7 Best Internet Service Provider of 2023

Looking for the best Internet service provider for a better Internet connection then we are sharing some of the popular ISP.

Choosing the best Internet service providers in your area depends on our location and available companies in your area and how you want to use it. Due to regional monopolies and natural topography, all internet service providers can’t provide their service everywhere.

However, we have picked some best internet providers based on their service and reviews for different internet services. See, I am not sure which one is best for your location, so go through the list and find the best one. This list will surely help you to find internet service providers near me for sure with the best service.

Internet Service Providers

Best Internet Service Provider of 2023

#1. AT&T:



AT&T is the first name in the list of best internet service providers. At present, it offers its service in 21 states, including California, Texas, San Diego, Florida, Houston, Los Angeles, Miami, San Antonio, Chicago, or Dallas. If you are looking for fiber-optic connections, then it is available in Houston, Dallas, North Carolina, and Atlanta.

AT&T is known for its customer interaction. In 2016,2017, and 2018, it won JD Power’s US Residential Internet Service Provider Satisfaction Study award for the North Central region. Even in 2019, the company won the same award for the West and South regions.

It offers incredibly fast internet speed up to 1 Gbps. Connection type is also best for streaming like substantial internet activities. If you reside in such a location where fiber-optic network lines are not equipped, you can use other plans that offer speed up to 100 Mbps for light internet use. On all the plans, they put a data limit of 1TB (1,000 GB). Once you pick AT&T as your internet network partner, you will get reliable speed and quality customer care service.


  • Excellent speed
  • Unparalleled customer service support
  • Broad coverage


  • The high price of fiber plans

2. Verizon



Verizon is available in 8 states only including Maryland, Delaware, New Jersey, New York, Virginia, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, and Rhode Island plus the District of Columbia. So if you are looking for internet service providers in NYC, Verizon FiOS is for you. Even though it is available in limited states, it is highly famous in urban areas and big cities.

The DLS service of Verizon is limited. If you are living in Even its DSL service is relatively limited. If you live in a rural area outside of the East Coast, it will be your option. First, you have to provide your address to confirm whether its service is available in your area or not.

The fiber service of Verizon offers limited speeds ranging from 100 Mbps to 940 Mbps. They provide a higher average speed than claimed according to the FCC’s 2018 report, and the exact figure is 108% of ad speed. If you want to use the internet for video streaming, online gaming, or video conferencing activities, you can go with this name. Verizon Fios is faster and offers more Consistent speed and making its name as a top internet provider. It ranked on American Consumer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) 70/100 in 2019.

Sadly, due to its limited coverage area, people outside 8 states can’t enjoy its super service. However, it is serving about 4.3 million happy customers in the Northeast.


  • Higher speed than claimed
  • Special discount on a two-year contract
  • Excellent customer service


  • Less reach (in terms of location)
  • Expensive DSL plans

3. HughesNet



The next name is HughesNet, a local internet provider. As it is a satellite internet provider, it is virtually available everywhere. It offers its service in all 50 states, with 308.7 million clients around the US. It is more than any other ISP in the country!! No matter whether you are living in Chicago or New York or anywhere else; you can enjoy its service. It is best for rural areas where other options are not available for the internet. Due to satellite, the speed is comparatively slower than wired or other types of internet, but HughesNet offers 25 Mbps speed with every plan. Yes, I know it is slow, but according to the 2018 FCC report, its actual speed is almost double the advertised speed. You have to choose your data limit per month.

Choose the speed wisely because once the data limit reaches a maximum, your speed will likely drop to 1 to 3 Mbps. However, the company offers free data zone time between 2 a.m. and 8 a.m., where your internet usage is not counted in your package. You can manage HughesNet’s services and offers from its official application.


  • Available in all states
  • For satellites Considerably fast speed
  • Cheap Internet service at an affordable price


  • Speed limit and data caps
  • Weak customer support

4. Spectrum



With 41 states coverage and high-speed internet connection offering, Spectrum is the second-largest cable internet provider in the USA. In 2016, the company merged with Time Warner Cable and became expanded. It dominates the area as an internet service provider in Los Angeles, Dallas, New York, Austin, San Antonio, Orlando, and Saint Louis.

It offers faster speed across the board. The minimum speed is 60 Mbps. With Spectrum’s fiber coverage, many plans provide a speed of more than 100 Mbps. I think it is enough to play 4K videos on your TV or play high-end games like Fortnite. You can manage multiple tasks at the same time with this speed.

If you are looking for a new internet provider or want an option for your current internet provider, Spectrum has great offers for you. A fantastic contract buyout promotion allows you to choose Triple Play packages or limited double-play, and the good news is it also covers termination fees up to $500.

The triple pay package guarantees a free installation, free wifi setup, and free DVR service. It together costs about $55, which will be available for free. If you go for the bundle of internet and TV, it is cheaper, and you will get the same speed.


  • Customer service
  • Fast speeds
  • Liberal contract buyout


  • Expensive internet-only plans
  • Short-term advancements

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5. Frontier



With availability in 29 states, this name is famous for its DSL service. Its fiber-optic network is majorly found in Pacific Northwest. Its most substantial network coverage areas include Rochester, Tampa, Long Beach, Saint Petersburg, Fort Wayne, Lakeland, and Durham. Do not go for this name if you are thinking of opting for its service in central states like Montana, Colorado, North Dakota, Wyoming, and South Dakota.

Frontier is one of the cheapest plan providers on the list. With just $27.99/month, it offers a 6 Mbps speed plan known as Frontier Internet. This speed is enough for browsing and streaming video together. Yes, you can use it if you are using multiple devices at the same time for streaming. For less and simple use, it is the price-for-life option.

No contract option is also there, and it is feasible if you are planning to move or change the location soon. Frontier’s no-contract plans come up with a 2-year price lock; it means no sudden hike in price without warning and no early termination fees or reminder fees of reminder.


  • Flexible contracts
  • Budget-friendly DSL plans
  • Almost free or low-cost tools


  • Low customer satisfaction

6. Comcast Xfinity


Comcast Xfinity

Comcast Xfinity offers its service in 39 states, including Washington DC, with 111 million happy customers. With this vast number, it is the largest internet service provider in the US. Its service is more prevalent in urban and suburban areas near cities. The top service area includes Chicago, Houston, Philadelphia, Miami, San Jose, Minneapolis, and Denver. You will find this provider in many Southern cities and east and west coasts. If you are living in Wyoming, Montana, South Dakota, North Dakota, Iowa, or Nebraska, unfortunately, you have to go for other names in this list of wireless internet service providers.

It promises faster internet service providers with a maximum speed of up to 2 Gbps, but it will cost you $300 a month. Do not worry; you can go for some reasonable plans according to the speed you need. SpeedTest and Netflix rated it as one of the fastest internet providers, and you will do the same after using its service.

Xfinity offers several cable TV and internet packages. Cable internet plans start at 15 Mbps at $50 only. It charges for the activation fees during installation. And for self-installation, you have to pay $15!! if you want to waive these fees, go for the TV and internet plan together. If you are looking for internet service providers in Chicago, you can Consider this name.


  • 15 Mbps to 2 Gbps speed
  • Tons of plans to choose from
  • Generous data caps


  • Unbelievable installation fees
  • Weak hand on customer service

7. CenturyLink


Comcast Xfinity

Different from other names in the list, CenturyLink focuses on Northcentral and West Coast regions. Currently, it offers its service in 35 States. Its service area includes Phoenix, Las Vegas Denver, Tucson, Minneapolis, Seattle, and Saint Paul. It is famous in rules areas and offers DSL options in less populated regions.

The business internet services are unique with some fantastic Considerations like service level agreement contracts. According to this contract, the provider offers you compensation when the internet goes down. For any business, the failure of an internet connection affects productivity and money. So when technology fails, SLA comes with its unique offerings.

For every 30 minutes of service is down, it credits one day in your internet service, and it is almost double the compensation from other companies. It offers two options in the contract according to business feasibility. Month to month plan contract is best for growing a business, and a two-year agreement is for establishing a business. You can choose a full bunch of services with home security, voice, TV, or phone. In short, it is a one-stop solution for your office.


  • Best compensation for internet downtime
  • 2 types of contract
  • Transparent terms


  • Average customer satisfaction
  • little less speed than advertised


It is all about the best internet service providers. All the names included here are best in their dominating areas. Now the choice depends upon where you reside and how much you are willing to spend on internet service.

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