QuickTime for Windows 10 – How to Install QuickTime on Windows 10

QuickTime for Windows 10: Have you ever wonder that having an Apple QuickTime Player on Windows 10? If you want to download and install the Apple QuickTime player on Windows 10, here in this article, we will share the step-by-step guide and facts.

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QuickTime for Windows 10

QuickTime for Windows 10

QuickTime for Windows 10 is not officially supported by Apple now onward. But still, if you want to download QuickTime 7.7.9 for Windows, then you need to follow some guidelines. Keep in mind one thing that you can download QuickTime for Windows 10, but you will not get any assistant from Apple support for any issue or updating the QuickTime Player for Windows.

The requirement to install QuickTime on Windows 10

If you want to download Apple QuickTime Player on your Windows system, you need to fulfill the minimum requirement as mentioned below.

  • Windows Vista or Windows 7
  • Processor required minimum 1GHz Intel or AMD processor
  • Minimum 512MB Ram

Supported languages of QuickTime for Windows 10

  • 日本語
  • Français
  • Deutsch
  • English
  • Nederlands
  • Italiano
  • Español
  • Português
  • Polski, Suomi
  • Dansk0
  • 한국어
  • Norsk Bokmål
  • Pусский
  • 繁體中文
  • Português (Brasil)
  • 简体中文
  • Svensk

How to Install QuickTime on Windows 10?

If you have fulfilled the minimum requirement to install QuickTime on Windows 10, you need to proceed with the following steps:

Step #1: First of All, type the search query in the google search “QuickTime Download for Windows 10” or Download it from here: https://quicktime.en.softonic.com/download.

Step #2: You will land on the QuickTime downloading page for the Windows system.

Step #3: Click on the Download button.

Step #4: As soon as the Software downloading completed, click on the file QuickTimeTimeInstaller.exe

Step #5: It will popup Windows warning to Run the Installer or cancel the process. You will need to click on the Run option.

quicktime installer exe

Step #6: IN the next step, you need to click on the Next button as always we do while installing any software.

quicktime for windows installation

Step #7: Then it will be asked to accept the license agreements. Click on the Yes button. And proceed to further.

quicktime for windows license agreement

Step #8: After that, you will be asked to install with the recommended setting, or you want to install with customization. We suggest you install with recommended setting. IN this case, select the Typical option and click on the Next button.

quicktime 7 setup

Step #9: The Next Step will take the Default path to save the installation data to C drive itself. If you want to change it, then you can change it as per your choice. If you don’t want to change the default path, click on the Install button to proceed further.

quicktime for windows installation process

Step #10: It will take several minutes to complete the installation. Before completing the installation, it will ask you to accept the possible changes to make in hard drive. IN this case, you need to click on the Yes button.

Step #11: After successfully installation completed, you need to click on the Finish button to complete the installation process.

quicktime for windows installation completed

Step #12: That’s It. QuickTime Player for Windows is now successfully installed on your Windows system.

How to Register QuickTime 7 Pro for Windows 10?

If you are using an older version of QuickTime 7 and want to unlock the features of QuickTime 7 Pro, then you need to register it Through QuickTime Registration Keys. For Windows system, you need to follow below steps:

Step #1: First of all, Type QuickTime Player in the search menu at the bottom left corner in your Windows 10 OS.

quicktime player

Step #2: Click on the QuickTime Player Icon. It will open the QuickTime Player on your Windows 10.

Step #3: If you are opening the first time after installation, you will see one popup Instruction. Checkbox for do not ask again, then click on Yes Button.

quicktime player permission

Step #3: In the next step, go to the Edit option, you will see another Sub-Options. You will have to move your cursor to the Preferences.

apple quicktime preferences

Step #4: It will open another Sub-options, Click on Register Option in that window.

apple quicktime preferences register

Step #5: Now you will see another window, where you will be asked to enter the details like your name and Organization name. Then enter the registration Key to activate QuickTime 7 Pro for Windows.

registration Key to activate quicktime 7 pro for windows

Step #6: After successfully Enter details, Click on the Ok button. That’s it. Your QuickTime 7 Player will be upgraded to the QuickTime 7 Pro to unlock the features.

QuickTime 7 Pro Features for Windows 10

  • Able to Edit clips through Cuts.
  • Copy Paste function included
  • Merging of different audios and videos tracks with each other
  • You can place the video tacks on virtual Canvas with Cropping and Rotation functions.
  • The file can be saved in any codecs, and exporting features are also enabled.
  • Encoding and transcoding of Video and Audio format from one format to another is enabled.
  • H.264 and AAC formats enabled

QuickTime File Format

File Extension Internet Media Type Type Code Uniform Type Identifier Developed By Type of Format
.mov, .qt Video, QuickTime Moov com.apple.quicktime-movie Apple INC Media Container

QuickTime Alternatives

QuickTime is the perfect Media Player, but as always, it also has few alternatives available in the market. So, if you are searching for alternatives to QuickTime Player, then we recommend checking out the below media player once in a while.

  • VLC Media Player
  • Adobe Flash Player
  • KM Player
  • Pot Player
  • MiniTool maker


We hope that now you have clear in mind how to install QuickTime Player for Windows 10. As we mentioned, QuickTime player is not official for Windows 10, but you can use QuickTime player on your Windows 10 OS. But you will not get any assistance from Apple INC for any updating of the player or resolving any issues regarding the Media Player. Also, you can try out QuickTime Alternatives to get the maximum user experience.

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