5 Reasons to Use a VPN for SEO in 2023

The Virtual Private Network technology is one of the most helpful instruments nowadays, used for various purposes. It builds a private network within a public one. This improves security, which is so important now when more and more people work remotely online.

Initially, it was created to connect business networks so that people could work together securely online. But people are using it to view websites blocked in their countries, hiding their IP addresses, etc.

It’s also a useful tool for SEO specialists. Why? How? Do we need to hide something if we want a successful optimization strategy?


Use a VPN for SEO

Let us explain this claim in the 5 top benefits of a VPN connection for SEO.

#1: You Can See Search Results from Other Countries

You can see your website through VPN search engines as if you’re a user from another country. This is an incredible tool for businesses that want to enter a new foreign market. You, as an SEO specialist, can help them by analyzing how visible their website is in the countries they are aiming for.

If the site is #1 in the UK, it doesn’t mean Australia will have the same rating for it. Google it from different countries, and you may see a gap, which opens new opportunities for analysis and growth.

Using a free search engine with a VPN will also help you see how the pages look in other countries. Maybe some of them are even blocked there, who knows?

For example, you want to get backlinks from US sites. This means you want American traffic to your website. But do you know how exactly they will see your pages?

With a private connection, it’s all possible. Google for industry-specific terms or a particular website and compare the results from different locations to see points where your project needs growth.

2: You Hide Your IP Address to Improve Client Security

Security is one of the crucial basics of any business. If a company trusts you with its website, you must make sure it’s safe throughout your cooperation. Most often, you’ll work with sensitive data, communicate about secret topics, and look for cheap guest posting agencies for businesses that want to save money.

Such secrecy is also useful when you’re performing competitor research. You’ll bypass all blocks and filters, finding out every bit of data you need for a proper analysis. Competitor research is essential if you want to drive more traffic to the site of your client. You can click here for more information on the topic.

To ensure data safety, you can hide your IP address by using a cheap VPN like ExpressVPN. Stay anonymous and change the address every time you log into a network. Choose different countries if you need to. There should be lots of features in paid versions of apps that offer such a private connection.

If you have an SEO agency, it’s better to invest in a paid version.

3: Better Agency Security Without Large Investments

Young SEO agencies don’t have lots of finances to invest in security advances. But this is one of the crucial factors that build trust with clients. How are you going to attract traffic using tips from techtiptrick.com if, at any moment, the security of your business can be compromised?

And did you know that in recent years, over half of cyber attack victims were small businesses that don’t have sophisticated security systems? The best way to start working on your safety is to get a strong VPN.

Later on, you can layer other instruments on top, creating a strong security bubble around your SEO agency.

4: You Get Worry-Free Remote Control

People strive to become optimization specialists, copywriters, etc. because these occupations allow them to be absent from the office frequently. You can even work remotely full-time, forgetting what office is.
But for all that, you need a secure Internet connection.
Guess how to create one anywhere you go? A VPN!

You can connect to the business network in a restaurant or an airport without jeopardizing its safety. Check out your clouds and drives, work on servers, build exclusive strategies for clients that share sensitive data with you. All that will be concealed by strong protection by a virtual private network.

Travel around the world, edit wedding photos and create a regime that won’t revolve around your job. All of that is possible if you have a secured connection.

5: You Can Share Files and Data Safely

You will have to share files and data several times a day. Some information is general and it’s not a problem if it goes public. But there are also important, sensitive files that need more than a public Internet connection.

Of course, not every cafe has a hacker inside that looks for crucial files from optimization specialists. But to avoid paranoia many online specialists are prone to due to unsecured connections they use, it’s better to choose a VPN.

Access files on the main network computer easily, without a doubt that someone else is accessing them with you.

Use a Virtual Private Network for SEO

So, how important is a VPN connection for SEO? Very important if you want to have a deeper insight into the worldwide performance of the site you’re working on. Such a connection also improves the security of your business and every client. Remote control becomes easier and causes fewer concerns.

Choose a reliable VPN and travel around the world worry-free!

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