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A cutting-edge, user-friendly trading platform featuring a variety of financial instruments, an intuitive design, and many helpful tools is called 70Trades. It is suited for both novice and seasoned traders, and the mobile app provides you the chance to trade whenever, whenever, and with just a single touch. One of the many advantages you receive just for registering to the site is the free training and committed support team, both of which are available 24/7. With 70Trades, you can keep up with the markets, receive real-time alerts and updates, and never miss a chance to profit.


The design

70Trades sets a high standard for itself since it wants to help you all the way from being a beginner online investor to becoming a pro. It offers a distinctive trading experience on a cutting-edge, user-friendly, and intuitive platform with all the necessary financial information at your disposal at all times.


Trading is made simple for those with little to no investment experience with 70Trades. However, if you’re a professional, their platform is also strong and engaging enough to meet your most advanced requirements. Along with all of the helpful resources, signing up for 70Trades gives you access to free training by default. You can rely on the assistance of a Portfolio Builder tool, a Live Data Center, an Economic Calendar, an RSS Newsfeed, and likely the most complex of them all – the Autochartist, which analyses a sizable amount of data and trading patterns, ultimately saving you a tonne of time and work.

Customer service

Customer support is an essential part of every brokerage platform’s retention strategy. Customers’ suggestions should be taken into consideration, and their problems should always be resolved. A solid customer care division of 70Trades has consistently gone above and beyond to satisfy its clients. Its customer care representatives are always available for technical support, with the exception of weekends. Investors can get in touch with their broker via any of the media on the list below. You get support from 70Trades at each stage of the process. You can benefit from their knowledgeable and welcoming Support team, which is accessible from Monday through Friday from 8:00 to 19:00 GMT. Additionally, you have the benefit of having a Personal Account Manager and other kinds of support and training staff at your disposal.

Account types

70Trades has developed a “VIP 70 trades” trading account with all the tools a trader needs to assist you start on your first trades with confidence because they feel that a trader’s first 70 trades are the most crucial ones.

Entry level

Because they believe that a trader’s first 70 trades are the most important ones, 70Trades has created a “VIP 70 trades” trading account with all the tools a trader needs to help you start on your first trades with confidence.


If you have some prior experience with Forex trading but need to brush up on your skills, 70Trades’ Advanced Level is perhaps the ideal course for you.


The Pro Trader Plan is the better option for you if you regularly engage in online trading. It is made to accommodate every requirement a seasoned trader might have.

Minimum deposit

The first deposit requirement for 70trades is $200 at the very least, but depending on the account type, it can go as high as $4000. Remember that the very minimal specifications ought to only be employed for testing a company’s service. A long-term trading strategy needs sufficient capital backing.

Trading platforms

The WebProfit platform is web-based, therefore no downloads or installations are required. You get access to a variety of research tools, such as live quotes and charts. Along with controlling your trading account, you can deposit and withdraw money directly from the site. You can also always stay up to date on market developments and breaking financial news.

The version of PROfit that is optimised for mobile devices, the mobile PROfit platform, still provides all the same capabilities. It is available for both iOS and Android smartphones and has a tonne of helpful features like an intuitive user interface. 70Trades review clearly mentions that The traders at 70Trades have access to a mobile platform. The ability to open trading positions anytime, anywhere is made possible by the new technology that mobile devices bring along with their sophisticated and responsive mobile platforms. The platform allows access to market analysis and is user-friendly.

Additionally, Apple and Android are compatible. There are no downloads or installations needed for the WebProfit platform because it is web-based. There are several different research tools available to you, including live quotations and charts. You can deposit money and withdraw money right from the platform in addition to managing your own trading account, and you can always keep up with market changes and breaking financial news.

The mobile PROfit platform is the version that is geared for mobile devices, yet it still offers all the same functionality. It contains a tonne of useful features like an easy-to-use UI and is accessible for both iOS and Android smartphones.


This trading platform also gives professional advice for people who want to learn more about forex trading and how trading works in general. There are three different types of guidance for beginning, intermediate, and seasoned traders. It is undoubtedly a plus for them because there aren’t many organizations that can teach FX trading.

The three categories include a wide range of topics, from technical analysis and asset monitoring for average traders to the basics of the forex market in the section for newcomers. The key subjects covered in the courses that are available on the 70trades website include risk management, trading execution strategies, and detailed analysis. numerous trading platforms, ranging from the most straightforward to the most advanced and skilled traders.

The finest aspect is for novice traders who may require a trial account to practice their trading before logging into their real accounts; speaking of which, novice traders can practice on demo accounts with up to one lac dollars in trading funds. New traders get limitless access to the top trading video tutorials at their disposal. 70trades’ video tutorials are a great resource for expanding one’s trading knowledge and increasing profits. Additionally, some of the top trading instructors and specialists in the Forex markets created videos that are made available by this trading platform.

Methods of payment

Trading partners should be informed that 70Trades vigorously opposes money laundering and has fully implemented the AML policy, despite the fact that the broker takes payments through a number of legal channels. You can fund your account with wire transfers, credit/debit cards, or online payment processors like Neteller, Skrill, EcoPayz, and RuPay after submitting a simple registration form to 70Trades. The same three methods for deposits can also be used to withdraw profits. Traders can ask for a withdrawal and get approval the same day because this broker never purposely delays withdrawal requests. Additionally, 70Trades maintains a complete record of every transaction for security reasons.

70Trades is a transparent broker because it has made all of its trading terms available to the public. Customers’ testimonials and its security features have both attested to its trustworthiness. Given the wide range of trading instruments, educational programs, and trading strategies accessible, it is one of the best brokerage platforms. 70Trades is a cutting-edge market maker with a straightforward user interface, a variety of practical features, and a broad range of financial products. It can be used by both new and seasoned traders, and the mobile app makes trading possible wherever you are, whenever you want, with just a single click.


Regardless of experience, online trading carries a lot of dangers, and a trader may lose money at any time in his career. But a trustworthy broker can reduce the probability of loss by providing a suitable and trader-friendly trading environment. A broker by the name of 70Trades has taken all reasonable measures to guarantee that its clients may trust its trading platform. The broker is well aware of the security’s value.

The Balance protection feature is the initial effort 70Trades has taken to keep its clients’ trading environments secure. This feature halts all trading in the case of a loss to prevent the balance from going negative. This keeps traders from owing their broker money.

The broker has partnered with all reputable financial institutions to provide safe and efficient deposits and withdrawals. The banks also provide segregated accounts, which serve the purpose of separating broker funds from investor funds for traders in order to prevent money from being handled improperly.

When it comes to handling market volatility for online trading, 70Trades is always ready. The staff of the broker is made up of professionals who take all required procedures to protect the trades and clients.

An international forex broker is 70Trades. A broad selection of stocks, commodities, currencies, and indices is available to its traders. The 24-hour customer service, user-friendly platforms, and multilingual support in English, Arabic, and Spanish are just a few of the broker’s appealing services.

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