some simple methods and steps to download JW player videos. All the methods we have to include are using the open-source media player. But before we go to the methods, get an idea about JW player.

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JW Player Downloader
JW Player Downloader

Introduction of JW Player

JW player is a video player software developed in the year 2005. The name of the player is based on the founder and first developer of the app; Jeroen Wijering. The app is coded with JavaScript in such a way that it reduced the size of video and load time.

Due to this reason, JWplayer streams YouTube videos. Now it is acquired by Google. It support of HTML5 and flash videos, and the best thing is the videos hosted by JW player can watch on all major platforms, smartphones, tablets, laptop, and pc. However, the bad news is you can’t find straightforward download the video if it hosted by JW player.

Hey, do not close the page, we have found out some quick methods to download jwplayer video. Let’s start.

JW Player Downloader: How To Download JW Player Videos

TO grab the JW player videos and save in the local storage, variety of solution can be applicable, but we have provided the easiest way to sort out the problem.

Method 1: Chrome Browser for JWPlayer download

Step #1: Enter the desired Video URL in the chrome browser.

desired Video URL to download jwplayer video
desired Video URL to download jwplayer video

Step #2: From your keyboard press F12 to launch developer tool in the side pane.

press F12 to launch developer tool

Step #3: Right-click and select inspect option to start the developer tools tab.

inspect option to start the developer tools

Step #4: Go to the Network tab and find the Media module option. Click on it.

Step #5: Here you have to click under the module, on the video file. Copy “Requested URL.”

Copy Video URL

Step #6: Open a new chrome browser tab and paste the copied URL in it and hit enter.

Step #7: You can see a download window, choose the location to save the video and done!

download video file

Note: Do not close the video tab until it fully downloaded.

Method 2: Get an IDM tool for JWplayer download

IDM means Internet Download Manager. It helps you to download online video and save them to your local storage.

You need IDM on your system in case if you do not have it. You can get it from this link:


After the setup, you have to follow the steps given below.

Step #1: Open the browser and the video you wish to download.

Step #2: Play it for one or two minutes.

Step #3: Now, you can see a tab on the top right corner of the video titled as download this video.

Internet Download Manager Download Button

Step #4: Click on it and choose the disk to store it.

Save Video Internet Download Manger

Step #5: After that, it will download without any hassle. It does not include any coding, and hence, according to me, it is the simplest method to get JW video.


If you can’t see the download video option even after installing IDM, then open the IDM app and do manual set up. Close the browser and open it. It will surely solve the problem.

Method 3: Use of GetFLV player

Using GetFLV player is another simple method for JW player download. It works similar to the IDM but more intuitive and comprehensive. It supports downloading media from other hosting sites as well.

  • To get this app, you have to download it on your pc from the following link and install it in the usual manner. http://www.getflv.net/download.html
  • The downloaded file is as a zip file, so you have to extract it and launch the executable file (.exe).GetFLV setup
  • After the app is on your pc, follow the next steps given here.

Step #1: Copy the website URL in which the video is embedded. Paste the website link in the address bar in the GetFLV.

embedded video link

Step #2: If you can’t see the video on the webpage, copy the link and paste it in the address bar of GetFLV.

Paste video url on GetFLV

Step #3: Hit enter tab from your keyboard or click on the arrow tab on the screen beside the address bar.

Step #4: Wait till the app load the page and detect all the videos hosted on the page.

Step #5: From the right side of the page, you have to click on the download option and location to save the videos.

click on the download option

Note: This app works the same for other sites like Hulu, YouTube, Vimeo, and others. You can also find some additional features on the left side pane.

Method 4: Use Firefox Browser

The last and another easiest method is using the firebox browser. It is limited for only those users who have the Mozilla Firefox browser installed on their system. In case if you do not have then either you can get it or look for the other methods given above.

Step #1: Download Mozilla FireFox setup on PC and install it.

Mozilla FireFox setup

Step #2: Launch it and go to the Add-ons tab.

Mozilla Firefox Add ons page

Step #3: Here search for Flash Video Downloader and download it.

Flash Video Downloader to download JW Player Videos
Flash Video Downloader to download JW Player Videos

You might find this method old, but it is one of the reliable ways to get online videos.

Step #4: Next, launch the FireFox browser and install Flash Video Downloader from the add-ons. If you want to navigate the menu quickly, press Ctrl + Shift + A together.

Step #5: Enter the video URL that you want to download in the address bar of Firefox.

Step #6: Play video for some time and click on the download icon from the top of the bar.

Step #7: Once you get the download option, choose the path, and store it in your local storage.

Method 5: Using Real Player

Another method to download JWplayer video is using the real player. The steps to get the video is given here.

Step #1: First of all, install RealPlayer on your PC.

RealPlayer for pc

Step #2: Once it completes, click on the app icon and from the drop-down menu, choose to Download a Video option.

choose to Download a Video option

Step #3: Now go to the dialogue box and choose Preferences.

choose Preferences

Step #4: Choose browser and destination to download the video. Click on Ok.

destination to download the video

Step #5: Copy the video link, paste it, and click on the download icon.

click on the download icon

Once the process starts, it shows a pop up for your confirmation. Accept it and enjoy


All these are the most straightforward way and answer of your question How To Download JW Player Videos. If you are trying any of these methods and face any issues, leave your words in the comment section below. We want to help you.

Disclaimer: JW Player allows publishers to show the download button, but in most of the cases, publisher hide it. If you are downloading the video with copyright content, the responsibility is all yours. We have published this article for knowledge sharing purpose only.

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