Spotify Web Player Not Working? [8 Ways to Fix]

Spotify Web Player Not Working? We have shared a working guide to fix Spotify Web Player Not Working error.

Spotify web player is one of the highly used and loved music websites all around the world. With this site, you can enjoy music without downloading. Yes, the features are brilliant but some users reported that the Spotify web player not working properly on the device or the browser.

This error led us to find out the solution for the Spotify web player error that occurred and composed a guide for the users. Yes, in this article we have listed the common reason, and solutions for Spotify web player won’t play error. So let’s start.

Spotify Web Player Not Working
Spotify Web Player Not Working

Spotify Web Player Not Working – How to Fix?

Solution #1: Check Internet Connection

Sometimes it happens that the Spotify web player is not working due to the poor internet connection. To check the internet connection, you can check it by launching another website in the same browser.

If another website can’t be launched, then there is a problem with the network connection. To solve it, you can restart the router and check the site after a few minutes.

If the site still does not open, you can take the help of your internet service provider and ask for help to solve the issue.

Solution #2: Check The Firewall And Antivirus Settings

If all other sites and pages are easily open, but Spotify web player login can’t be loaded, then you have to find out that it is not blacklisted.

  • To check it, go to the firewall and antivirus settings from the settings>> system and security >> Windows defender >> allowed apps.
  • Find the Spotify is blacklisted or not. Even you can directly disable firewall and antivirus software to avoid Spotify web player not playing error.

Solution #3: Clear Your Browser Cache File

If the Spotify Web Player is launching, but the music player is not working, then you can try to flush the cache and DNS. Spotify caches files and speeds up the playback when you open the page next time. But sometimes it happens that it caches the wrong data and the page can’t open again.

Flushing the browser cache refreshes all the cache so when you open it next time, it registered the domain name properly. To try this solution, follow the steps given below.

Step #1: Press the Windows key and R together to open a run command window.

Step #2: In the search bar type ‘ipconfig /flushdns‘ and press enter key.

It will remove all the Cache. Now try to open Spotify web player.

Solution #4: Update Your Web Browser

Before trying any technical solution first make sure that your web browser is Spotify compatible and updated. The supporting browser includes Google Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Opera.

To find out your web browser is updated or not, visit the official website and find the latest version or directly update the browser from settings. Sometimes the old version does not support the latest version of Spotify Web Player and leads to Spotify not working.

Solution #5: Use Drmare Spotify Music Converter

Even though Spotify is popular and user-friendly, yet if the Spotify web player not working happen from time to time, you might get annoyed. To solve it at one time here are the steps.

In this solution, we will use DRmare Spotify Music Converter, which can convert all Spotify playlists and tracks without any DRM limitations.

Step #1: Download the DRmare Spotify Music Converter from the following link and after that install it.

Step #2: Next, launch it. Spotify will also start automatically as soon as you open the DRmare Spotify Music Converter.

Step #3:

  • Next, drag the songs, albums, artists, and playlist from Spotify to Spotify Music Converter that you want to download.
  • You can also copy the song link and paste it into the download box directly.

Step #4: You can see using the selection box after adding the music. Remove or confirm the songs. Click on the + tab to confirm and add the song.

Step #5: Next, click on the Convert tab and the song will be converted. Now, click on the history and open the output folder to find the output song.

Step #6: From here, you can export the music or playlist to the other music player to enjoy the music offline.

Solution #6: Use Song Link In New Window

If your Spotify Web Player is loading but can’t play the music, then several things cause this problem.

  • To solve it quickly, choose the album you want to play and click on the three dots icon next to the album or song.
  • Next, copy the song link and paste it into the address bar of the new window.
  • It will give a new start to the web player and play the song.

Solution #7: Switched Up Devices

Some users reported that the Spotify web player did not work in error as they used it on multiple devices. To solve it, the steps are here.

Step #1: Open Spotify Web Player on your web browser and take your tablet or phone and open Spotify on that too.

Step #2: Now, open the setting and from that go to the devices.

Step #3: Here try to switch different devices. Choose the web player option to listen to the song on the web.

This type of switch-up configures your account correctly and let it work properly.

Note: There is a connect tab at the right bottom corner in the Spotify web player. Make sure you have selected it.

Solution #8: Clear Cookies

If your Spotify Web Player can’t load at all, then it’s time to clear all the cookies from your browser. The position of this option varies from browser to browser, but it should be under the settings or privacy or history. Clear the cookies, reboot your browser and check whether the problem is solved or not.

Note: if you are Mac user and using the safari for Spotify, then it is no longer supported at the present moment. It is possible that with some updates, it might be supportable, but we are not sure about it.


It is all about fixes for Spotify web player not playing. Although Spotify is the best app to play music, yet, it is not perfect due to some creases and tweaks. But yes, we can iron the creases with some steps.

Hopefully, you find a permanent solution for your Spotify web player not working problem with any of the above solutions. Share which one works for you using the comment section below.

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