30 Sites to Watch Free Movies Online Without Downloading [2021]

Here we are sharing 30 best Sites to Watch Free Movies Online Without Downloading.

Watching a movie is always a fun thing, and many people have a hobby to watch movies online free they are searching for free movie streaming sites. To all those people who look for free movies online without downloading, here is the list of 30 movie sites that do not need signup or charge to watch movies.

On some website, you can watch movies online, you can’t download it, and on some, you can watch as well as download. The list that we have prepared here is made personally.

All sites are working and up to date with content while writing this post. Most of the sites give you a search option, from where you can find your desired movies with few clicks and enjoy the movie.

So let’s move to the list of sites to watch free movies online without downloading or signing up or surveys or paying.

Watch Free Movies Online Without Downloading
Watch Free Movies Online Without Downloading

Sites to Watch Free Movies Online Without Downloading

#1. Amazon Prime Video

Website: https://www.primevideo.com/

Amazon Prime Video - free movie streaming site without downloading

Amazon Prime Video is one of the known names in the same field. Here you can watch all movies and TV shows online with HD quality with this live TV streaming sites.

It does not show any ads similar to Netflix. With movies and popular TV series, it shows, it also streams the songs and albums of the artist all around the world.

You can watch full movies online for free without downloading on any device like laptop, pc, smartphone, tablet, smart TV or any other that you can imagine.

For all the movie geeks it is the best place according to me. It offers 30 days free trial and after that charge some nominal amount to continue the service. It is a legal platform, so you do not have to worry about security.

#2. 123Movies4u

Website: https://123movies4u.ch/

123Movies4u is a comparatively new name to watch movies online for free. But when we compared it to some known name, then it is giving tough fights to all of them.

The movie and TV series are categorized as genre-wise like comedy, action, funny, family, romance, etc. With it, the site has categorized a movie list alphabetically similar to the sites like Solarmovies, FMovies, and YesMovies.

123Mvie4u does not contain any ads or popups, but on the page, you will find a confusing link to play the movie. Out of all links only a few actually working other than that, it redirects you to the new page of some kind of advertisement.

With the link, it shows relatable information of selected movie or a TV show which includes quality, genre, director, IMDB rating, country and more.

#3. YoMovies

Website: https://yomovies.co/

YoMovies - free movie streaming site

For all the movie freaks this site is one stop solution. No matter which movie you wish to watch, you will find all of them from the search bar.

You can easily find all Hollywood movies, Bollywood movies, Tamil movies, and south Indian dubbed movies. The huge collection of TV shows work as extra cheese on the burger.

You can consider YoMovies at first place to watch new release movies online free without signing up. You can find movies from several options like Ratings, Top IMDB, Telugu movies, Tamil movies, Trending movies, Punjabi movies and a few more.

Two streaming server is another good thing of the site. If you want, then you can download movies as well. The videos quality is unmatched, and streaming is faster than some other alternatives.

The interface of YoMovies is amicable and categorized. On the website pages, you will not find ads, but as soon as you click on the movie, in the beginning, it shows you an advertisement.

#4. 123Moviesx

Website: https://123moviesx.org/

123Moviesx is a sister site of 123movies that allow the users to watch movies and TV serials without sign up. The site categorized movie as per IMDB rating and genres. The site holder can improve the site in many aspects as the links of movies are filled with popups.

But on another hand, the site has a large collection of movies in every genre like action, horror, romance, comedy or any other. Find your favorite movies using the search bar in case if you do not want to search manually. It supported in China, the United Kingdom, Korea, and the United States.

#5. Vumoo

Website: http://vumoo.to/

Vumoo is the ultimate site to watch free movies online without downloading and without a popup. The interface makes it best when we compared it to similar sites like SolarMovie and 123movies.

A huge collection movie works as a free add-on. The good part of the site is watching a movie with or without registration is your choice. The quality of the videos is superb.

For each video, it provides two links in case if one has a problem to stream movies. So if you look for an attractive site to watch movies, Vumoo is the perfect choice for you.

It does not provide you multiple options to sort out the movies like a year of release, most watching, IMDB rating, etc. but you can find the movies easily from the search bar to get relevant results.

The streaming experience is fantastic, and only a few can meet this quality of streaming, and this is the major reason why we recommend Vumoo.

#6. Fmovies

Website: https://ww1.fmovies.io/

Fmovies - Free online movie streaming sites

Among the movie lovers, Fmovies is popular name due to its organized interface and a vast database of movies. One can watch movies online free full movie no signup. Even you can also watch TV show online without wasting a single penny from your pocket.

Movies are sorted as per alphabetical list, Genre, release year, Country, Cinema movies, and most watched movies. No, it does not show popups while watching movies, but yes, you have to face it in the beginning.

You can find multiple options for video quality as well like HD CAM, CAM, HD 720, HD RIP and VOD. All the listed movies have more than three links and all the required information like overview, IMDB rating, Date of release, quality, etc.

Before watching or downloading movies, you can watch the trailer of the movie. The interface and functioning are easy for the novice as well. From the filters, you can sort of the movies and TV serials.

#7. Hindilinks4u.to

Website: https://www.hindilinks4u.to/

To watch the latest Bollywood movies, Hindilinks4u.to is the best movie streaming site. It is dedicated to Hindi movies only, and one can watch the movies without downloading. Even they do not require sign up. You can find all the Hindi documentaries, and Hindi dubbed movies as well.

For Bollywood lovers, you can search for movies by the name of actors, actresses, genres, year, and directors. The three movie streaming links make the work easier in case of broken links. It also shows all necessary additional information related to movies.

#8. VexMovies

Website: http://vexmovies.org/

VexMovies is a new site in movie streaming industry, but in no time it becomes popular and takes the lead from many old sites. The reason behind it is a clean and well-organized layout. And it is one of the few websites that provide an ad-free interface.

This website is dedicated to movies only, so if you look for the TV shows together, then you might get disappointed. There is no need to go through the registration steps to watch movies even if you are looking for an alternative of 123movies, Solarmovie, Vumoo.to, or other then you can pick VexMovies.

Go to the advanced search option and find the desired movie. On the home screen itself, you can find all the newly released movie with high definition. The only confusing thing about this site is two tabs titled as Watch Now and Download.

#9. Movie4u

Website: https://movie4u.live/

If you ask my recommendation then undoubtedly I recommend Movie4u as it is my one of my favorite movie websites to watch movies without going to the long process of creating an account.

It streams Hindi dubbed and original movies and shows you some popups while watching movies. Using movie categories like Genre, IMDB ratings, Trending, Ratings, most viewed and year of release, you can find any movie easily.

The 2+ server, good streaming quality, and good picture quality Streaming quality together make it a place to visit for the movie lovers. You will find a movie trailer, and other basic information about the movie as well.

#10. Cmovies

Website: http://w1.cmovieshd.bz/

Cmovies has an enormous collection of movies and TV serials across many countries. One can watch free movies online without downloading for free without a membership. The user-friendly and clean layout attracts me the most. To find out respective you have many ways and options to find it.

Under each category of genre, you can find an unimaginable number of movies. And if you go through the thumbnail, then you can find the movie’s review, plot, IMDB ratings, genre, country and so on.

Four plus server makes it easy to discard the broken links easily. If you go through any premium movie streaming site, then you can relate the layout of it with CMovies.

#11. Bmovies

Website: https://bmovies.nl/

Bmovies and 123movies are almost similar. It allows the user to watch the full movie with best video quality without downloading it or going under the signup steps. Similar to the other free movie streaming app, it shows some ads.

User can easily explore the movies through the option like country; most viewed, genre and Top IMDB within no time. The movie and TV series database is huge. I think it is one of the perfect places for both Bollywood and Hollywood movies admire.

#12. Zmovies

Website : https://zmovies.cc/

On Zmovies, you can easily find the new related movie. Even it features upcoming movies and featured movies as well on the top of the home page. They provide quantity and quality both together.

According to me, it is the best free movie watching site. It worth to visit and find a large number of new release movies online. To watch movies, you do not have to download the movie but if in case you want then site permits the users to do so.

#13. Popcornflix

Website: http://www.popcornflix.com/

Popcornfix.com is the next name in our list of free movie sites. You have heard this name at least once if you go through the sites like this. Due to its rich content, it takes little more time to load the site.

One can find the content category wise like drama, action, sci-fi, documentary, suspense, thriller, romantic, new arrivals, etc. Click on the genre and find the movie you want to watch.

From the menu displayed, one can choose the genre from the top left corner of the page. It is dedicated to movies only and does not feature TV series.

#14. Crackle

Website: http://www.crackle.com/

Crackle fails to provide an attractive and clean layout to its user, but it serves the main purpose very well. The site has selective content to watch movies and TV episodes online. Even user do not have to surf too much to find the one they are looking for.

Comparatively the site is slow and takes time to load the content. The major reason behind its leg off is the lack of content and slow loading. In case as a user if you want to see or access the “my watchlist” feature, then you have to register and sign in on the site.

#15. Viewster

Website: https://www.viewster.com/

With 40millions visitors per month, it is a popular movie streaming platform for movie lovers. It has a huge database and a large collection of movies and other videos.

It inaugurated in 2007 with the name DIVA. After then they have changed its name from DIVA to VIEWSTER. You can find old to new stuff for movies, videos, TV shows in multiple genres like horror, comedy, dramas, romance, etc.

From the browser, you can choose the desired category, and it does not require registration, sign up or sign in a watch or download movies.

You can find recently watch videos from the homepage. You can also find trending videos on the web. Subscribe to the OMAKASE service of Viewstar if you enjoy anime and TV shows.

With this service, the users will be notified whenever the new update comes on the site. Use good internet connection with reliable speed to enjoy a seamless experience on the Viewster.

#16. Watch-free.me

Website: http://watch-free.me/

Watch-free.me is one of the favorite websites to watch movies in HD without downloading. In a short time, it gets popular among the users due to the vast and best collection of HD movies from multiple genres.

It also features a huge collection of TV series as well. It uses public API of websites like TheMovieDB and IMB and fetches its users by providing HD movies in different genres.

From the search bar, you can easily find and enjoy the best movies of your choice in a single search. With the movie, you can also find all the necessary and additional details of the movie as soon as you click on the poster of a movie.

#17. Hulu

Website: http://www.hulu.com/

Hulu is a hub of the movie, TV shows, and some other media. It is owned by the Walt Disney Company, FOX and NBC and is us based site for the movie streaming.

It is legally available for the US-based users, but one can use Hulu using the free proxy server. It offers free and premium service for the users. The only difference is that paid users notified when they update any new content on the website.

The videos are available in a various format that is in 480p, 360p, and 288p. For some exceptional case, it is available in 720p also.

The free user can access the site via pc or laptop screen only. Remember if you are browsing as a free user, then the site only accessible through PC and laptop but if you are premium customer, then you can browse the site from any devices including tablets, smartphones, TV and setup boxes.

If you are not interested in the premium account, then you can find many alternatives in this list. Yes, from 2015 Hulu is also available for the Japanese as well.

#18. Movie Watcher

Website: http://moviewatcher.to/

Movie watcher is another known name in our list who provide free movie streaming service to its users for free. But the fact is it is not worth to watch the free service, but we have covered this name in our list due to its streaming links.

The links provided by this site is different as per the video quality. With it, you can search for the newly released movie updates, reviews, storyline, and characters of the movie. The home page shows a simple menu bar and shows all the popular videos with various quality.

One can also search the movies genre-wise like an adult, animation, biography, reality shows, news, horror, romance, mystery, musical, game shows, etc. Even you can find famous TV shows as well. To watch movies for free, you have to register first but do not worry it will not charge you anything for it.

Go through this site if you pick the movies according to reviews, critics or based on star casting as it shows all additional information with the movie video link. In short, it is not a good site to watch all movies online but it worth to browse and download at least once.

#19. NoMoviesHere

Website: https://nomovieshere.com/

NoMoviesHere is a new and unknown name in the streaming industry. But the content and quality they are providing are vast. It is exactly opposite to its name.

The huge database let you watch your favorite movies in HD quality for free. And there is no need of downloading it or no need of registration. But it is not available for India so to enjoy the service from this site; you have to use a VPN.

Other than India, it works well. It shows all other necessary information with the movies. So it is similar to the sites like 123movies, Solarmovies, and some other giants. You can also enjoy the TV series and serials as well.

Similar to the other sites, you can also find some annoying ads and popups during the movies. From the search bar or through genre, you can easily find the movie of your choice.

#20. FilmClub

Website: http://film-club.net/

One name in the last few names is Film-club.net to watch movies for free. Open the link and find the logo of the site, next to it you can find a search bar to explore the movies.

FilmClub provides a great collection of movies, and when you click on any particular movie, you will find all the information related to it. It shows name, year of release, start cast, timing, IMDB, etc. The site language is not English, so some may find it difficult to access it.

#21. Movie4k

Website: https://www.movie4k.io/

Another ideal place to enjoy movies online without downloading is Movie4k. It has a vast collection of newly released movie on the home page itself. But to access the site and watch movies you have to register first.

High-quality videos and regular update are two major factors that catch the user’s eyes on it. Below the movie title, you can see the IMDB rating in case if you are the one who picks the movie as per ratings. It also features a huge collection of TV shows across various countries. The site is completely free, what other you want?

#22. 123Movies

Website: https://the123movies.org/

123Movies is one of the famous and favorite places for the movie freaks to watch movies online without sign up. It provides movies from all counties and genres. Not only movies but it also features TV series as well.

Using multiple filter user can easily find out the desired movie within no time like genres, years, country. Even they have listed most viewed, Top IMDB, and most rating movies separately. To look at such movies, you have to go to the footer section.

What I like about the 123Movies is it does not bother you with unwanted popups. We have provided multiple links of this site where the first one is official site and other are mirror links.

1223Movies New Sites List

#23. YouTube

Website: https://www.youtube.com/

For entertainment, YouTube is on the first rank all around the world. Here you will find movies all around the world. As it is a public platform, it gets the highest popularity all around the world. It is the best places to watch movies, serials, songs, and other stuff.

Here you will not find the latest movies and to find out the content you want; you have to go through the search results. You will not find any filter as it is not dedicated for the movies or TV series only so you have search option only to find the one that you are looking for.

#24. PutLocker

Website: https://putlockers2.com/

PutLocker is one of the sites that does not show any popups or ads during the movie. And it does not require any registration or sign up to watch movies online.

Yes, I can say that it is not organized as the YesMovies & Fmovies and the content is also limited, but you can easily find all the trending and Top IMDB movies.

Type the name in the search box, and you will get the movie in result with additional information like video quality, IMDB rating, and movie plot.

25. SolarMovie

SolarMovie is a similar site like a 123Movies. Here you can watch TV series and movies without any prior registration or downloading. It categorized movies based on movie name, IMDB ratings, genre, and country.

Type a name in the search bar, and press enters to find any specific movie or TV series. Before watching the movie, you can find some necessary information like IMDB rating, country, duration, genre, and short description, etc. of a movie. If you do not want to watch a movie online, then you can download it.

SolarMovie Mirror Link

26. IMovieTube

Website: http://www.imovietube.com/

Now, this one is a great platform to enjoy the movie trailers of the upcoming movie. Yes, you think correctly. This website is dedicated to trailers only. With trailers, you can also find the story overview, date of release, movie stars, and director.

Do not worry about signing up as you will directly get the information by clicking on the movie picture. It has a wide collection of movie trailers all around the world.

So IMovieTube is a great choice for you if you want to watch the trailer and together with information about the upcoming movie.

#27. WatchMoviesFree.TV

Website: https://watchmoviesfree.TV/

It is another website to watch and download movies and TV series for free. You will find the latest collection of movies all around the world with different languages. You can find films from different genre like horror, romance, sci-fi, etc. and you can choose anyone from it.

If you don’t want to go to the manual search, then type the name in the search bar and get the movie in HD or download it to watch later. In short, if you are looking for the site which has an exclusive collection of movies, then this is for you for sure.

#28. Movie25.ag

Website: http://5movies.fm/

Movie25 is last to the second name on our list. It is a good platform to enjoy movies online. You can also pick this platform to watch TV shows as well.

The thing which I like most about this website is you can find trending movie of the day and most voted movies separately.

The first grid shows the new release movie and the second one shows the popular movie today. Both shows category and star ratings.

If you want to search movie genre-wise, then go to the Genres option and pick the option like romance or sci-fi and get a great collection of the movie within no time.

29. TVBox

Website : https://TVbox.ag/

TVBox is the last name of our list of 30 online movie site to watch movies online without downloading and sign up. Here everyone can easily find the movies they want to watch. Even you can also find the movie genre-wise, year-wise or charters and alphabetically.

From the most popular category you can find all the trending movies with a short description, rating and images of the movie. To watch the TV shows it has a new and last aired TV episode option as well. So the site provides both the movie and TV shows content all around the world.

One can download the VLC media player from it. In the end, the site is good with a good collection of movies, and the interface is also attractive so it worth to visit.


It is all about this Sites to watch free movies online without downloading. I hope you like it and if it so then share it to all the movie lover who is always searching platform to watch movies online.

If you have any other sites that provide excellent and rich content, then share with us using the comment section below. We will surely include the names in the next list. Thank you!

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