7 Things You Should Be Clear About Before You Invest In A LMS

Much has been said about the benefits of employee learning and development. With the advancement in technology, there are digital learning solutions available now that have made delivering employee training a piece of cake.

One such revolutionary software is a Learning Management System that streamlines the entire process very efficiently. By storing all data in a centralized location, an LMS lets you deploy and deliver training courses across the globe. This has allowed organizations throughout the world to train employees in the midst of a pandemic.

A learning management system not only delivers training but also helps in tracking its progress. This becomes a major benefit when you want to understand the effectiveness of your training program. It’s fairly easy to pick an LMS based on your budget by verifying their pricing structure. For example, Accord LMS, a popular employee training software, is available at only $1 per month, per user.

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But however cheap or expensive an LMS is, there are certain features that you must evaluate. Here is a checklist of things you should be clear about before going ahead with an option:

Things You Should Be Clear About Before You Invest In A LMS

How well it aligns with your goals:

Every organization has certain training goals. It is crucial to list out all your goals, needs and get clear about the budget too. You may list certain things as a priority in light of your employee learning needs. An LMS should align well with all of these before you go ahead and make the purchase.

How easy to use the LMS is:

Make sure the LMS you pick has an intuitive interface and is easy to use. A complicated LMS will waste your employee’s time and make it difficult for them to access training content. Moreover, it can cause them to disengage which can reduce the likelihood of knowledge retention.

How well it integrates with your existing systems:

To get the most out of an LMS, you need to verify with your LMS vendor how well it will integrate with your existing software and systems. If it doesn’t integrate well, be ready to spend on additional software and plug-ins. An integrated LMS allows you to have consolidated data and ensures employees know how to engage with it.

Built-in gamification tools:

Learning through games makes the whole process fun and ensures employees learn better. Before you invest in an LMS, make sure to check if it has built-in gamification tools and verifies all the included elements. This will allow you to create interactive courses with rewards for top performers.

How cost effective it is:

An LMS helps reduce training costs as well as time. It helps you save money spent on instructor fees and training venues. But at the same time, you need to ensure that investing in an LMS benefits your organization in the long run. For instance, if it will make your employees better at their jobs and their performance will increase your revenue, it is a worthy buy.

Option for customized reports:

Modern LMSs provide automated reports highlighting a variety of factors like rate of course completion, employee training performance, etc. But having an LMS that allows customization of reports can help you get statistics about factors that are specific to your organization.

Collaboration tools:

Social learning has become an important aspect of online learning to provide users the opportunity to learn together. To promote collaboration between employees, ensure your LMS has tools that facilitate communication. With options like instant messaging apps and discussion forums, an LMS can boost engagement amongst employees.


An effective LMS personalizes the learning experience and helps employees achieve their specific learning goals. Using this checklist will allow you to make an informed decision that benefits your employees as well as the organization.

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