8 Best Cheap Wildcard SSL Certificate Provider in 2022

Best cheap Wildcard SSL certificate used to secure main domain and its unlimited subdomain by use astricts “*” before your main domain like this example “*.yourdoamin.com”.

When you host multiple subdomains for your website, it can let your business grow. But it can be a difficult task to manage these subdomains. The process of securing such subdomains through multiple SSL/TLS certificates increases complexity.

Fortunately, there is a solution to this issue i.e. a wildcard SSL certificate. Let’s first understand what a wildcard SSL certificate is and what its benefits are:

Cheap Wildcard SSL Certificate

What is Wildcard SSL Certificate?

An SSL certificate capable to secure unlimited sub-domains is recognized as a wildcard SSL certificate. It authenticates the main domain as well as its first-level unlimited subdomains. It is allowed to install a single SSL on multiple servers.

In other words, a wildcard certificate from SSL.com significantly saves you money and time as compared to dealing with separate certificates for your subdomains. You can consider a wildcard SSL certificate as an SSL/TLS certificate that contains includes a wildcard character to allow it to be used to protect several subdomains of a domain.

It is also good to consider an SSL wildcard certificate as a single certificate having a wildcard character (*) within the domain name field. The same enables the certificate to secure various hosts related to a similar base domain. For instance, a wildcard certificate that is used for the *.(xyz).com, could be used for www.(xyz).com, store.(xyz).com, mail.(xyz).com, apart from any additional subdomain name within the (xyz).com. (Here xyz stands for any domain name).

You can significantly save money because an enterprise does not need a separate certificate for every subdomain. Generally, the SSL installation procedure for this SSL certificate is quite simple, fast, and affordable.

Now let’s understand the benefits of a wildcard SSL certificate:

Benefits of Wildcard SSL Certificate:

When it comes to subdomain security, a wildcard certificate is the most famous certificate. Here are its benefits:

1. Protection to every subdomain:

It can effectively secure every first-level subdomain across the main domain name through just one SSL certificate. Thus, there is no need to get a separate certificate for each subdomain. If you have added more subdomains throughout the lifespan of the wildcard then there is no need to reissue it. This is because the newly added subdomains are automatically covered.

2. Wide compatibility:

Any wildcard SSL certificate comes with excellent desktop and mobile browser compatibility. The powerful encryption lets you get rid of unnecessary SSL browser warnings.

3. Time-saving:

When you buy a wildcard SSL certificate separately for every sub-domain, it might happen that every SSL may have varied expiry dates. Thus, it is very tough to deal with all certificates simultaneously. As an alternative to remembering several details of varied certificates, you would just have single certificate management. As a result, it saves a considerable amount of time.

4. Saves cost:

Any wildcard SSL certificate saves admin and management expenses. The ability to operate various subdomains through just a single certificate decreases expenses related to administration and management.

5. Ease of SSL management:

Securing multiple subdomains can be a hassle. You need to buy a separate certificate for each of them and get the certificates issued for each. Next, it is required to properly configure your server and keep track of the renewal dates of each subdomain.

On the other hand, the wildcard SSL certificate streamlines everything. Compared to managing an entire host of certificates, you just need to manage one.

6. Reasonably priced:

While securing each subdomain across a single certificate, costs a lot to your business. Whether you secure a single subdomain or all hundreds of subdomains you own, the cost is the same. So, you will save a significant amount of money when you desire to secure multiple subdomains.

How Does Wildcard SSL Certificate work?

Wildcard Certificate is extensively used to secure the primary domain accompanied by its unlimited sub-domains. The particular website administrator which needs to mention their domain name begins with a star symbol (*.xyz.com) in the hostname section while generating a CSR file. After you got your Wildcard certificate from the particular provider, it is necessary to install it on your particular server. Moreover, it automatically secures all its existing and future subdomains.

Now let’s go through the details of the topmost 11 affordable wildcard SSL certificate providers:

Cheap Wildcard SSL Certificate Provider in 2022

#1. NameCheap: Cheap SSL Wildcard Certificate Provider

namecheap wildcard ssl certificate

Namecheap is famous for holding 3+ million domain names under management. The names of wildcard certificates it provides are PositiveSSL wildcard, EssentialSSL wildcard, and PremiumSSL wildcard.

When you opt for securing a domain, all of its subdomains in the same level will be secured. For instance, the wildcard issues for *.xyz.tld will secure xyz.tld and sub1. xyz.tld, sub2. xyz.tld, etc. The price is worth spending considering the excellent customer support and the security.

The company occasionally releases various discount coupons and deals. Hence, you can save a significant amount of money when you use the promo code and the related discount deals. At a reasonable price, you enjoy tons of benefits through its cheap SSL wildcard certificate.

Try Namecheap Wildcard SSL

#2. Thawte Wildcard SSL: Cheapest Wildcard SSL Certificate

Thawte Wildcard SSL is alternatively known as Thawte SSL Webserver Wildcard. It is an outstanding cheap wildcard SSL certificate for organizations that plan to secure their major domain with various sub-domains. There are various reliable certificate features available. Being comprehensive and cost-effective, it is an ideal choice for medium-scale and large-scale companies.

It provides a dynamic site seal, mobile recognition, and 99.9% browser compatibility. Also, you obtain a 30-day money-back guarantee as well as a warranty amount. For exceptional security, it comes with 256-bit encryption. With an issuance time of just 1-2 days and a huge warranty, it works well for businesses who want to validate their businesses with powerful encryption.

The certificate will be issued within 5-10 minutes. The DV + OV SSL and SAN support are available. The free dynamic site seal is included. This provider is famous for unlimited server licenses and re-issuances.

Try Thawte Wildcard SSL

#3. TheSSLStore: Affordable SSL Wildcard Certificate

TheSSLStore comes with the OV Wildcard SSL certificate. It makes securing your websites as well as their subdomains simpler and faster. Equipped with advanced cryptography, this certificate secures a domain. Moreover, it can secure limitless subdomains at a particular level.

If you want to add any subdomain to a website, this certificate would automatically secure it. There is support for DigiCert Secure Trust Seal. It offers quick recognition of your private data. The 30-day moneyback guarantee is included. Furthermore, the compatibility is great with all leading browsers and mobile devices.

This certificate can secure both www and non-www domains. It is issued within a few minutes. Besides, it supports unlimited server licenses.

Try TheSSLStore Wildcard

#4. ComodoSSLStore: Low-Cost Wildcard Certificate

comodo positivessl wildcard

The key feature of the ComodoSSLStore is it supports 128-bit encryption. The certificate is specially designed for encrypting websites that can deal with online transactions having low volume. It is trusted by more than 99.9% of existing Internet users. Also, it is trusted by all famous browsers.

It comes with 99.9% browser compatibility. You will obtain unlimited free server licenses. The COMODO Static Site Seal is included. The certificate comes with web and email support. The customer also benefits from an unlimited re-issuance policy. For peace of mind, it comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Try ComodoSSLStore

#5. RapidSSLOnline – Buy RapidSSL Wildcard Certificate

The wildcard SSL certificate from this provider is also known as RapidSSL Wildcard DV. It secures all your subdomains through a single certificate that is issued to your website. Moreover, it is one of the cheapest resellers for wildcard SSL certificates.

You will obtain a domain validation (DV) certificate issued instantly. Hence, the process of protection for your site as well as its subdomains begins instantly. Moreover, it contains unlimited server licenses without extra cost. There is support for both the www and non-www versions of your root domain.

It comes with 128/256-bit encryption. There is support for 99% of web browsers and mobile devices. The service includes installation support and 30-day money-back guarantee. RapidSSL Online provides the assertion of free unlimited reissue throughout the year.

Try RapidSSLOnline

#6. Trustico:

Trustico works on a trustworthy and superior quality product at an affordable price. Trustico validates individuals’ and businesses’ websites with leading brands such as GeoTrust, RapidSSL, Thawte, Comodo, and Symantec. The wildcard certificates can secure limitless subdomains of your business.

Two of its products are Trustico wildcard SSL and Comodo wildcard SSL. You can now buy a wildcard SSL certificate at quite affordable rates. The price for Trustico wildcard SSL is $213.75/year whereas that for Comodo wildcard SSL is $289.75/year. The encryption level is the highest i.e. 256-bit powerful SSL encryption. There is a facility with a 30-day refund guarantee.

The Trustico Trust Seal is included. Its service is domain validated. Free issuance insurance is available. The web browser compatibility is 99.9%. The security is excellent against data sniffing and other risks. Along with the highest levels of encryption, dealing with your website security is easy.

#7. Godaddy Wildcard SSL:

Godaddy is the top-notch registrar with more than 5 crores of domains. It provides a wildcard certificate at $269.99/year. Moreover, you can obtain an extra discount with the use of a promo code which is periodically published by Godaddy. From a single dashboard, it can secure unlimited subdomains and servers.

It comes with the strongest 2048-bit encryption. There is support for Domain Validation (DV). The SHA-2 support is also available. Moreover, the browser compatibility is 99% for mobile and web browsers. The provider offers a free static site seal. The 24/7 live support helps users a lot.

#10. InstantSSL Wildcard SSL:

If you are in search of a low-cost wildcard SSL with all vital features then consider InstantSSL. This cheap wildcard SSL certificate provider offers wildcard SSL along with Domain Validation that is known as Comodo InstantSSL Wildcard certificate.

There are various wonderful features available that employ powerful security to the main domain and also the unlimited subdomains. Moreover, the certificate offers organization and domain validation through 256-bit RSA encryption. The 2048-bit CSR encryption is also available.

It works on the SHA-2 algorithm. The free site seal is included. Besides, the 99.9% browser compatibility lets you use it for mobile and desktop.

#8. Gandi.net:

Gandi is a hosted SSL certificate authority executed by Comodo. The certificate issuance duration is 24 hours. Apart from wildcard SSL certificates, Gandi also provides domain registration, web hosting, and email-hosted solutions.

For the wildcard SSL certificate, the price begins from $160/year. To encrypt data, it supports 2048-bit key online validation. Gandi.net provides a comprehensive suite of certificates, ranging from standard to full Business EV certificates, at affordable prices.

Every domain registered with this provider comes with a free single-address certificate for 1 year of duration. It keeps the communication between users and websites secure.

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