10 Best Rick and Morty Episodes to Watch [2022]

Want to watch funniest and iconic Rick and Morty episodes? We have shared list animated TV series of Rick and Morty.

With three seasons on the air and possibly more three-seasons are waiting, we all want to see what it looks like a list of Rick and Morty episodes, which are best in all. Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland, the originator of Rick and Morty, created a pop culture phenomenon and ruling single handly. With 31 episodes, only it becomes a perfect show to spend the time. In case you do not have sufficient time to watch all 31 episodes, I have created a list of 10 best Rick and Morty episodes. Please go through it and give yourself and your weekend a treat with all ten episodes of Rick and Morty.

Best Rick and Morty Episodes

Best Rick and Morty Episodes

#1. The Ricks Must Be Crazy

The Ricks Must Be Crazy

The first season of Rick and Morty have not convinced you that Rick is god, then this episode will surely do it. In The Ricks Must Be Crazy, Rick produced a plethora of micro-verses and also create a free and unlimited source of fuel.

Somehow, without the power provided by the mini versus, Rick’s ship heads to traumatize Summer and everyone that it comes in contact with. Meanwhile, Rick struggles to reestablish the status quo in the teeny-verse, er-micro-verse with micro and teeny versions of himself. At this point, we wonder what Rick thinks in his multiverse when he gets it back!!!

#2. The Rickshank Redemption

The Rickshank Redemption

The Rickshank Redemption is the first episode of the third season of Rick and Morty episodes online, which established Rick and Morty as a pop culture phenomenon. You have genuinely reached the upper echelons of pop culture when you have the pull to McDonald’s hand into bringing back that zesty, delicious, Mulan-inspired, Szechuan sauce.

So many things are going in a single episode such as possible hints at Rick’s history to killer ideas like “Seal Team Ricks.” the best April fool prank is also in this episode. The neat little bow that can collapse of an intergalactic government and a return to the Rick and the Smith family in proper condition is also a good part.

#3. Meseeks And Destroy

Meseeks and Destroy

Meseeks and Destroy from the Rick and Morty full episodes is the best example of how a single little spark can convert into a fire of hostage situations. Mini putt-putt, a deadly game, and fantasy worlds that are filled with giants, knights, and corrupt jellybeans throbbing for the touch of a young and sensitive boy like Morty.

It is the best episode that shows Rick and Morty to their funny misfortunes. It perfectly explained the essence of the series, Rick maneuvering to distract the Smith family and go with Morty for an adventure. Can you imagine a better situation when a man adventuring through the parallel universe with his grandson?

#4. Rick Potion #9

Rick Potion #9

Rick Potion #9 is not only one of the best episodes but one of the most significant episodes of the whole season and all episodes. I know it is the darkest one and that’s why it is excellent for me. It is for the first time when Morty sees Rick fail, which is getting more and more interesting the series proceeds.

From this episode, we can get an idea that Rick And Morty are not going to be just another hilarious cartoon, but you can enjoy all the time. In this episode, Morty reaches a significant turning point and the bigger picture of the storyline that says the type of story creators are telling.

#5. Mortynight Run

Mortynight Run

when you look for the Rick and Morty episodes, you can’t miss Mortynight Run. Too many things to say, and I am quite confused about where to start. For me, it is the most excellent guest star appearance by the acoustically audacious Jermaine Clement from comedy duo Flight Of The Conchords.

The game and daycare center in the episode brings us joy. It is multiverse for all of Jerrys. When Morty spends his time-saving fart, charismatic, the gaseous, singing telepath bent on the destruction of all carbon-based lifeforms; Jerry enjoys the fun time at Jerryboree. I must say, when boys are playing Roy, it is best to stay at Blips and Chitz.

#6. Rixty Minutes

Rixty Minutes

We all look back to this episode more than once, remember and laugh immensely. We ee on interventional cable and involving Summer and her parents are one of my favorite things about Rick and Morty season 1 episode.

You will surely not find a more adorable detective anywhere else. Antsinmyeyes Johnson, Real Fake Doors, and Baby Legs are just a few examples of some of the crazy offerings the multiversal cable box has for Rick and Morty.

Meanwhile, Jerry and Beth find love for each other after falling apart. But the problematic part comes when Morty describes to Summer the aftermath of “Rick Potion #9”. Everyone goes, nobody is here with a purpose. Come on, don’t only read it, on TV and watch it, its love!

#7. Auto Erotic Assimilation

Auto Erotic Assimilation

These new episodes of Rick and Morty answer your question related to the woman who can handle Rick. If you’ve ever thought about the lady who can handle Rick, then I know any answer can’t make sense, but, yes, it will surely be surprising.

In this episode, Morty and Summer get a chance to meet Unity, Rick’s ex-girlfriend. A hive mind entity who has her hands where Rick’s heart belongs that it around the dank empty pit! You can see the marital problem between Beth and Jerry before falling onto a captive alien clasped below Rick’s garage.

This episode also narrated the effect that Rick has on the people around him, including Morty and all others. Even his suicide attempt is the beginning of the healing process for what she’s broken and lost for the loved ones. It shows how he loved them. A mortifying blow by a man who often seems like the multiverse has robbed him of sensations.

#8. The Ricklantis Mixup

The Ricklantis Mixup

as one of the Rick and Morty season 3 episodes: The Ricklantis Mixup, I have too many words to share. In this episode, we get to peek in the evil Morty’s mind and his plans for the Citadel and Rick. You will get so many references for this episode. We all wait long to hear from Evil Morty, but we will wait for the same too. But at this time, we are too busy making different theories for season 4!!!

#9. Total Rickall

Total Rickall

Total Rickall is one of Rick and Morty season 2 episodes. It is not easily forgettable. In a single episode, they have introduced so many characters to the fan. The list includes host in a Jar, Pensylvester! Oh, Pensylvester and Cousin Nicky. So many characters to adore. For me, the Pensylvester was the best of all.

This episode gets great fan love and also brings new fans to the show. It’s crazy, chaotic, weird, and, most importantly, hilarious. How can one encapsulate all these things in a single episode? In the end, the fan looks for some wacky misadventure like a bit of a downer for Mr. Poopybutthole but no comments!

#10. Pickle Rick

Pickle Rick

There are many reasons why Pickle Rick stands in the first position as one of the best Rick and Morty episodes. And my list is here. The episode is complicated, but at the same time, it is so much entertaining. The idea came up organically as per the words of Dan Harmon, and they had run for it once it clicks into mind.

Why would Rick do all the things to himself? The idea itself takes the character to ripe off everything and find out what makes him like this. Similar to the Walter White and the broken down RV in the desert in Breaking Bad drama series. However, the outcome is sad and unpleasant to watch, as they are bloody and intense. Can you imagine to damage this much to someone as a pickle?


It is all about best Rick and Morty episodes to watch. In case if you are looking for Rick and Morty full episodes free, go through the various sites that offer cartoons for free, and you will surely find it. By the way, do not miss to share your list of best episodes of Rick and Morty with all other readers and cartoon lovers. Don’t wait, start now in the comment section below.

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