What is Windows Modules Installer? – Actionable Guide to Enable and Disable

If you are an active user of Windows OS or you are using Windows 10, then you must have encountered with automatically update of the system in the background. Most of the people wonder why it is being updated automatically. In this case, the Windows Modules Installer is responsible for this automatic Windows update.

In this article, we are going to share what is Windows Modules Installer? An Actionable Guide to Enable or Disable it. Along with that, also you will know details related to Windows module Installer or Tiworker.exe file.

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Windows Modules Installer Worker

What is Windows Modules Installer Worker or Tiworker.exe Stands for?

Windows Modules Installer Worker or Tiworker.exe is the file that runs automatically while the PC is started working. The motive to Run this file automatically is to check for updates regularly of your Windows system.

If there any updates available from the Windows, then this file will be responsible to check for any updates and start downloading the updates and installs on your system to get your system up-to-date.

Though it is a very helpful tool for getting the updated Windows system, it has few drawbacks are there which are noticeable and causes your PC down some time or observed sometimes is slower internet connectivity or High CPU usage.

What is the drawback of the Windows Modules Installer worker or Tiworker.exe?

  • High CPU Usage
  • Lower the internet speed
  • High Data Usage (Unexpected)
  • Lagging of the system
  • Heating of Hardware
  • Un-necessary stuck up of High-end software
  • Uncertain timing of Windows updates

Now you know about the drawbacks of the Windows Modules Installer Worker. Furtherly, you should know how to prevent this to save your data usage and High CPU usage to protect your system and run your system effortlessly.

Actionable Guide to fix Windows Modules Installer Worker or Tiworker.exe file

Well, there are few methods available to fix Windows Modules installer worker to prevent the High CP usage and other causes that occur by this Tiworker.exe file.

Method-1: Run Windows Update Troubleshooter

If you find any issue with Windows Update, you can try to run Windows Update Troubleshooter anytime to fix it. Follow the steps:

Step #1: Type Control Panel in the search bar t the bottom left corner of your Desktop Screen.

windows control panel

Step #2: Click on the Control Panel Icon.

Step #3: Now navigate the Troubleshooting option in all Options. And click on It.


Step #4: Now you have to click on the Fix Problems with Windows Update at the sub-option of System and Security as shown in the below image.

Fix Problems with Windows Update

Step #5: Then click on the Next button and follow the instruction as shown in the below image. It will troubleshoot the network security and fix the problem automatically of the High Usage of CPU. Type

troubleshoot the network security and fix the problem automatically

Step #6: In the end, you will need to restart the network connection to implement the changes.

Method-2: Restart the Windows update services

Restarting any process is the cure of 80% of problems. Here also you can restart the Windows updates services to prevent the high usage of CPU due to Windows Modules Worker.

Step #1: Type services in the search bar.

windows services

Step #2: Click on the icon of the service and open it.

Step #3: Navigate the Windows Update Option among other options.

Step #4: Keep it in the Extended mode. You will see the option to restart the Windows Update Services.

restart the Windows Update Services

Step #5: As soon as you click on the restart, the Windows Update will stop and restart the process automatically.

Step #6: It will fix the High CPU Usage problem that occurs due to Windows Modules Installer Worker.

Method-3: Delete Software Distribution File and Stop the Services

In this method, you need to stop Windows Update Services and delete the Software distribution file to prevent automatically updates the system due to Windows Modules Installer worker or Tiworker.exe.

Step #1: Press Windows + R button together.

Step #2: It will open the popup windows Run windows.

Step #3: IN the Windows Run Popup window, Type Services.msc

windows run

Step #4: Navigate the Windows Update Option. Extract the Extended mode. Here you will see the option to stop the Windows Update Process.

stop the Windows Update Process

Step #5: Click on the Stop Button.

Step #6: Now Open the C Drive on your PC or the System installed drive.

Step #7: Then follow the path to navigate the folder.



Step #8: Simply delete this file to stop automatically update the Windows system.

In this method do not restart the PC, otherwise, this file will be automatically placed at that folder by the system itself and again the Windows update services will be enabled. Now you can check the Tiworker.exe process will be slow down and reduce the CPU usage.

Frequently Asked Questions- What is Windows Modules Install Worker?

TiWorker.exe is a virus?

Ans: Not at all. Tiworker.exe is the Windows Modules Install worker which is responsible for Windows update automatically. It is not a Virus.

Should I Stop Windows Modules installer worker Tiworker.exe?

Ans: Well, for the better health of the Windows system, keep updating is good. So, we are not recommending anyone to disable it. But if you are aware and you wanted to update your windows system manually, then you can disable Windows Modules, the installer worker.

Should I Fix Windows Modules, the installer worker?

Ans: So many people are saying that you should stop it to prevent high CPU usage. But we are not recommending it. Because it will damage your windows system if it will not properly be updated. So, if you can update windows manually then you should fix Windows Modules installer worker High CPU usage.


As you all know that it is very essential to stay updated with the Windows system to use it hassle-free. If your system will not completely be updated then you may observe misbehave in your Windows system.

Besides the above-mentioned methods, there are many other ways that are available to disable Windows Modules installer worker or TiWorker.exe file to updates the system automatically. But it is not recommended in any condition. Simple to avoid high CPU usage due to tiworker.exe you should set your connection as metered connection.

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