How to Recover an Unsaved Word Document in Seconds?

Do you want to know how to recover an unsaved Word document that you closed without saving it?

Sometimes we accidentally close the MS word without saving the document even it prompted us to save the report. In a hurry, we miss the save tab and close the tab. Sometimes our pc got to hang, and we restart it, and magic happens. The whole word document vanishes. The only thing left is a blank whit document and screen.

Being a writer, no one can understand this thing better than me. I have lost many words due to my silly mistakes and some problematic situations. See, no one wants his or her hard work to disappear at the end of the day. To correct the error, one will try all possible things. And I want to help you with this. For the noble cause, I am here with the topic of how to recover unsaved Microsoft word documents. Here in this guide, I will show you different ways to recover your unsaved word document. So shall we start?

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How to Recover an Unsaved Microsoft Word Document

How To Recover A Word Document That Was Not Saved?

When something unexpected happens, note that you have ways to get it back in 99%of cases. Whether you are using Microsoft Office 2019/2016 or an older standalone option or Ms office 365, you can get your lost word file back by following few steps. Let’s have a look at all the methods and steps one by one.

Method #1 to Recover an Unsaved Word Document with Manage Document

Step #1: Open the MS word, and you can see the file tab on the top of the screen with other options like insert, design, and so on.

Step #2: Click on it and go to the Manage Document section.

manage document in ms word

Step #3: A two option drop-down menu will appear on your screen. Here choose Recover Unsaved Documents option.

Step #4: A missing file dialogue box will prompt on your screen. Look for the recent version of the file.

Step #5: Choose the most recent file, go through it, and then click on the save as option.

It may not recover the whole file, but most of the part is now your screen.

For safety reasons, change the autosave file frequency to the least time. Update it first. For that, go to the file>> options>> save. Here change the minutes to make sure you have all versions on your pc after autosave function.

Method #2 to Recover an Unsaved Word Document from Recycle Bin

Many people do not know how to recover unsaved word documents or deleted word documents. Getting back the deleted files is too easy. If you have accidentally deleted the files or malware remove it, you always have a chance to get it back on your screen.

Step #1: Look at your desktop and click on the Recycle Bin icon.

recycle bin

Step #2: Either find the accidentally deleted file manually or search it by name, deleted date, or file type.

Step #3: Now mark the original location and restore the deleted file.

Step #4: Once you restore it, you will find the file on the original location. You can also find the file from the Quick Access >> Recent Files list.

Note that when you delete the file, you are removing the file from one location to another location until you permanently delete it, or the new information overwrites the space. If any of it not happen, you can recover the deleted files.

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Method #3 to Recover an Unsaved Word Document

If you are always wondering how to recover a word document that was not saved or how to recover a word after a crash, then my friends here are the steps. You can retrieve the file back after a quick search, and before another file take the place of the previous file.

Step #1: Once your system restart, reopen Microsoft Word.

Step #2: In most of the cases, the program is capable of bringing back the unsaved files automatically.

Step #3: if it does not appear in the auto-recovery list, then go to the file >> option >> save.

Step #4: Copy the file path of the auto recover file and paste in to file explorer.

Step #5: Now, open the folder which shows your document name and then copy the .asd file. Here, select the most recent file.

Step #6: Head back to the MS Word. Now click on file >> open >> recover unsaved document. You have to scroll down to the end of the page to find out this option.

Step #7: Now paste the copied files that pop up on the screen on the folder, and your file is recovered.

The add on a template or corrupt template may be the reason for the Microsoft Word crashing. If you are facing the same problem frequently, try to run Word without loaded features. It will surely help.

Method #4 to Recover an Unsaved Word Document with Data Recovery Software

If any of the above methods won’t help you, then the last option to receive an unsaved word document is to use data recovery software or backup software.

It is a reliable and secure way to retrieve the data, including the images. No matter whether you are using windows pc, tablet or laptop, it will surely help you to get your file back to the original place. No matter how hard it is, you will get what you are looking for.

If you are not using the activated version of the MS Word, you can’t back up or restore the files. In this case, some data recovery software comes to the rescue. It can locate, assess, and recover Word documents with few clicks. If nothing works and your text is so relevant, then try data recovery software as the last option.

Bonus Tricks As A Precaution:

Trick #1:

Sometimes you unknowingly moved the Word files to other locations on your pc. If you have not deleted the file, then you can search for it and get it back to the original place. You can find the file easily.

  • Open file explorer or this pc, and in the search bar, type the name of the file.
  • Wait until it shows the result. If you have not deleted it, then in this way you can easily find it.

Trick #2:

When we write in the Word file, we all do some copy-paste things. Sometimes we copy the whole document from somewhere and forget to paste it. Before pasting it, we copied other words and lost the file.

If you want that all your copied words saved in your pc, you can enable the clipboard history option. In this way, all the copied things will save on your system until you clear it.

To save the clipboard history, follow the steps given here:

Step #1: In the search bar, type clipboard and from the result, open clipboard settings.

Step #2: Now, you can see your screen is divided into two sections. In the left pan, there are different options like display, sound, and so on. And in the right pane, you can see the clipboard option.

Step #3: Below it, you can see clipboard history. Enable the option and save it.

After this, your pc saves all the copied items on the clipboard until you clear it or shut down the pc.

Trick #3:

Along with the Word file, if you are dealing with any software or tool online, you can use chrome extension like copied history pro to save all the copied words. Believe me; it helps a lot.


It is all about the topic of how to recover unsaved word document. See, most of the time, we can retrieve the file, but as someone said, precaution is better than cure. The cure for MS word document is saving whenever you left your pc screen or closed the document. It will keep the file, and in case of any crash or close down of the system; you will get your report back. What do you say?

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