Best Search Engine in the World [2022]

According to statistics, Google Chrome is the most used search engine in the world. We shared the best search engine people are using to search the query.

These days, the use of the internet for searching on any query has increased at the maximum level. To search online means, you can enter your search query, and you will get the desired information related to the entered search query.

The search engine works on the algorithm in which they are responsible for giving the most relevant content from the database for the user’s searched query. So, let us understand what the search engine is.

The search engine is the systematic program that can search for the user’s query and give the output according to the algorithm, look in the database, and give the user results for most relevant information.

Search Engine Owned By SearchMarket Share Yearly Revenue
Search Engine Link
Google Larry Page and Sergey Brin 86.02% 160.74 Billion USD Click Here
Baidu Robin Li Yanhong 7.34% 18.7 Billion USD Click Here
Bing Microsoft Corporation 12.93% 32.5 Billion USD Click Here
Yahoo Verizon Communication 10.8% 1 Billion USD Click Here
Yandex Yandex INC 0.54% 591 Million USD Click Here
DuckDuckGo Duck Duck GO INC 0.42% 150 Million USD Click Here InterActive Corp 0.42% NA Click Here
Sogou Tencent 0.44% 1.1 Billion USD Click Here
Ecosia Christian Kroll and Tim Schumacher. 0.14% 19.1 M Euro Click Here
Naver Naver Corporation 0.07% 6.59 Lakh Crore INR Click Here

best search engine

Best Search Engine in the World

If we talk about the best search engine in the world, maybe you all know about google only. Besides Google, there are so many other best search engines on the internet like Yahoo, Bing, Yandex, Baidu, etc.

best search engine statics

Here in this article, we will talk about the top 10 best search engines in the world. Also, you will get to know how much market share they acquired for the user’s query.

#1. Google- Best Search engine

google best search engine

We all know that Google is the best search engine in the world and also its fastest search engine. The last statistical data in April 2020 clearly shows that 86.02% market is captured by google itself to search online queries.

Google earning Model:

Google’s base earning Model is to drag users by providing the most relevant and desired information to the user and welcoming the advertiser to show their ads on the web platform to increase their quality sales.

According to the data stated in 2019, google is the highest tech company with revenue of more than 160.74 Billion USD.

Google’s Problem-Solving Applications:

Google always comes first as a problem solver. Besides its hard-core algorithm base search engine, it has launched many other applications like Gmail, Google Drive, Google Plus, google calendar, etc.

#2. Baidu- Most famous search engines

baidu search engine

Baidu is the second most popular search engine in the world. The reason behind its popularity and market share is only the number of people using it in China.

Baidu is the Chinese search engine, and China has banned google in their country. We know that china is the highest population, which is the reason behind its market share.

Baidu’s Earning Model:

baidu earning

Image Credit: Forbes

Baidu’s primary source of income is to show the paid advertising to the advertising partner for the people who came to search on the Baidu search engine. To get the Higher Click Through Rate, Advertiser would have to pay higher, 70% of the total Baidu’s revenue.

Baidu’s Owned application:

Along with search engines, Baidu owned other problem-solving applications by default like Baidu’s map, Baidu Wangpan, Baidu Tieba, Baidu Space, Baidu Baike, etc. These all are the applications runs by the Baidu to increase user experience.

3. Bing- One of the Top 10 search engines

bing search engine

Bing is also the best search engine globally and comes into the top 10 search engines list. Besides Google and Baidu, Bing is the most popular search engine.

Bing is the platform where so many search queries being searched. Very few people are using Bing. Almost 12.93% of people around the globe are using Bing to search for their queries.

Microsoft owns Bing as the search engine browser for a long time. Also, in many countries, it is widely used for searching online.

Bing’s Earning Model

As other Search engines are earning by making advertisement partners, Bing is also working on the same principle. They invited the advertiser to show their advertisement on the websites and blogs on the Bing Search engine. The visitors come on the Bing; they are converting into the Quality Buyer for the advertisement partner.

4. Yahoo – One of the Top 10 Best Search Engine

yahoo search engine

Yahoo was the most used search engine a few years ago. Most of the people known by the yahoo search engine. Around the globe, almost 10.8% of people are using yahoo as the default search engine.

If we check the total number of indexed pages in our search engine, then after google, yahoo will take place for the highest indexed pages. From the, we can see the comparison of the top 3 search engine indexed pages.

search engine comparison

While we are talking about the revenue, Yahoo revenue is decreased 36% as they have estimated 11.4 lakh Crore, but in actual, it has been 7.4 lakh crore.

Applications Owned by Yahoo

Yahoo has Owned a few applications that can be linked to Yahoo Browser to ease the user’s work. Like Yahoo Mail, Yahoo Calendar, Yahoo News, Yahoo Messenger, etc. these are the applications that help the user optimize the browser to quick response.

Earning Model of yahoo

Yahoo is earning by digital ads and subscription services with different types of products and services. As other, they gather a large number of visitors by providing a bunch of information with indexed web pages and converting them into the subscribers of their services.

5. Yandex- Best Usable Search Engine

yandex search engine

The Russian Software company owns Yandex. It is a rarely known search engine, but it has a massive number of users in some countries like Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, and Turkey.

Yandex Is focussing on developing the products and services powered by machine learning languages. Though Yandex is used by the people worldwide, only .54% of market share is procured.

As we all know, Yandex is used by a few people, so its revenue is also less around 283 crore USD.

Yandex Earning Model:

Yandex earning model is to advertising and earning money. Last reported Q2 2019, the Yandex’s total revenue is $591 Million, which is 97% of total revenue.

Applications Owned by Yandex:

Yandex is also providing different problem-solving products like Yandex Image Search, Yandex Mail, Yandex Maps, Yandex AppMetrica, Yandex Translator, Yandex Browser, etc.

6. DuckDuckGo- Most Reliable search engine

duckduckgo search engine

DuckDuckGo is the search engine for those who want to be tired by tracking online. This web browser is purely made for privacy purposes. Your details and browsing data will be in private mode.

In comparison to all other search engines around the globe, DuckDuckGo contributes .42% market share in search engines.

Earning Model of DuckDuckGo:

DuckDuckGo is mainly focussing on Advertising and affiliate earning. Although it is a tiny search engine, so many people are using this for privacy purposes.

Its last stated revenue was $150 million from the overall 24 million searches.


ask search engine is not a big brand such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing, though around 0.42% search market share. Some times ago, was known as Ask Jeeves.

The working model of this search engine is on Question and answer mode. Since 1996, is the most used to solve the user’s answer throughout the search engine database.

8. Sogou

Sogou search engine

Sogou is the Chinese search engine, and it is working in china mostly. As we all know that china is not allowing any other countries search engine to search for the queries, they have developed two major search engines.

In which Sogou is less used then Baidu. Still, over the globe, Sogou maintains a 0.44% market share in the search queries.

As from the record of 2018, Their yearly revenue cross 110 crores USD by the advertising media.

9. Ecosia

Ecosia search engine

Ecosia is the only search engine which contributes 80% of its profit to the Non-profit organization to save the environment. Their aim to save the world by planting trees on the planet.

Revenue generated from the number of searches that will be contributed to the non-profit organization is their motto. They have also developed a mobile application to cover the user who likes to search from the mobile browser.

As the recorded data of 2019, they have generated 19.1M Euro revenue from the searches on the browser. They can capture a 0.14% search market share with the fierce competition of other giant search engines.

10. Naver

Naver search engine

Naver is the search engine owned by the South Korean company Naver Corporation. With the meager search market share of around 0.07%, Naver stands the 10th number.

As we all know, it is mostly used in Korean, and all database of this search engine is in the Korean language, it is quite easy to assume its lower use.

As from the recorded data od 2019, Naver corporation made revenue of 6.59 Lakh Crore KWR from the Naver search engine by advertising media.

Final Words:

These are the pure search engine database, and these all are the best search engine in the world. Other than this, Nowadays, so many other websites are more likely to be used for search online.

If we go through the finding news and people, Facebook contributes most of the market share, and while we are looking for shopping results number of searches being on directly on the internet.

Possibly these will be the search engine’s future that people will not only rely on Google and Yahoo for searching the queries on the internet.

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