TubeBus for Android – Best YouTube Music Premium Alternative

Tubebus for Android is best YouTube music premium alternative to listing music on YouTube.

YouTube is the number one video hosting site that hosts millions of music videos and others. Another thing is most of the music videos on YouTube is free, and one can easily find it with few clicks. But sometimes it happens that we do not want to watch music videos. Instead, we only want to listen it. So how can we do it?

The answer is TubeBus YouTube music download. This app is completely dedicated to YouTube music streaming. With this app, you can easily get the YouTube music and play all the songs similar t the professional music player.

So how to get the app and what are the features, all the answers are here in this article. First, we will know more about this app, and then we will go to the features section and after that download, install and streaming guide. So shall we start?

TubeBus for Android

TubeBus for Android – Best YouTube Music Premium Alternative

TubeBus is an app that makes the playing and downloading videos from YouTube and other video streaming site easy. It’s well designed, and intuitive interface makes it easy for users to find what app has to offer.

Within a few seconds, you can go through the various viewing and downloading option. And to download any video, you need just to copy and then paste the link at the top of the screen. After that, you have to choose to either view or download the video.

On the main screen or home screen, you can see the playlist. From it, you can download or listen to songs and music anytime and anywhere.

With TubeBus’s integrated web browser, you can access websites and social networks. So you do not have to open a browser to find the content. You can add bookmarks to the in-built browser of the app.

In short, the app provides easy as well as a quick way to get all your music content on your device with few clicks. It is a useful app that makes downloading and listing any audio easy and hassle-free from the web.

Features Of TubeBus For Android

1. Videos from multiple websites:

TubeBus can download videos and music from more than 1000 websites apart from YouTube.

2. Get Video as Music:

With this online music player, you can download any soundtrack or music from YouTube, Youtube Music, or any other site.

3. Play YouTube Music Online

Being a professional music player, it works as an online music player and plays video and music in the background. So you can enjoy your favorite songs, a piece of music or any other thing even if the screen is off.

4. Download Music Video:

TubeBus allows its users to download all HD videos from all the supportive sites, including Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, Dailymotion, etc.

5. Awesome Highlights:

This app work as an online music player, and one can use for youtube video download. With downloading it provides some advanced features like multi-thread download and high-speed download that saves your lots of time.

6. Save YouTube Video as MP3:

Now with TubeBus, you can convert any music videos up to 320kbps to high-quality MP3 tracks on your smartphone.

7. Stream Music from YouTube:

With this app, you can stream music from YouTube directly, and if you don’t want to download, then it’s your choice.

8. 5 Times Faster High-Speed Download

With TubeBus you can accelerate your download with the features like multi-thread and multi-task download.

9. High-Quality video download

This Best YouTube Music Premium Alternative is different from others as it can download the music and videos up to 320kbps and 1080p respectively.

10. Background Playback

Do not waste the power by keeping the screen on as you can play videos and music track in the background as well.

11. Custom Playlist Download:

You can customize the playlist. You can add or remove songs as per your choice. Isn’t it cool?

12. Download YouTube Playlist:

With TubeBus, you can get your YouTube playlist on your device with ease. If som f the tracks are already on your device, you can remove them from the list before downloading.

13. Play YouTube Video as MP3 Music Without Downloading:

With this app, you can easily enjoy the music from YouTube. You can stream music from YouTube on TubeBus. By this way, you can save your data and listen to the tracks even the screen is off, or you switch to other apps.

14. Hot Music Playlists Recommendation

Ever happened that you are getting confused about what to listen? If yes, then this app has some hot playlists customized for you from YouTube’s official music channel like Rock, Hip Hop, Pop, Country, R&B, and New Music. Just pick the choice and click on play all button and done.

15. All-powerful Pocket YouTube Music Player and Manager:

Thanks to TubeBus, you can download your music, video, and songs without opening the browser within second on your device. It organized your files and kept it at a single place.

16. Music everywhere:

No matter where you are, with this app you can play all the downloaded songs anywhere and anytime and thanks to TubeBus’ built-in player!

How To Download And Install TubeBus On Your Android Phone?

Step #1: First of all, you need to visit the official site, and the link is given below:


Step #2: Next, find the download tab and click on it.

Step #3: Once the download completes, its time to install it.

Step #4: Go to setting tab and from there security and enable unknown sources option to install a third-party app.

Step #5: Now, go to download folder and find the apk file. Click on it and click on next.

Step #6: At last, click on install. Within a few seconds, the app is on your device. Yo, enjoy the music!

How To Stream Music From Youtube On TubeBus?

To access millions of songs from YouTube, you need to install TubeBus on your android device first. And after launching the app, you can play all the audio from the video. By this way, you can save the data and play the music like any other music player.

Difference Between Free And Paid Version:

This app provides two different versions. The paid version charges $9.99 for a lifetime. So what are the major difference in both version? Of course, the features they provide, but what are the features that paid version provides? If you have the same question, then below here is the answer. Check the table and find which version you would like to pick.

FeatureFree VersionPaid Version
Single video/ music downloadYesYes
5x faster-high speed download10 files for trialYes
Playlist download2 playlists unlimitedYes
Play online video as musicNoYes
Multiple task download10 files for trialYes
Background downloadNoYes
High-quality content download10 files for trialYes
Background playbackCurrent audio fileYes


It is all about TubeBus for Android with its feature, download, and installation guide. I hope you like it. The comment box is all yours for all doubts and questions. Thank you!

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