How to Download Safari for Windows 10?

Like me, if you want to use Safari for Windows, then you can do it quickly. Safari is a browser designed for the Apple users only, but due to its security, features, and end-user experience, many windows users want to get it on their pc. That’s why we are here today with the topic safari for Windows download.

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Safari for Windows
Safari for Windows

Safari for Windows: Download Safari for Windows 10

To all those who have a question that is Safari available for windows, then there is good as well as bad news for you. As a Windows user, you can run Safari on your windows laptop or pc. But the bad news is you will get the older version of it.

Since last few years, Apple discontinues the support for the windows, and hence you will get 5.1.7 version of the app. Due to its older version, it lacks many advanced features and has an issue with security as well.

According to many experts, it is not suitable for Windows users to download and install, but if you need it due to any reason, then you will surely get it.

As I already told you, you will get the older version and can run on Windows 10. It is also compatible with Windows 7 & Windows 8 without any issue. Even though Safari runs on Mac, yet it can run fine on windows. Due to its older version, you will not get some fancy features, but it’s okay if you want to use it for some particular purpose.

If you are a developer, designer, or advanced user, then you have to worry about its security breaches and features. Whatever it is, I am here to share the way to download Safari for Windows 10.

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About Safari For Windows:

Browser NameSafari
File size38.49 MB
Compatible withWindows 2003/ Vista/ XP/ 7/ 8/ 10 (32-BIT/ 64 BIT)
Available languagesEnglish, German, Japanese, Italian, Polish, French, Spanish, Chinese
Introduced onThursday, May 10th, 2012
AuthorApple Inc
Official siteSafari

Features Of Safari Browser for Windows 10

Even though the version is old, it designed to improve the browsing experience. This browser is recognized as the fastest browser and loads the site within no time. The frame of the browser is only a pixel wide. All the tabs are placed on the top of the window. You can open the website on the larger window.

Like other browsers, it has no status bar set as default. Instead, it shows a progress indicator that shows when the page is loading. From the history option, you can find the accessed site with a single keyword. You can use the full History Search to search the site you are looking for with just a single keyword. Apart from this, other features are listed below.

Privacy and Security:

With the DuckDuckGo feature, it becomes the only browser that has no built-in option to track your activities.

Faster compared to other known browsers:

No one can beat the speed of Safari. I know there are other known browsers like chrome, firefox, etc. but Safari is proven fastest browser on the planet.

Save battery and provide excellent performance:

Safari has built-in energy-saving technology. It also runs on an incredibly fast JavaScript Engine and provides speedier search results.

Protection from unsafe sites:

Safari protects your pc from malware and dishonest sites. It also gives you a warning before loading such suspicious sites.

Pin sites:

If you are visiting a few sites more frequently, then you can pin the sites like WhatsApp Web, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. When you pin the site, it will stay active in the background.

Mute Tab:

If you fail to find from which tab or video the sound came, you can mute the audio from the mute tab option. No struggle!


AirPlay enables you to la video form the web page to your smart tv. Click on the AirPlay icon, and if the video is compatible, you can easily watch it on the big screen of your TV.

All these are some of the innovative features. We know your browsing must be satisfied with Safari for windows. It also has the share option that let you share anything across the web.

In the next segment, we will share some new features introduced by Safari. I know you are using the older version, but it also includes some of these new features. Have a look, who knows when it comes handy.

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What’s New In Apple Safari For Windows?

Let’s have a look at some exciting new and exceptional things of Safari.

Tab View:

Now get a big picture of your browsing with the tab view. Pinch, and you can see all the open tab on your browser. With the gesture, you can move all the tab. Swipe left to right and found all the open tabs and move between them. Tap on the tab to open the site. The multi-touch feature makes browsing natural.

Smart Search Field:

The smart search field is for the web address and searches term or keyword. When you enter any keyword or phrase, it will show you the relevant results. If you enter site address or URL, it takes you directly on the web page. It makes the result finding way smarter and faster.

iCloud Tabs:

iCloud Tabs enable to open the last website you had open you any of your Mac devices such as iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Without searching for the web page, you can go from one device to another with iCloud tabs. No need of sync, search, or history option.

Powerful browsing:

With the performance improvement, it loads pages faster. It is possible due to the Nitro JavaScript engine and multiple processor cores for the Mac. It shows lesser ages and pauses while browsing. The rendering speeds up due to its new approach to CSS.

Built-in sharing:

When you have Safari, you can share anything from the web only. Now no need to leave the program. You have to click on the share button and chose the recipient. It uses the message or mail option. You can also add the locations and comment while haring the information.

Better Privacy:

Apple always considers user privacy as a fundamental thing. When you enable the Do Not Track feature, it does not allow you to find your activity. The website you visit can able to track you online after checking this Privacy pane preference. It sends the request to the site for not tracking you if you are browsing under the Private Browsing option.

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Safari Download For Windows 10| How To Download & Install Safari Browser?

Friends, you come so far to get the safari browser for windows 10. Now, follow any of the method and its steps are given below to get the browser on your pc.

Method #1:

Step #1: Go to the official website of Apple Inc. ( and look for the extension gallery.

Step #2: Now find the Safari browser, and find the compatible version. Download Safari by clicking here.

Step #3: Download it. The downloading process is straightforward.

download safari for Windows
download safari for Windows

Step #4: The file you download is compressed or zip file and extract it. It will ask for the location, choose according to your preference or keep it as default.

Step #5: Once the file extract, double click on Safari.exe. Follow the direction shown on the screen to install.

Install Safari on Windows from Zip file
Install Safari on Windows from Zip file

Step #6: Once the process completes, it’s time to enjoy secure and faster service.

Method #2:

Step #1: Click on the following link to download the setup of Safari for Windows 10 directly.

Step #2: Wait till the download completes. Now click on the setup file. A popup will show on the screen. Click on yes, and after that, follow the same procedure as you do for other apps.

Step #3: Within a minute or two, the installation process completes, and you are ready to use it.

Why Safari For Windows Download?

You’re probably wondering that there are many other browsers available for the windows, then why we preferred to download and install Safari for windows even though it is not supported for windows from years. The answer is many users preferred it due to its features.

For advanced users, use it for the testing purpose or provide support for a few clients. It’s like how mac users use the Internet Explorer on the Mac for the teasing purpose. I know it might not be relevant to you, but people do it. Who knows you have some unique reason to use it. So what’s your purpose? Share it with us. Thank you!

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