11 Best Free Live TV Streaming Sites in 2024

Free Live TV Streaming Sites – Do you want to watch TV shows online free or you are a big fan of some of the shows that are not downloaded? If the answer is yes, then free live TV streaming sites to watch live TV channels online. Today we are here with free TV streaming sites so it might help you as using these sites you can enjoy the live streaming of your favorite shows for free.

There are watch live cable TV online free available which allow a user to watch their favorite TV shows. Let’s check out all the working free Live streaming sites.

Free Live TV Streaming Sites
Free Live TV Streaming Sites

Best Free Live TV Streaming Sites to Watch Live TV Channels Online

So go to the details with free live TV streaming sites and find out which is best TV streaming sites to watch your best shows TV shows.

1. Freee TV

Website: http://www.freeeTV.com/

Free TV is one of the free TV streaming sites, and it does not require any sign-up. It offered more than 1800 TV channels which means it streams almost all live streaming sites of the internet.

Free TV - Free Live Streaming Site
Free TV – Free Live Streaming Site

The user interface of the website is easy and straightforward. It is extremely attractive, and it shows all premium streaming TV sites.

Even for the novices, the website will not take more than a minute to understand and get started. In the search bar, type the name and find the show. The search option also has a category. You can check the shows via as per sorted list.

Based on category or as per country, you can search for the desired TV channel. You can watch free web TV, movies, news, sports, music, specialized, series and almost all type of TV channels On Free TV, you can watch online hassle-free.

2. Stream2Watch


Stream2Watch features the best streaming service with seamless Interface, possession of massive database, and high-quality content. And all of these things are provided free.

Stream2Watch - Best Free Live Streaming Site
Stream2Watch – Best Free Live Streaming Site

So it is one of the reliable media which has everything on it. This best TV streaming sites provide rich content and the perfect destination for the TV series lovers. Even Stream2Watch has one of the largest Index for streaming TV channels on the sites.

It has more than 1000 TV channels across the world and from many countries. Hardly there are only a few channels that they are not streaming on the site. With all the channels, intuitive interface of the website is work as an add-on.

Go to the television section, and pick the one from the desired category which is arranged alphabetically. On this site, you do not have to create an account or sign up to access any of the channels.

3. Crackle


Sony picture provides the service of this digital media streaming sites. Crackle is one of the popular and best free TV streaming sites among users. The features that are provided by the users makes it one of the best sites available on the net.

Crackle - Best Free Live Streaming Sites
Crackle – Best Free Live Streaming Sites

It supports most of all devices. Huge content and smooth user experience is the key feature of Crackle. This platform mostly depends on your need for streaming.

The original TV series makes it two steps ahead from other sites. One can access it for free, but you have to go through the sign in process to access contents of Crackle media.

4. TV Catch Up


TV Catch Up is the next name on our list. If you live in the UK, then this site is best for you. You will love it and not feel regret to pick this channel as it is known TV streaming sites on the net.

TV Catch Up - Free Live Streaming Website
TV Catch Up – Free Live Streaming Website

One can watch UK live streaming site for free on TV Catch Up. If you are looking for the site that has a simple interface and which is not clumsy, then this site is for you. One can access it from the iPhone, Android, iPad, Tablets, and Amazon Kindle.

They try to cater you best so that you do not regret to choose it and most importantly do not miss any of your favorite TV series. You can watch your the one show at any time and anywhere.

5. Hulu Live TV

Website: https://www.hulu.com/live-TV

Hulu is another known name for best free live TV streaming sites. I think most of the people who surf the shows on the website must know this name. With the high quality and large list of content, it is the one that you are looking for.

Hulu Live TV - Live Streaming Sites Free
Hulu Live TV – Live Streaming Sites Free

With more than 50 best channels, Hulu gives you the list of the shows you want. You can record the live TV shows up to fifty hours. And this is not the only one feature as it has many more features to provide.

Hulu is not completely free, but the charges are affordable. They provide a free trial pack of one month.

6. Tubi TV

Website: http://tubiTV.com/

Tubi TV is another known live TV streaming sites on the internet and one of the favorite mine channels due to its service. Once you get used to it, you will love the site so much that you will not look for any other.

Tubi TV - live TV streaming sites
Tubi TV – live TV streaming sites

You have to pay to use this premium service, but you will get all the series in full HD mode. The straightforward and easy to navigate interface makes this website more user-friendly.

You will surely find your shows from the large library. Yes, it shows the ads between two videos but all of them are bearable. And the best thing is you can watch all of them on any device.

7. BBC iPlayer

Website: https://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer

BBC iPlayer is another top-notch site for the TV show lovers. The full form of BBC was a British broadcasting channel before, but with the time they add more features, and with the new digital services it becomes renamed as BBC iPlayer.

BBC iPlayer - Best Live Streaming Sites Free
BBC iPlayer – Best Live Streaming Sites Free

This popular service caters to great digital contents, not only TV shows but it also provides music, sports, news, and what not. It streams all live BBC TV channels in a modern manner.

So if you have missed any show on the TV, then you can watch it on BBC iPlayer and some premium content that you will not find anywhere else.

8. Hotstar


Hotstar is a popular site, especially in India. If you have Hotstar, then you do not need any television channels as it shows almost all shows starting from serials to news to sports to movies. It was launched in 2015, but in no time, it gets popular.

Hotstar - Best TV Streaming Website
Hotstar – Best TV Streaming Website

Star India operates Hotstar, and hence you will get all the channels of start group. It provides live streaming of TV shows, and one can find old episodes as well. You can see all known sports live on the app or site.

At present, it covers over 50,000 hours of contents in 8 different languages. Yes, the live streaming is not free, you have to pay to get premium access, but the charges are too low.

9. USTV Now


Hotstar is famous in India; similarly, USTV is famous in The United States for the US-based channels. It is the go-to place for US citizens and US military residing all over the world.

USTV Now - Free Live TV Streaming Sites
USTV Now – Free Live TV Streaming Sites

This dedicated website offers a wide range of live US channels for the American expats and military. Yes, it supports multiple device live pc, laptop, mobile or TV.

The interface is neat, clean and rich. In the free plan, it offers limited channels. You can pick a maximum of six channels in the free plan. To access all channels, you have to switch to the premium option.

10. FreeTVHub.com

Website: http://www.freeTVhub.com/

FreeTVHub - Free Live TV Streaming Website
FreeTVHub – Free Live TV Streaming Website

FreeTVHub.com is the last one in our list but keep in mind that it does not fall under the category of least one. This free live streaming site is a recent platform to enjoy live streaming pretty well. Yes, I admit that it does not provide the advance source, but it features about 430 TV channels. And from the search option, you can find out the one without hard efforts.

11. Cloud TV

Cloud TV is another good free live TV streaming sites and app available online to watch your favorite TV shows.

Cloud TV - Free TV Streaming Sites
Cloud TV – Free TV Streaming Sites

It has great features inbuild which requires better entertainment. You can watch not only TV shows but also can enjoy movies on this website. You can enjoy more than 800 TV channels from all over the world.

This is available on Android which you download from our guide about Cloud TV APK.


So it is all about Free live TV streaming sites. Watch live TV online free streaming as per your time and place is always fun, and with all these sites it becomes an even more fun activity. You do not need to stick on TV on a fixed time, and you can watch some other shows that are not available on television. Another advantage is you can enjoy the shows on any device.

With these keynotes and site, we end up our article here. Hope you like it, and the list is useful to you. Now do not wait for anyone, pick the one and enjoy your company with the best shows!

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