10 Best Free SSL Checker Tool For To Check SSL Certificate Installation & Vulnerabilities

If you are looking for a free SSL Checker, you have to come to the right place. A website owner can understand the importance of testing for the website. Multiple things should be tested for good outcomes. User-friendliness, mobile compatibility, UX, and many other technical aspects are essential for a website.

These technical aspects are performing various functioning of your website. To check SSL certificate or any other certificates, glitches, and errors in the website, you should consider using the SSL checker. There are many free SSL checker tools available online to check SSL certificate Installation & vulnerabilities. We bring you the best 10 of them. Continue to read further for more details.

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What Is SSL Checker Tools?

Before we look into SSL Checker Tool, first, we need to understand the importance of SSL. If a website doesn’t have an SSL certificate, it means it is not secured, and when you visit such an unsecured website, your web browser connects with that website, and your data will transmit publicly. So, It is very important to secure your website with the cheapest SSL certificate.

If you fill out a form or enter your credit/ debit card details, the unsecured websites are more vulnerable to hackers. They can easily intercept the information and steal your data. O the other hand, if you have a secured website with a valid SSL certificate, then it will create a tunnel between the server that hosts the website and your web browser.

So, your data or information will pass through this tunnel, and it will be protected from hackers. That is why these sites are called secure websites. These connections and tunneling happen in a fraction of a second and will not impact your website’s performance.

A tool that checks SSL certificate & proper installation of the SSL certificate on the webserver is called the SSL checker (Secure Sockets Layer). Various SSL certificate companies offer Web-based tools to verify an SSL certificate’s validity for some particular domain. The SSL checker is a handy tool to ensure the validity of the SSL certificate.

It also checks whether the certificate is trusted and works appropriately for its users. These SSL checkers are also helped to set expiration reminders so that organization never miss certificate renewal dates. Generally, network & security teams and enterprise apps use the SSL checker to check and troubleshoot and then fix problems typically related to SSL certificate installation.

If you want to SSL checker, you need to visit the SSL certificate enterprise website with an SSL certificate checker. Then you need to enter the URL of the enterprise domain into this SSL check tool. This tool will check server information about the certificate, which includes;

  • Common name
  • Alternative names
  • Server type
  • Trustworthiness (including which Web browsers trust it)
  • Issuer
  • Serial number
  • SHA1 thumbprint
  • Fingerprint MD5
  • Key length
  • Signature algorithm
  • Secure re-negotiation support
  • If it uses a vulnerable Debian key
  • Expiration date

Make sure you use the SSL checker that can check all of these certifications.

Features To Consider While Looking For SSL Checker Tool:

If there are any glitches or errors on your website, it will directly affect the sales because customers are not too understanding when your website doesn’t work correctly. Customers will comprehend that the product is not right and easily judge your product. So, it’s better to eliminate these errors and check the SSL certifications.

These are the several features of SSL checkers;

1. Fast SSL verification time:

You need to make sure the SSL Checker Tool you use to check the SSL certificate installation and vulnerabilities; should work fast. When you get results in advance, you can work on the errors and increase the customer experience. It helps you to increase the sales of your product and build your brand.

2. Mobile-Friendly testing:

Nowadays, most people check websites on their mobile because mobile is omnipresent, and it is easy to check it on mobile. So, you should make sure you use the SSL checker that has functions for Mobile-friendly testing. It will help you to make your website more compatible and robust.

3. Expiration date reminders:

Many times, people forget to renew their SSL certificate, and it can cost you a lot of money if your website is in the top ranking in google search results. Many people will click on your site, and because of expired SSL certification, it will not open. You can lose a lot number of potential customers. So, make sure the SSL checker tool has the feature to set reminders for expiration dates.

4. MD5 (Message-Digest algorithm) fingerprint checking:

It is a widely used hash function that produces a 128-bit hash value. This function is designed to be used as a cryptographic hash function; however, it can be suffering from extensive vulnerabilities. Make sure the SSL checker tool you use has a role in checking the MD5 fingerprint checking effectively.

5. 128-bit encryption testing

Make sure the selected SSL checker tool has a function to test for 128-but encryption. There are some advanced tools also available on the internet that can check 256-bit encryption.

Free SSL Checker Tools

1. SSL Checker from ClickSSL


It is a free online SSL Checker Tool. This tool allows you to learn about the SSL certificate that has been installed on the particular domain. You can check multiple information from this free SSL checker, including SSL validation type and expiration information, SSL certificate issuer, strength, algorithm type (sha1RSA and so on), and signature.

You can know more about Internet Protocol (IP) and the server. This tool also offers crucial root length; ad ClickSSL is one of the leading platinum partners in Cas and provides various SSL certificate products.

These products are 79% cheaper in comparison to other CAs. And they also offer a 100% refund if the customer is unsatisfied with the product. You can contact them for any queries, and they provide 24 X 7 customer services.

Notable Features:

  • SSL validation and expiration checking
  • Check IP and server
  • 24 X 7 customer services

2. SSL Checker from SSL Shopper


It is one of the fastest SSL checkers online. It quickly diagnoses errors with your SSL certificate installation. This tool helps you verify the SSL certificate on your webserver to check whether it is correctly installed, trusted, valid, and doesn’t give any errors to any of the users. You need to enter the server’s public hostname to check the SSL certification. It will not support internal hostnames.

This tool makes it easy to verify your SSL certificates by connecting to your server and showing the SSL connection results. It runs many checks, including whether your SSL certificate is installed correctly or not. The server has corrected the intermediate certificate to not face the untrusted warning in browsers and certification expiration date.

This checker also provides certificate expiration reminders, so you don’t miss the date to renew your website certificate, and your customers won’t face the authorization error. It also checks whether the correct hostname is included in the certificate or not and review for the hash function errors. The SSL checker entries can be cached up to a day after checked.

SSL Shopper also offers a tool to get a detailed report of your web server’s SSL security. From this, you need to go to the SSL server test tool. It is very straightforward to use this tool. You have to enter the hostname in the provided box and click on the Check SSL option. They also offer 24 x 7 customer services.

Notable Features:

  • Fast response
  • Check certificate installation, validity, and errors
  • Certificate Expiration reminders
  • 24 x 7 customer services

3. Qualys SSL Labs


Qualys is an award-winning platform, and it allows you to conduct a detailed checking of the configuration of the entire SSL web server on the public internet. This platform offers excellent services for free. It is considered one of the trusted and safest tools to examine the SSL certificate installation and Vulnerabilities.

This platform offers various services, including SSL labs APO, SSL client test, SSL server test, HTTP client fingerprinting, Server Rating Guide, SLL threat model, SSL pulse test, SSL Client test, SSL threat model, and many more. You can find every detail of your SSL certificate.

This SSL checker will give information like OCSP status, root certificate, TLS version and intermediate certificate details, overall rating, different protocol details, and many other miscellaneous details. They offer customer service through email. You have to send emails to the customer service team of Qualys for any queries.

Notable features:

  • Comprehensive platform
  • Detailed checking inkling OCSP status and root certificate
  • Offer tools for web server testing

4. DigiCert SSL Certificate Checker


DigiCert is a free SSL Checker Tool that offers great functions for SSL certificate checking. It can quickly check whether you are bugged with a problem with certificate installation or if you want to find certificate details. It is effortless to use this tool. You need to enter the name of your server in the Server address box.

If you are a beginner, you can avoid technical details and focus on the common vulnerabilities. For this, you need to click on the common vulnerabilities and check this box when you enter the server address; this tool checks and find out the issue and verify your SSL certificate installation.

If you want to go into the detailed analysis of your website and web server, you don’t need to go anywhere else. DigiCert offers a wide variety of tools to find out and analyze all kinds of certificates in your enterprise. It also provides DigiCert Certificate for Windows and makes SSL and code signing certificate management easy and effective.

Notable features:

  • Offer a variety of tools for SSL check
  • Easy to use
  • Special function for common vulnerabilities

5. SSL Check from SSL2Buy


SSL2Buy’s SSL checker tools provide a detailed analysis of your SSL certificate and help you troubleshoot any SSL installation errors. You can quickly know whether the installed SSL certificate is valid, trusted, or not because if it is not reasonable and trusted your customer will see an authentication error or untrusted website notification.

This SSL check provides information about SSL, algorithm type, key size, server type, serial number, certificate type, certificate issuer name, expiry date, and much other essential information. It also finds details about errors and notifies you about the same.

It is a trusted tool by almost all major browsers and provides quick responses about installed SSL certificates. It works accurately and provides authentic results.

Notable features:

  • Details analysis of SSL certificate
  • Diagnosis server errors
  • Trusted tool
  • Quick response

6. GoDaddy Free SSL Checker


You may hear the name of GoDaddy. It is a top-rated domain platform. It offers many services for free, and one of them is Free SSL Checker. GoDaddy is a trusted and reliable platform, and more than millions of people are using GoDaddy services. So, if you want to check whether your website has a proper SSL certificate or there is an error in the certificate installation, GoDaddy will check it for free.

It is straightforward to use the GoDaddy Free SSL certificate checker. You have to copy and paste the website’s URL in the given box and click on the “Check SSL” option. That’s it. Now GoDaddy will provide you every detail about SSL certificate installation and vulnerabilities. There are three reasons to use this SSL checker.

The first one is that its SSL certificate creates a safe connection for your customers to browse, buy products, and share information safely with you online. So, suppose you don’t have an SSL certificate or have any trouble with SSL certificate installation. In that case, your customers will face a “Not Secure” warning, and possibly customers won’t browse your website again.

The second reason is that you care for your customer or people with you do business if you use this SSL checker. That is why you run an SSL check to maintain a safe, secure, and responsible website.

The last reason your customer will prevent from Not Secure warning is that they will buy your services or product, making your website more reliable and trusted.

Notable features:

  • Reliable and trusted platform
  • Offer domain validation service
  • Easy to use

7. HubSpot SSL Checker


HubSpot SSL checker establishes a strong, trusted, and reliable relation between you and your customers. It checkers whether the website is secure enough that customers can browse. It checks whether your website is protected from hackers or not. It also validate SSL certificate.

When you have a proper SSL certificate and installed correctly, your website’s visibility in the Google Search may improve because Google will indeed look for the SSL certificate. Websites with this certificate will get priority in the search results. This SSL tool makes you tension free and ensures security check to your website.

It checks various SSL / TLS certificates and other factors like multiple information from this free SSL checker, including SSL validation type and expiration information, SSL certificate issuer, strength, and algorithm type (sha1RSA, and so on), and signature.

Notable Feature:

  • Details analysis of SSL certificate
  • Diagnosis server errors
  • Trusted tool
  • Quick response

8. Cheap SSL Coupon Code Checker


If you are looking for a robust and reliable free SSL certificate checker, a Cheap SSL Coupon Code checker will be the most suitable option to consider. It is a vital and trusted tool. If you want to check which type of errors cause the problems and show a Not Secure warning to your users, this tool will do it in two simple steps.

You need to copy and paste the website’s URL in the given box and click on the Check SSL button. That’s it. You will get detailed information about your confirmed common name, organization details based on the certificate type you have, certificate issuer name, applied encryption algorithm, and validity period.

Notable features:

  • Easy to use
  • Check encryption algorithm quickly
  • Reliable platform

9. Website Planet SSL Checker


It is another free tool that allows you to detect issues with your SSL certificate installation. You can verify the web server’s SSL certificate using this tool, and if there are any issues or errors in the installation, you will get a notification about that.

It also checks for the vulnerabilities of your website. You can validate SSL certificate of your website from this platform. You need to consider three factors if you want to maximize the encryption performance.

The first one is the Public key exchange and certificate exchanges. Then you need to check for the symmetric encryption, confidentiality, data authenticity, and hashing factors. Generally, the MD5 hashing factor is essential.

Lastly, the critical size is crucial to look for. If the key size is higher, the connection will become more secure. You will get a detailed analysis of the SSL certificate and validate your server’s certificate accordingly.

Notable features:

  • Easy to use
  • Online tool
  • Offer SSL certificate validation
  • Provide detailed checking report

10. IONOS SSL Certificate Checker


You can check SSL certificate your SSL encryption work effectively or not and is your website is secured. IONOS SSL Certificate checker will provide you all the necessary information about your website. You will get test results via notifications.

These tools also verify and troubleshoot any installation error. Moreover, it checks for incompatibility with server configuration, security gaps, and encryption reliability. So, this tool makes sure that your customer will not see the Not Secured Warning when they visit your website.

Notable Features:

  • Robust platform
  • Checker SSL encryption work
  • Offer tools for web server testing


These are the 10 best free SSL Checker online. You can use any other them and make your website more secure. Hopefully, this article helps you to find the robust free SSL checker. Comment below if you have any questions.

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