Tools You Need to Work Efficiently From Home

If there is anything we are thankful for COVID-19, that is the trend of working from home. It has changed the future of work forever. However, while some have happily embraced this new way of working, on the other hand, some people still find it a bit difficult to get a hang of this lifestyle. They are trying to adapt to it. You might also be one of them and this is why you have clicked on this article. Well, keep reading then because in this article we have put together all the tools you need to work efficiently from home. Said tools are also responsible for maximizing your productivity and creativity.

But in order to use tools from home, there is one prerequisite that must be fulfilled. And that is a stable and reliable internet connection. With this type of connection, you can work without facing any technical issues that could pose a delay to your tasks. This is why we recommend that you get yourself a subscription to Spectrum internet as this service is known for its reliability factor, high speed, and uninterrupted connectivity. We know that you cannot afford network outages and this is exactly why we deem this Internet service provider suitable for all those people who work remotely from their homes.

Tools You Need to Work Efficiently From Home

Now that you have the most important utility, let’s move forward and look at all those tools that can help you work efficiently and effectively from home.

1. ProofHub

If you are running a business or a team of several people, or you might be a part of one, then we recommend checking out ProofHub. Essentially, this platform is an online management software that can help you and your team members to work seamlessly with each other and your respective clients.

ProofHub brings everything to one place by providing you with plenty of impressive features. It allows you online proofing, and discussions, you can share feedback, chat with teammates or clients or manage your projects even while working from a remote area.

All in all, this software is a must-have for teams that require more and better proficiency at the management level.

2. VideoAsk

VideoAsk is comparatively a newer tool in the market. For most parts, this tool is considered a B2B or B2C marketing tactic. But that should not stop you from using it. It can also be used by companies to stay connected with their remote workers or the entire team. VideoAsk also works perfectly for those teams where some or all team members work across different time zones.

With this tool, you won’t have to wake up to a pile of emails and large streams of writing on various internal platforms. You will just receive a video from one of your coworkers and through this, you can establish a good and balanced working relationship with them.

3. Dropbox

Well, we all know that this tool does not need any introduction or explanations. You all are familiar with it but let us tell you how you can bring it into your use specifically for work purposes. This tool is hands down a champion for cloud storage, particularly for people who work remotely.

Moreover, this cloud storage tool has rightly been called the world’s first smart workspace. Dropbox allows you to store all of the content of your entire team in one place. It also allows access to internal as well external stakeholders with the help of a customizable link sharing. The app of this tool is extremely easy to use and this is also one of the reasons why most remote workers choose to use it for their storage purposes.

4. Clockify

Clockify is simple but it can help you immensely. Unlike a lot of many other applications and tools, Clockify does not have several features. But that does not make it less competent because even if it does one job, it does it in an exceptionally good way.

Clockify works well for freelancers, organizations, project managers, and whoever is in need of a tool that can them their remote team in splitting their time between projects. This software functions as a time tracker, and reporting metrics, and also provides its excellent services as a project dashboard. If you face problems with time tracking and management while working from home, then we guarantee that this tool is going to solve all your problems.

5. Tomato Timer

Tomato Timer works around the whole time management method of Pomodoro. Don’t get intimidated by this term, if you are not familiar with it. Pomodoro Technique, to put it in simpler words, is a time management method that basically breaks your working day into certain parts such as working time and cooldowns.

According to this technique, the usual period of working is around twenty-five minutes. A Pomodoro is usually around three to five minutes long. This whole method motivates you to work in an extremely focused manner during your bursts times. Consequently, it promotes productivity in you.

Coming back to Tomato Timer, this tool helps you in managing this aforementioned method from your home. Its role is to help you in staying focused and not get easily distracted while working remotely. Arguably, this is truly one of the major problems faced by a lot of people. But with this free tool, you can work dedicatedly by avoiding any and all distractions.

Final Words

All those of you who are looking for some effective ways to work productively and efficiently from home can check out the above-mentioned tools. We hope that they will make your work from the home experience extremely smooth and seamless.

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