7 Types of Animation

Sometimes, between the animation studio services and the customer, there is a misunderstanding when agreeing on the technical features of future animated works. This article will help you better understand animation technology issues.

To begin with, so as not to get confused, I would like to highlight 3 main criteria by which one can judge animation: types, methods and styles. For many, it’s the same thing, but it’s not! Types of are the way or form the cartoon is shown (drawn, puppet, etc.). Techniques are technical features with which it is created. Finally, a style is an artistic technique that is used (realism, anime, etc.). In this article, I will take a closer look at the concept of “animation views” and then add “methods” and “styles” to that. All this together is animation technology.

Types of Animation

Types of Animation

Hand-drawn classic animation

One of the most interesting and common types is the so-called classic. It is done by drawing on transparent film each separate frame. Then these frames are collected in a special editing program. It is very:

  • Lively;
  • Smooth;
  • Spatial;
  • Expensive.

Disney cartoons can serve as an example of such type.

Crossover Animation

The oldest type. The essence of this type is that an object drawn on cardboard or paper is cut into separate pieces and these pieces are moved (shifted) from frame to frame. Hence the name – re-laying! Many people consider this kind primitive, but in the right hands, such cartoons can turn out to be very interesting.

Painting on glass

But here animation is definitely not primitive! The essence is painting with oil paints on glass. At the same time, each frame is a picturesque picture, which is modified by the artist’s strokes. A striking example is the work of Alexander Petrov “The Old Man and the Sea”, which was awarded the “Oscar”.

Puppet animation

Same old-style animation. All of the dolls and decorations in puppets are handcrafted, making them as expensive as classic animation. Nevertheless, this type is very popular even today. To be honest, I didn’t like puppet animation as a child. But my epiphany came when I saw Tom Burton’s cartoon “The Nightmare Before Christmas”.

Computer 2D animation

Whether we like it or not, the old types are being replaced by new ones. For some reason, computer 2D animation is usually called Flash animation, and this is not entirely true. Flash is just one program. You can name other powerful computer programs for creating 2D, for example: After Effect, Anime Studi Pro, Toon Boom Studio and many more paid and free programs. Nowadays almost all studios are engaged in computer 2D animation. This is exactly the kind of animation we see today in TV series, on the Internet, in casual computer games, etc.

3d animation

3D animation – a type created on the basis of computer 3D programs. This is the youngest and most promising type. With the development of computer technology, it has become possible not only to draw graphics and animation in a two-dimensional plane, but also to animate three-dimensional forms. This technology is very complex, but if you tell it briefly, the production process looks something like this. First, concept art is drawn, based on these drawings; a three-dimensional geometry of the model is created. Then textures that fit over the shape of a character or object. Next, create the bones of the object and attach them to the shape so that the shape can move. The animators receive a ready-made model for movement and begin to animate it. The better the model is prepared, the more natural and flexible its movements are. After creating, the scene is rendered (translated from 3D to a regular picture). Striking examples are the cartoons of the Pixar studio.

Combined animation

Composite animation is the combination of any type with a video. Early examples can be the movie “Who Framed Roger Rabbit”, the cartoon “The Adventure of Captain Vrungel”, etc. With the development of 3D technology and computer special effects, this type of animation is found in feature films more and more often. The main feature of modern combined animation is its complete realism. Read more information on https://whimsygames.co/services/2d-art/

Other types

In addition to the listed types, there are others, for example, sand animation, laser, photo, needle, etc. However, these types are considered less popular and in this article, I allowed myself only to mention them.

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