9 Best Notepad++ Alternative for Mac Users [2022]

Notepad++ Alternative for Mac – Notepad++ is a text editor and open-source software. You do not need to save Text like Notepad. It shows an error when copying the codes. Once you enter the Text, no worries of erasing even if you do not have saved it. But unfortunately, notepad++ mac is not available as it is limited for the window users only.

The good news is there are many alternative of notepad++ for Mac. And today, I am here with the best Notepad++ alternative for Mac users. All the names we have listed here are tried by our team members and have similar features like Notepad++.

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Notepad++ Alternative for Mac

Best Notepad++ Alternative for Mac

Notepad for mac is the ultimate option, but when it comes to notepad++, you have to look for another option. You need to search other names, and to make your work easy, we are here with the best text editors for Mac.

The good news is some of the names that we have included are free. If you are worried about budget issues, then now feel free. Whether you are a business entrepreneur or individual, you will find what you want.

Let me tell you that common features in all alternative notepad++ mac are customization of interface, syntax highlighting, macro recording, etc. Now let’s move to the names.

#1. Atom

Website: https://atom.io/

The first name in the list is Atom that is provided by GitHub. According to my knowledge, it is best for the text editor. People used is mainly for online work and creation. As it is an open-source tool, the developers can modify it and make it a better platform for the users.

You can also do it, but what you need is knowledge of HTML and JavaScript. The built-in package manager allows you to install and create the packages. One window search lets your work easy; whether you want to open a single file, multiple files/project opening, you can do it with ease.

Another feature includes cross-platform editing, smart auto-completion, file system browser, and multiple panes to compare and edit the codes.

The code editor is pack with features that include project management, modal control, GitHub conflict management, customization, and color display. For some language, it supports a highlighter feature.

Choose the package from the community in case if you want to make any changes. From the package, you can change linter, history management, cursor position, file icons, themes, and others.

#2. Brackets

Website: http://brackets.io/

Brackets are from Adobe. As it is from the known name, we can’t say anything about it. The app is free. Besides, it’s free; the developers are regularly adding new features and extensions.

In the tool, you can enjoy some handy features like CSS hints, instant search, JS Hint support, and collection of themes. The programmers use the tool frequently in GitHub. Even the tool can easily integrate with the Git with a built-in support feature.

Adobe text editor also features some unique functions such as Extract. This function allows you to get the gradient, color, font, measurement information from a Photoshop Document. This information converts into CSS automatically. So, it saves your lots of time whenever you convert your PSD into a website.

3. Komodo Edit

Website: https://www.activestate.com/products/komodo-ide/downloads/edit/

Komodo Edit one of the leading multi-language code editors for web development and programming. It includes profession features like unit testing, debugging, and version control.

Komodo edit is a lighter version of the Komodo IDE (Integrated Development Environment). The great thing is with all the professional features; this tool is available for free.

For the advance feature, the app lacks behind the other notepad++ alternative for mac. But it has all the essential features like auto-complete, multi-language support, markdown viewing, and change tracking.

From the GitHub repositories, you will get several themes and extensions. Keep in mind that it is hard to identify it is for Komodo Edit or Komodo IDE.

4. jEdit

Website: http://www.jedit.org/

jEdit is another name as an alternative of notepad++ for mac. Pro editors highly use it, and hence it is known as a mature programmer’s text editor. This one is also free.

The tool has built-in shortcuts for macOS users, and it is helpful while coding. The marker feature quickly returned to the marked position.

With an unlimited clipboard, you can copy as many lines of codes as you want. The tool is maintained by the community of developers and programmers around the globe. It also offers all the extensions for an application.

Rich set of keyboard commands are there to manipulating entire paragraphs, lines, and words. Besides the feature, you will also get support from the community, and you can learn a lot from jEdit.

5. Visual Studio Code

Website: https://code.visualstudio.com/

Microsoft owned Visual Code Studio. From the owner’s name, you get that you do not have to worry about the platform. Yes, it supports cross-platform and can use in Mac and Windows both.

Even though you are a Mac user, you do not have to pay anything to use it. The tool supports 30 major languages and other modern languages. Whether you are a developer or doing a job, you can give a try to this tool.

If you want an automatic API description and all the real-time updates, the tool offers you this, too. What about linting, support for regex, and Git control debugging? It has all of the features.

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6. Vim

Website: https://www.vim.org/download.php

If you are looking for a free text editor that is free and meet the class of IDE, then Vim is for you. It does not cover advanced features, but yes, it has all the necessary functions. The editor is identical to the Unix Vi editor with all classic elements of it.

It needs your time to learn it first, but it is good for the developers who are familiar with it. This highly configurable text editor is created and changes all kinds of Text. The tool is continuously developing yet stable.

Some of its functions include extensive plugin system, hundreds of programming language and file format support, integration with many tools, and powerful search and replace.

Other features include customization, error detection, and syntax highlighting. If mobile coding is your thing, then you have a mobile version app, as well!

7. TextMate

Website: https://macromates.com/

The first paid name in our list of Notepad for mac alternative is TextMate. It has a combination of the features of Emacs and MacOS. It is compatible with macOS 10.12 or later versions. It cost around $58. It can replace the IDE if you want to get it at this price.

TextMate includes features like clipboard history, live HTML/markdown preview, custom themes, foldable code blocks, soft indented wrap, multiple carets, file search, version control, scoped settings, commands, snippets, bundles, macros.

Whether you want to fold syntax or highlight syntax, the tool covers it. The bookmarking feature allows you to jump from one marked place to another in the document. It supported Gerp and regex. This tool is compatible with running the Shell command. What other programmer wants a multi-file project with multiple language support? It supports the same, too.

8. Sublime Text

Website: https://www.sublimetext.com/

Sublime Text is the next paid name in the list of notepad++ alternative for mac. It cost you $70. It is simple but not like normal Notepad for mac. This text editor is powerful and fast, even though it has a simple interface and programming.

The smart auto-correction, plenty of plugins, and many more features are waiting for you in the sublime Text. This keyboard-centric editor allows you to change any line with minimum possible keystrokes or with a shortcut.

This editor is cross-platform compatible and looks the same on all the platforms. It is because of the UI framework developed by the team. Using the column section feature, you can add Text in multiple lines. It also provides a mini-map of your code, which is a bird’s eye view to the coding and seen from the right side of the pane from the editing window.

9. BBEdit

Website: https://www.barebones.com/products/bbedit/

BBEdit is the last name on the list. This tool is also a paid one, and you have to pay about $ 50 to use it. This tool is similar to TextWrangler. Even all of the features are the same in BBEdit and TextWrangler.

Different from the BBEdit, TextWrangler was a free version of BBEdit, but Bare Bones has decided to combine both and what we get it this. Whether it is multiple language support or creation of the custom module, this allows you to do everything you want.

Find difference feature allow the users to see what changes are made to a file. One of the main reasons to include this tool in this list is its support for FTP and SFTP (File Transfer Protocol and Secure File Transfer Protocol).

There are a total of three panes; one is for the previous file, one is for the current file, and one is to preview the changes. The first two panes are entirely editable.


It is all about Best Notepad++ Alternative for Mac Users. Many developers are using the Mac platform for the development, and hence, they need some editing tool for their codes. Now you have some best names as a notepad++ mac.

Some of the names we have suggested are a replica of Notepad++, including its features. Whether you want a paid tool or free tool, we have included both on the list.

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